Thursday, March 8, 2007

100 Things About ME!!

100 Things about me
March 2007

1. I think that losing 58 lbs has been my greatest accomplishment and I wish I could tell the world about it.
2. I’m scared to have children because I don’t want to share my husband.
3. When I walk to my car alone at night, I always check the backseat for psychopaths.
4. I’m deathly afraid of being chased. Lord of the Rings gave me anxiety. Tag and Hide and Seek were almost unbearable when I was a kid.
5. I though Old/Fort Cheese was a brand name. I didn’t realize that “Fort” was the French word for “Old” until I was 20.
6. I still think that sometimes, Gremlins are hiding in my closet.
7. I hate it when Scott is away for the night and I hate being left alone. (mainly because of # 6)
8. I love it when my husband says my name.
9. When I fall asleep at night, I rub my feet together.
10. I LOVE to play with wrinkles, in pant or shirts or pillow cases, anywhere I can find them.
11. I didn’t realize how important family really was until they all moved away.
12. I still can’t watch Robocop. He scares the living daylights out of me.
13. I tell my husband I love him at least 10 times a day.
14. I never put cereal in my milk until I was 22. Now it’s growing on me, but only in certain cereals.
15. I constantly have dreams about chewing too much gum and not being able to tell someone something really important.
16. I think I am more intelligent than people give me credit for.
17. I can’t sleep if there are dirty dishes in the sink.
18. I am absolutely in love with my 13 month old niece, Gracie.
19. I rearrange my pantry after every grocery order so that the English labels are facing out and the cans are right side up.
20. Now that I’ve lost almost 60 lbs, I can leave the house without make up on.
21. I love it when Scott is talking to other people and he mentions me. Even if he just says “Where are her things?” I love the sound of the word “her” when he is referring to me.
22. I hate having a junk drawer but I find it hard to part with meaningless crap.
23. I love pictures, of anyone or anywhere.
24. If I had my way, the whole world would write with crayons. Nice bright colors.
25. Rubix cubes scare the crap out of me and anyone who can master it is a genius in my books.
26. I am scared of losing everything.
27. I have never been happier than I am now, in this stage of my life.
28. When I was a kid, I used to close my eyes really tight and try to will myself to another place.
29. When I swear, I’m scared my grandmother can hear me from Heaven.
30. I’ve never had a pedicure.
31. I can’t cross out words, I either have to use white out or re-write the whole thing.
32. I always knew my husband would have blond hair and blue eyes.
33. I love meeting Scott’s ex-girlfriends because I feel like I won.
34. I’ve tried to move things with my mind…on more than one occasion.
35. When I order take out, I hate eating with a metal fork, it tastes better to me with the plastic fork.
36. I always thought long hair made you look thinner.
37. I can’t bring myself to ever paint my nails (finger or toe) red.
38. I love wearing flip flops.
39. I started working when I was 15 and have learned the value of a dollar.
40. I would much rather be happy and totally poor then rich and unhappy. I know everyone says this, but I truly mean it. Money has little meaning to me.
41. I can’t stand it when people whisper in front of other people, I think it’s so rude.
42. I can never find a pair of pants in the right length.
43. I really want to do some volunteer work, but I don’t know where to start.
44. I hug my husband everyday when we get home from work. It’s like a 1 minute instant stress reliever.
45. I love using exclamation marks in e-mails; I think it makes people sound happy and excited!
46. I didn’t realize the value of education until I finished University. But if I could do it all over again, I would take something totally different.
47. Water tastes better to me if it’s from a straw.
48. In the car, when I am driving alone I sing my heart out.
49. I have come to not HATE working out.
50. I can wear a t-shirt and jeans and feel totally hot.
51. I love it that my husband is my biggest supporter, in all aspects of life.
52. I dance around my apartment like fool sometimes when I’m home alone.
53. I would love to see another female Prime Minister.
54. I think diet coke is a great treat.
55. I hated Brussel Sprouts until about 2 months ago and now I can’t get enough of them.
56. I can’t wait to go camping this summer.
57. I love Norah Jones; I find her music so soothing.
58. I get really excited when people post a comment on my blog. (now if your reading this you HAVE to post one)
59. I love trying new recipes, which is odd because for my entire childhood I ate 1 of 3 things everyday (Kraft Dinner, grilled cheese, or French fries…I wonder why I had a weight problem???)
60. I really had no idea what healthy eating was until I started Weight Watchers.
61. Optimus Prime was my hero as a child.
62. I’ve never been stung by a bee but I am deathly afraid of them and think that if I do ever get stung, it will be the end of me.
63. I am absolutely obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy.
64. I secretly LOVE country music; it usually has so much more meaning than whatever is popular today.
65. I think my husband is that best thing this world has ever seen.
66. I like to wear socks that don’t match.
67. I can’t stand it when people scrape their fork against their teeth when they eat. It drives my INSANE.
68. My favorite song is ‘Crash’ by Dave Matthews
69. ‘Come Away With Me’ By Norah Jones is a very close second.
70. I love movies and books about vampires.
71. I love loud music. The louder the better. (This may explain the blown speaker in my car)
72. I appreciate life more now that I am getting in shape and eating healthy.
73. I want to have it all; the house with the white picket fence, the 2.5 kids, the successful career, everything everyone always dreams of.
74. I’m a big fan of the Tragically Hip.
75. I’ve been in more car accidents than I like to admit…most of them my fault…ok all my fault except one.
76. I was a cheerleader in high school.
77. I really want to learn to play the violin but just don’t have the patience.
78. I don’t think I am ever going to finish this list.
79. I’ve snuck out of the house on more than one occasion; then returned around 4am and everytime I thought I was busted, but never actually got caught. (Sorry Mom)
80. I think most men look really hot in glasses.
81. I hate Walmart ever since I saw the documentary “The High Cost of Low Prices” But I can’t bring myself to stop shopping there.
82. I think Dollar Stores are the greatest invention ever.
83. I have a new found love for Justin Timberlake, never really liked him until this year so I don’t where it came from, but love him now.
84. My father tied one end of a string to my loose tooth and the other end of the string to the doorknob and slammed the door. It took 4 slams of the door to get that darn thing out.
85. I can fit my fist in my mouth.
86. I never thought I wanted to get married until I met Scott.
87. I don’t recycle and it drives my husband crazy ( I know, I’m horrible).
88. I love Beauty and the Beast but sort of always thought she should have chose the arrogant jerk over the beast… realistic Belle, you can’t marry an animal, no matter how nice he is.
89. My Husband and I were engaged after one year and married after 2 years.
90. Pretty in Pink is one of my favorite movies.
91. I’ve always wanted a tattoo but never had the courage to get one. If I could, it would be on my lower back.
92. I can never get through an entire movie if I’m lying on the couch with my husband, I always fall asleep.
93. I talk in my sleep and most of the times, I am yelling at someone or something.
94. This is getting harder and harder….is anyone still reading this??
95. I have to shave my legs every Thursday night, even if I just shaved them Wednesday. I like the feeling of freshly shaved legs on Fridays.
96. I am horrible at introducing people and often forget. I will let 2 people stare at each for 5 minutes straight before I remember to introduce them to each other.
97. I leave my purse, glasses, mittens, coat etc EVERYWHERE. I can never remember anything.
98. I have listened to the same Christmas CD religiously every year since 1988.
99. I absolutely hate the words probe or probing.
100. I’m a huge texture person; If I don’t like the texture of it, I won’t eat it. How anyone can eat scallops or muscles is a mystery to me.

Whew, that was so hard, but lots of fun too!



  1. That does look like fun. It must have been hard to think of 100 things about yourself. My favorite thing that you wrote about yourself is "If I had my way, the whole world would write with crayons. Nice bright colors."

    Well, I'm off to master the art of the Rubix Cube...


  2. Great list. I think everyone should make a list like that. It really forces you to do a toal self examination.

  3. Andrew Erica and GracieMarch 8, 2007 at 8:37 a.m.

    hahahahhahahh I can't stop laughing!!!! You are hilarious!hahahahhahah


  4. Great list I can relate to so many of those!

  5. Great blog! I love the 100 Things about Me! Now I know why we're friends - I thought I was the only weirdo that's tried to move things with my mind and zap myself other places. ha ha. Life is more fun when you think that stuff might be possible! And I always use the plastic fork for takeout too. You're weight loss blogs are inspiring too!

    Amy S

  6. I've leatned to fall asleep sitting up while watching movies, too!

    How do you find the time to do 100 things? I'm doing well to just formulate sentences most days!


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