Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 3

So within the Summer Challenge, Randi and I are counting down the days left and trying to pump up the momentum a little. Jaimie is joining in too and has challenged herself to 20 workouts in the last 28 days of the challenge....and I, of course, am following suit! 20 workouts in 28 days. Today is Day 3 of the last 28 days and I unfortunately missed the gym yesterday. With good reason of course. I had to travel 1.5 hours out of town to get a root canal done by a specialist. $1500 later....yes $1500. Seriously? Yowsa. Ugh. Move on Carolyn. we now have 26 days left in the challenge. Are you still challenging yourself? Pushing yourself? Still motivated? Still keeping your goals in the back of your mind? If not, Smarten up Ladies! Summer is just around the corner. So run the extra mile, stay on the elliptical for an extra 10 mins, lift an extra set or just say no to the timbits flying around your office (I just did!). Do I sound like a cheesy infomercial yet??

If you haven't checked it out yet, Angie is completely 100% motivated and throwing herself wholeheartedly into a new meal/exercise plan that will no doubt have her looking radiant in her wedding dress. Check it out, her dedication is contagious! Scott and I are even thinking about ordering the book and trying out the plan. It certainly makes a lot of sense when you do some research on it and I even have a friend who joined Body for Life a few years ago with her hubby. And boy, did it ever work for them! My only reservation is the cheat day. I know, that sounds like the best part right? But I think of how much junk I could eat in one day and it scares me! Can you really eat junk all day for one whole day and still lose weight? This plan says you can, and who am I to judge? I'm going to think about it for a few days and see if I can find the book.

That's it for me today ladies!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Maybe....Just maybe....

I'm in better shape than I give myself credit for.

So yesterday I get to the gym after work and decide to mix things up a little. I'm planning on 30 mins of cardio and 30 mins of weights. Cardio first.....I sign up for a treadmill. 5 min warm up. Maybe I'll try running? Just 10 mins. I can do 10 mins right? So I set the treadmill at 5mph (I know, not super fast but it's still a pretty fast pace for a non-runner with really short legs) Typically when I try running, I used to get out of breath after about 5 mins and have to slow down. Either that or I give up when I get tired of my butt bouncing up and down over and over again. So a friend jumps on the treadmill beside me and starts running too. After 10 mins of running, I feel my body starting to warm up but to my utter surprise, I'm not out of breath in any way and I'm able to hold up a conversation with my friend just as if I was walking. Hmmm. Odd. This has never happened before. Granted I haven't tried running in about a year or so but a year ago, I could only get through about 8 or 9 mins before I had to slow down. Let's shoot for 15 shall we? 15 mins pass and here I am....INCREASING the speed a little. Still gabbing to my girlfriend about a future shopping trip and how much our men suck for having super fast metabolisms and being able to eat whatever they want. Before I know it, the clock on the treadmill says 35 mins. That's when it hit me.....I have been running for 30 mins straight, maybe I'm in better shape than I give myself credit for! Sweet! Cool down for a few mins and then off to weights. I think I experience the ever elusive "Runner's high" because I felt sooo energized and completely proud of myself.

Then 10 mins later, I noticed the arch in my foot is really sore. After my weights, when I get to the changing room, I notice that I have 2 big blisters right under the arch in my feet. As an inexperienced runner, I'm really not sure what this means other than that I probably need to invest in some new running sneakers. All you avid runners out there.....any advice, suggestions? What am I looking for when I shop for some new kicks? I know you can go and get an assessment done at the Running room but for someone who's not intensely serious about running, I don't want to fork over a massive amount of dough. I would love to incorporate running into my weekly plan but want to do so with minimal cost. What am I looking for? or what's wrong with my current sneakers? I'm pretty sure it's because they are about 2 years old. They never gave me blister when I ran in the before....

So I am counting down the days until the end of the Summer Challenge (and so is Randi!). I am staying accountable everyday for the next 26 days. Yesterday was Day 1. 26 days to go. 26 days to a leaner and fitter (sooo not even a word) body. 26 days for me to smarten up and hold myself accountable.

In 26 days:
The scale will be show me a kind and wonderful number
My pants will fit better
I will feel confident in my bikini again
I will look back on the last 26 days and know that I stayed accountable, even during the weekends
I will be see & feel the results of incorporating weights into my routine
I will finally take the tags off those size 7 pants that have been hanging in my closet for the past 3 months.

Here we go ladies, we're in the home stretch!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Scary Scale....

This weekend was better than the last few have been but certainly was not perfect.

We were on the run all weekend so we ended up eating out 3 times! Ugh! We made a pact though last night that we will limit the eating out to once MAX per week and it has to be somewhere good like Subway or another place that has healthy options. We used to eat out all the time (fast food about 4 or 5 times a week) before we started WW and I find we are slipping a little and getting back into eating out instead of preparing and bringing snacks or a sandwich with us. Friday night was Subway. Not bad, turkey sub with tons of veggies and sweet onion sauce. Mmmmm. I did eat a whole footlong though...I was starving! Saturday we went to Quizno's and got the Tzatziki Chicken sub and flat bread BBQ chicken pizza. Very tastey. Sunday we were out of town for a funeral so we stopped at a diner along the way and I got a chicken and veggie wrap. But the chicken was fried and the ranch dressing was full fat so I didn't really even consider this a healthy option. Blah. To my defense, it was the healthiest option on the menu. Everything else was deep fried (probably twice over to warm it up) and came with french fries or poutine.

I need to get control here ladies. Why have I been slipping so much on the weekends? It's been a year of hovering around the same weight and now the weight seems to be slowly but surely creeping back on. In May of 2007 I was exactly 10 lbs lighter than I am now. How did that happen? I know how it happened:

Weekends full of, but not limited to, the following:

Wine, chocolate bars, ice cream, big feet/hot lips, pizza, garlic fingers, chips, more wine and more JUNK!

I know I have been saying this so often lately but after my scale scare this morning, I really have been psyching myself up all morning. Telling myself I have to get serious. In May of last year I was EXACTLY 10 lbs lighter than I am right now. 10 lbs! That is scary. 10 lbs is a lot and it certainly shows. I never really realized it until I took a good look in the mirror and I started remembering how my pants used to fit. How flat my tummy used to be. How great I used to feel.

So I'm going to start journaling everyday on here to help with accountability. On the weekends, I'm going to plan out my 35 bonus points and stick to them. Do you know how long it's been since I've had a weekend where I stayed within my 35 bonus points. Probably about 6 months. Can you imagine? 6 months?!? No wonder I'm gaining weight! I'm a saint all week and then a devil all weekend. Not a good balance. Not a balance at all really.

So here I am.

Journaling. EVERYTHING.
I have almost 4 weeks left in the Summer Challenge and I'm going to attack this last 10 lbs.

1/4 C Kashi Go Lean Crunch
1 C All Bran
1/2 C blueberries
1/2 C Skim milk
Flavored coffee with sugar (ran out of Sugar Twin)

Fruit to go Raspberry (fruit leather)

Tuna Sandwich
(weight watchers bread)
1/2 C Vanilla Yogurt mixed with 1/3 C Fat Free Cottage Cheese and 1/2 C blueberries

1 apple

Tuna Sandwich
4 point pasta frozen dinner
(I know this is not a great option and wayyyy too many carbs but we are staying in town after work for ball practice and I forgot to prepare something last night to bring with me for supper. At least there is some protein in there.)

Total points: 20

I may have a snack when we get home from Scott's ball practice. Either yogurt or fruit.

27 Days left in the Summer Challenge. 27 Days to make a good run at 10 lbs. I'm not expecting it all to come off but I am hoping for a loss of 5-7 lbs. I'm going to start weighing in on Saturday mornings to help myself stay accountable during the weekends. So here I go.....

Friday, May 23, 2008

Summer Challenge Update....Where are you girls??

Ok. So we are halfway through the Summer Challenge.
4 weeks down, 4 weeks to go.
How have you ladies been doing? Time to anti up.

If you've been rocking it, keep it up. If you've been kind of wishy washy, you've got 4 weeks left to kick it up and accomplish your goals and if you have completely forgotten what the Summer Challenge was all about.....time to seriously refocus, you have 4 weeks left until Summer! Remember Summer? That season that comes every year, where it gets really hot and humid and you wear way less clothing and an occasional bathing suit? Remember the shorts and tanks tops and cute summery outfits, the BBQs, the bonfires, the frozen drinks? It's all right around the corner so smarten up and start preparing. Envision the best summer of your life. One where you feel confident and sexy and you wear that bathing suit with pride. That great Summer where you see the results of all your hard work staring back at you from the mirror. 4 weeks is still a long time. In 4 weeks you can totally make a huge difference. You could be a whole pant size smaller in 4 weeks. All it takes is a little hard work....ok a lot of hard work but you wouldn't have signed up if you don't like a challenge, right?

So update me and all your fellow challengers.

How are you making out with your goals? And what is your plan for the next 4 weeks?

Quick refresher course on what you planned to do in 8 weeks when we began.....

Jen - wants to log 52 workouts & to follow the 8 healthy guidelines
Randi - wants to follow structured food plan, follow exercise plan and to lose 1 inch from her waist.
Kelly - wants to exercise at least 3 times a week.
Shannon - wants to be 130 lbs
Shelley -wants to see the 140s again
Jenn - wants to lose 8 lbs and be a "buff bride" Anneliese - wants to lose 13 lbs to bring her to the big (well actually, small) 145
Leigh Ann - wants to follow Canada's food guide, lose 12 lbs, and drink all daily water before hitting the diet Pepsi
Jaimie - wants to log in 52 days of following the 8 healthy guidelines!
Jennifer - wants to get back into size 10 AE shorts, log a 40 min run 3 times a week
Christina - wants to lose 10 lbs and to exercise 5 days a week
Vanessa - wants to lose 8 lbs and log in 1500 mins of exercise S
Suzi - wants to exercise 5 times a week and lose 12 lbs
Brittany - wants to lose 22.4 lbs and get in some sort of physical activity 5 times a week
Marissa - wants to exercise 5 times a week and be able to run 7 miles without stopping or walking
Neha - wants to exercise 4 times a week and lose 12 lbs
Fatinah - wants to lose 8 lbs
Seabreeze - wants to avoid emotional eating and to take part in an 8k race on July 27.
Krista - wants to fit into summer clothes, lose 7 lbs and exercise 6 times a week.
Caroline - wants to lose 19.6 lbs and to exercise 4 times a week
Sonya - wants to lose 10 lbs, & exercise 32 times
Carrie - wants to exercise 5 times a week, lose 18lbs, & do sit ups before bed 5 times a week SarahSundae - wants to lose 15 lbs and exercise 5 times a week
Deborah - wants to be able to climb her very steep driveway without stopping (Nice goal!)
Angie - wants to see that magical 163 on the scale
Jeannie - wants to lose 10 lbs, exercise 4 times a week and to be able to run 25 mins straight Healthy Mummy - wants to lose 10 lbs and exercise 5 days a week for 1 hour
Cara - wants to lose 12 lbs and wants to be able to run 5K
Amy - wants to lose 10 lbs and exercise 5 days a week Sara - wants to hit her 10% goal and lose 8 lbs Scott - to log in 40 workouts
Sparky - wants to lose 6 lbs
Kimberly - wants to lose 7 lbs and drink at least 2 L water a day
Christy - wants to lose 5 lbs, exercise 4 times a week and try a new recipe once a week (love that one)
Eurydice - wants to log 15 mile of running per week and try out a new veggie every week. Carolyn - to exercise at least 5 times a week and to find some balance on the weekends. Count ALL points. Post Dominican goal-lose 10 lbs.

***My update:
With the exception of the week I was in Dominican, which doesn't really count for me. (Hello? It's Dominican ladies!)
I have exercised every week 5 times a week. Monday to Friday I have been a total gym rat.
My weekends......could be better. BUT they have been getting better (I DID say no TWICE to DQ blizzards last weekend) and I'm trying to be more conscious of limiting my weekend treats instead of just having a free for all. So I'd give myself a C+ on that goal and an A+ on my gym goal. So far I have lost between 6 and 7 lbs post Dominican so I'm getting there for my 10 lbs goal. Over grade? B

Here's your chance ladies....whether you get to brag or you have to confess your sins. Let it out.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Workout Revamp

I seriously love you guys. Thanks so much for the tips on revamping my exercise routine.
I spent a good chunk of yesterday doing some research on High Intensity Interval Training and I'm totally psyched. I started off pretty slow last night at the gym but I think I'll really like it. I do believe I'm going to have to invest in a heart rate monitor though because there's really no way for me to know what my heart rate is at any given time. Any suggestions on picking one up? I've look briefly on ebay but I might take a look around at a few local sports stores too.

I've decided to hit the gym 5 times a week and do HIIT on three of those days. On those days I will do 30 mins HIIT and 30 mins strength training. I started with the strength training last night. One of my best friends is home from out West for 6 weeks for a work placement and she is a huge gym rat with a bodybuilding boyfriend so she is showing me some strength stuff. AND she has a membership to my gym! YAY! So last night we did lunges, LOTS of squats, and a little bit of ab work and a few plank positions. It's so great having someone else who is really motivated. I wish she would move home to stay!! Although my hamstrings are killing me today but I love it. It's been sooo long since I've been sore after a workout and I know I NEED to get some strength training into my workouts.

Eating has been good, well great actually. Went to get some groceries last night and did not buy ANY carby snacks. No All Bran bites, no Fiber Source bars. However I did buy an angel food cake mix and a can of pumpkin. I'm wondering if it would turn out well if I threw these things together with some pumpkin pie spice? Anyone try it before? Cupcakes maybe? I actually bought the angel food cake mix so I could make an Angel Lush Cake that I stumbled across on Angie's blog. Instead of using store bought angel food cake, I though I'd make my own, use rounds cake tins and make it a 2 layer cake instead. Sounds yummy though and it's perfect for a Summer BBQ. Mmmmm BBQ.

I also have to add today that Randi rocks. Everytime I have a question regarding exercise or diet, she's all over it and has a definite opinion one way or the other. I don't always agree with her opinion and sometimes her opinion totally puts me in my place and kicks my butt but I can always count on her to be completely 100% honest all of the time and don't find that very often these days! Thanks Randi! (plus she totally knows she rocks and I love that about her!)

and a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my girl Christy! She's celebrating with a aLatte! That's an NSV if I've ever heard one.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Getting Serious...

Too many random thoughts to actually form paragraphs today so here we go...

1. Thanks ladies for all your wonderful comments on our Punta Cana pics. We are already planning our next trip down South for next March...we are thinking Jamaica (actually it's not really our choice since our good friends are getting married down South and we are in tow with them, but THEY are thinking Jamaica.) Anyone been? Suggestions?

2. I need to seriously re-evauluate my diet. Weekend splruges were far too many and included: wine, small handful of chips, 2 brownies, 2 slices of pizza, 1 cookie, 2 chocolate bars (yes 2!) and onion rings. Granted this was over the course of 3 days people. But added up, it looks like a massive amount of JUNK! It should also be noted that I did say NO to DQ blizzards 2 times this weekend.

3. I need to get rid of the processed junk in my lunch. All Bran bites, Fiber Source granola bars. Yuck. I know they are low in points and that's why I love them so much but they can't be good for me. I'm hoping to buy more fruit this week...anyone have any other suggestions for snacks that aren't high in carbs or sugar? Somethin I can whip on on the weekend and take with me for snacks all week long?

4. I also need to start doing some research on exercise. How do I get the most bang for my buck at the gym? Lately, I have been doing 20 mins bike, 20 mins elliptical and 20 mins Stairmaster and every other day I do 20 mins of abs on top of that. I know I need to incoporate weights. I'm starting this next week but....should I do 30 mins cardio, then 30 mins weights 5 times a week or should I do 3 days of cardio 60-70 mins cardio sessions and 2 days of weights. It's so confusing to me. Also, is it better to do 30 mins of cardio a day, everyday, 7 days a week? or do you get more benefit from 60 mins cardio intervals in one day 3 or 4 times a week. See? Confusing.

5. I had homemade Chili for lunch. Yummm.

6. I just spent an hour reading and catching up on a new blog. Check out Lex. It's seriously like reading my own blog, we have so much in common!

7. It's very dreary here today and I just feel like cuddling up on the couch with a movie or a good book. For the first time in a long time, I really don't want to go to the gym. But I will. I'll force myself. I'll go and I'll kick some serious butt. Then I will feel much better.

8. Is it Friday yet? Why do short work weeks feel so long after a long weekend?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Punta Cana Pics

As promised.....
Finally, the bikini pics

The happy couple

My handsome hubby


Getting nice and crispy

Mmmm Coco Loco's...

Before a show..

Another bikini pic

First day on the beach...that is a sunken ship in the water behind me

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ughhh...So tired...

of feeling bloated! I honestly feel like I have been forced to wear a fat suit for the last 4 days.
Monday I felt back on track and better than ever and even though I've been eating within my points and going to the gym (yesterday was 50 mins of cardio), yesterday and today I have felt like a total blimp. I'm so bloated! I think the Dominican food is catching up with me. TOM is also kicking around so that may have something to do with it. But Wowsa, I feel pretty awful. Isn't that the worst feeling, when you can feel your tummy protruding but it's so sore and bloated that you can't really do anything about it?? I can't even eat my afternoon snack today because I just don't think there's any room in there. Blah.

On a positive note, since I'm taking a cue from Christy and trying to be more positive. I got my Dominican pics from my broken camera. Scott was able to get the card read and the pics saved to a CD so I'll get to check them out tonight and hopefully post some tonight or tomorrow night. I long for those days again, I can't even imagine putting on my bikini now!
Another positive note, my wedding rings feel loose again. So I know that most of my awful bloatness is probably from re-introducing a ton of fiber back into my diet rather than from lbs gained in DR.

I'm all caught up on your blogs now and I'm so glad to see that most of you are still tracking your Summer Challenge progress. One of my goals was to keep track on the weekends so this weekend will be the big test. Worst weekend ever to do it since it;s a long weekend but I'm going to give it all I got.
Friday night is stay in movie night with hubby so I should be good there. One small treat and that's it/ Nothing more than 5 points.
Saturday night one of my best friends is home from out West so we're having a girls night, drinks and lots of dancing. This may get difficult but I'm thinking of drinking flavored Vodka and Crystal light instead of wine to cut down on the calories. Also I was going to make a cheesecake for her as a welcome home thing but maybe I should hold out. I know I'll just end up eating too much of it anyway so maybe I'll bring something else. Any suggestions?
Sunday I will be slightly hungover which means trouble. BUT I'm hoping to try a new recipe on Saturday to have on Sunday so if the food is already made and ready, I won't want to waste ti so it should help me stay on track.
Sunday night Scott and I are going to the drive-in movie theatre. Triple bill on long weekends and it's so fun! This may pose a problem because a) I will still be slightly hungover b) the concession stand sells very yummy onion rings c) what's the drive-in without greasy food and chocolate. So I will allow myself a treat on Sunday night IF and only if:

1. I'm good on Saturday night and don't eat any fast food or chips or junk
2. I'm good all day Saturday and Sunday. Regular lunches and suppers
3. My chocolate treat does not come from the Bulk Barn. Portion control is out the window at this joint and narrowing my choice down to one thing is impossible so I always end up getting way more.

That's it for me today!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm Back!!!

Not that I really want to be.....although I am happy to be home, I'd much rather be soaking up the sun on a white sand beach right about now.

What an AMAZING trip! Scott and I had the time of our lives. There was tons of drinking and eating and laying on the beach, dancing, relaxing, snorkeling, kayaking, boogey boarding, swimming with sharks and sting rays, shopping, more eating, more drinking and it was all soo much fun! It was soo nice to get away for a whole week with my favorite person in the world.

Scott and I flew into Halifax on Sunday morning at 5:00am into a snow storm! Seriously??!??! Scott and I in our flip flops and shorts and tank tops, walking through the slush and snow was not a pretty sight. Stupid winter, go away already.

Side Note: My damn camera broke as soon as we got back to Saint John so I can't get my pics off it. As soon as I do, I'll post a few of me in my Dominican bikinis!

So now I am home. And it's time to pay the piper. About 8 lbs worth of paying. Ugh. Would I do it all again though? Yup, in a heart beat. But I can't, I have to buckle down the hatches and get serious. Summer is on it's way and I'm ready to kick some serious butt and jump on the Summer Challenge bandwagon. I'm adding a poundage goal to my Summer Challenge. At first I was very reluctant to set a goal weight but I'm confident that I'm setting one that I know I can reach as long as I stick to the plan and be good on the weekends. There are 6 weeks left of the Summer Challenge and I think that 10 lbs is a reasonable goal. I'm assuming (and crossing my fingers) that I'll see a pretty big loss this week and maybe next week too since weight that goes on fast usually tends to come off pretty quickly. I already feel like I am "deflating" a little.

I totally rocked Monday although I was tempted to stay in "vacation mode" and eat a few measly chocolate covered almonds from the lunch room. But I didn't & I did great. Ate lots of fruit and veggies and protein and to top that off, I went to the gym and worked out for over an hour and a half! 75 mins of cardio and 25 mins of abs. Take that 8 lb vacation gain! Pack it up and get out!

Can't wait to catch up on you ladies and find out how everyone is doing with the Summer Challenge. Don't forget to e-mail me your progress so I can update everyone on how you are doing! I'll post an update on Thursday so get to me before then if you want your progress posted. Thanks ladies!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Eve of Punta Cana

We leave tomorrow on the big unfortunately that means I won't be posting for over a week (We don't get back until the wee hours of May 11) and even more unfortunately, I won't be able to catch up on your blogs until I get back. But maybe the sun and sand will help compensate for my lack of contact with Blogger....I think it might :)

I'm so psyched though to read all about your goals and accomplishments with the Summer Challenge on all of your blogs. Last night the Summer Challenge (and the fact that I will be wearing a bikini in 2 days) saved me from a late night snack attack. I actually had my hand in the granola bar box but pulled it out and got a glass of water instead. By the way...has anyone tried the Fiber Source Honey Almond granola bars? Yum, only 2 points with 5 grams of fiber.

Yesterday was 50 mins of cardio (20 mins elliptical and 30 mins bike). This is a pretty low intensity workout for me but for some reason I was sweating like you wouldn't believe! I couldn't get over it. I sweat more yesterday than I usually do after a good long haul on the StairMaster. I couldn't figure it out, then I got thinking. I've been tanning in the tanning bed (not something I usually do but I'm attempting to prep my skin for the Dominican sun) and I think I got a little burnt yesterday at lunch...I wonder if that had anything to do with it. Ladies who tan....any insight?

Short and sweet today.
I'm completely in line with my Summer Challenge goals so far. I've logged in 3 workouts so far and I'm going today after work and I'm even going tomorrow before we leave for Halifax (where we are catching our flight) That's right ladies. You heard me. I'm not letting the fact that I am leaving tomorrow for Dominican keep me from getting in my 5 workouts this week. How's that for devotion??