Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday Monday.....

Every hour that passes that I don't go and binge on pizza, or chocolate or anything else is making me more and more confident! This morning I woke up and I was just CRAVING pizza again, or something else bad. But as the day goes on, I get a little stronger. I even got on my walkin shoes and took a good 35 min power walk at lunch and went and met my hubby at the market for a coffee, and it's -12 C out! I was trying to think up excuses about why I couldn't go for my workout tonight (weight training) and I came up with nothing, plus hubby gave me that extra push I needed. I know I'll feel SO MUCH better if I I'm going, that's it, end of story.
So my product for today is Smucker's Sugar Free Jams. I always get the Strawberry because I LOVE strawberry jam. It is great on a WW bagel with some light cream cheese and the best part about it is it's only 10 calories for 1 Tbsp!! I usually top a bagel (2 points) with 1 Tbsp of low fat cream cheese + 1 tsp of Strawberry jam and it is YUMMY! the whole breakfast is only about 3 points, which is fantastic! So check it out when you get a chance. It's also great stirred in with Vanilla yogurt!
Last week I said I'd be counting my calories starting this week for a little experiment but honestly I just don't have the energy to do it today. I may start it up later in the week when I am back to my old self. Right now I'm just trying to keep my head above water. My diet buddy Sarah is in the same boat from the weekend so we have been complaining to each other basically all day about how we just want to eat our faces off....but we won't!
Today's Menu....
WW Bagel - 2
1 Tbsp of low fat cream cheese - 0.5
1 tsp of Sugar Free Smucker's Jam - 0.5
1 granny smith apple - 1
Michaelina's Lifestyle Frozen Dinner - 5
Fettuccini with veggies and pesto.
Sugar Free Vanilla Caramel pudding cup - 1
100 Calorie Smart Pop Popcorn - 1
Total: 11
Taco Night!!
1/2 cup lean hamburger and taco seasoning - 3.5
4 Old El Paso Taco Shells - 4
Tomatoes & Lettuce - 0
Old El Paso Spicy Salsa - 0
2 Tbsp of low fat sour cream - 1
Total: 19.5
I might have a light snack after supper but I doubt it since I will be going to workout right after work so that means I won't be eating supper until about 6:30 anyway. Hope everyone had a very Happy St. Patty's day!!!!


  1. Great job getting back on board. I always say the first day back on board is always how you can prove yourself and how motivated you are to get this thing done and I think you succeeded in great style..congrats!

  2. Fabulous on Mondays eating!! A big big congratulations to you! I know how hard it is to get back on track!! (I am still not on track yet... but I have great hopes that I will be) Gotta get it in my head!!


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