Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Before & After

It's so very easy to forget how far you have come....until you see yourself in old pictures. Although I must say it was pretty difficult to find any pictures of me from 2005 since I avoided cameras like the bubonic plague. It seems like every picture I have, I was hiding behind someone or covering myself up with something. Now as soon as I see a camera, I am striking a pose and batting my eyelashes!

This is a picture of me at Christmas in 2005 (that is my chubby little self in the middle)
This was taken at my in-laws house on December 24, 2005. I was wearing about a size 18 at this point. I think that was pretty much my absolute breaking point. That year I got a pair of size 18 pants for Christmas and I remember god....does she really think I am a size 18?????? I was shocked. Then I tried them on....and to my utter HORROR, they fit. That was it, I returned the pants to the store and started planning for Weight Watchers.
This picture was taken of me (on the same couch actually) on December 24, 2006. Exactly one year later with my husband Scott (who also lost about 25 lbs on Weight Watchers). Still holding something in front of me (old habits die hard!!!)
One whole year of desperately trying to stay on track and exercising and one whole year of praying that I would never again see a 1 AND 8 on a pair of pants ever again! I would do it again in a split second.
Just thought I would share these pictures since they give me such motivation. I would recommend that EVERYONE on WW take before and after pics...they are great inspiration!
Other than that, my hubby is working on making me a daily food journal template so I can start journalling on here! I've also got tons of recipes to share.
Bring on the suggestions!


  1. Oh my! I can't believe the difference in the two pics... WOW! You look so much older now too!

  2. that's so great to see such a change in yourself in just a year. I don't have many before pictures that I would count because I was either pregnant, just given birth, or thinking about getting pregnant again. The pics I have are not pretty. I was only brave enough to post a head shot on my blog. and there I'm hiding behind my 3 year old!

    keep it up. I'll be back to check on your progress. and I'd love to post my dailies, too, so I'll be watching to see how that turns out for you.


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