Thursday, March 1, 2007

Food Find of the Day...

Wasa Crispbread
Many of you probably saw this on Oprah when she had Bob Greene on the show. I was pretty pessimistic about finding this product in Canada as I had already scoured the local grocery stores in search of it. Then low and behold, on a random lunch hour trip to the Bulk Barn with a fellow food fanatic co-worker, we spotted it!! I am still trying out new combos with this product as we just found it last week. I have only tried the Light Rye so far but it is FANTASTIC topped with Low Fat Peanut butter or french vanilla yogurt and sliced bananas. 3 Large crackers are only 1 point! The 7 Grain Light (if you can find them) are 4 crackers for 1 point. Basically, the possibilities are endless! Let me know if you have your own Wasa creations!!


  1. Hi Sweetheart.. They are at the SuperStore. I have been buying them for a few years. There situated by the crackers. I especially like them with Cream Cheese (strawberry flavoured). In fact, I am going to have one now!!
    Mom xoxo

  2. Hi from a great Swedish crispbread eater. We sometimes eat ours with some leftovers, for instance cold cooked, sliced potatoes and herring.

    Finely chopped garlic on a buttered crispbread is delicious too OR sliced tomatoes with finely chopped chives.


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