Monday, May 26, 2008

Scary Scale....

This weekend was better than the last few have been but certainly was not perfect.

We were on the run all weekend so we ended up eating out 3 times! Ugh! We made a pact though last night that we will limit the eating out to once MAX per week and it has to be somewhere good like Subway or another place that has healthy options. We used to eat out all the time (fast food about 4 or 5 times a week) before we started WW and I find we are slipping a little and getting back into eating out instead of preparing and bringing snacks or a sandwich with us. Friday night was Subway. Not bad, turkey sub with tons of veggies and sweet onion sauce. Mmmmm. I did eat a whole footlong though...I was starving! Saturday we went to Quizno's and got the Tzatziki Chicken sub and flat bread BBQ chicken pizza. Very tastey. Sunday we were out of town for a funeral so we stopped at a diner along the way and I got a chicken and veggie wrap. But the chicken was fried and the ranch dressing was full fat so I didn't really even consider this a healthy option. Blah. To my defense, it was the healthiest option on the menu. Everything else was deep fried (probably twice over to warm it up) and came with french fries or poutine.

I need to get control here ladies. Why have I been slipping so much on the weekends? It's been a year of hovering around the same weight and now the weight seems to be slowly but surely creeping back on. In May of 2007 I was exactly 10 lbs lighter than I am now. How did that happen? I know how it happened:

Weekends full of, but not limited to, the following:

Wine, chocolate bars, ice cream, big feet/hot lips, pizza, garlic fingers, chips, more wine and more JUNK!

I know I have been saying this so often lately but after my scale scare this morning, I really have been psyching myself up all morning. Telling myself I have to get serious. In May of last year I was EXACTLY 10 lbs lighter than I am right now. 10 lbs! That is scary. 10 lbs is a lot and it certainly shows. I never really realized it until I took a good look in the mirror and I started remembering how my pants used to fit. How flat my tummy used to be. How great I used to feel.

So I'm going to start journaling everyday on here to help with accountability. On the weekends, I'm going to plan out my 35 bonus points and stick to them. Do you know how long it's been since I've had a weekend where I stayed within my 35 bonus points. Probably about 6 months. Can you imagine? 6 months?!? No wonder I'm gaining weight! I'm a saint all week and then a devil all weekend. Not a good balance. Not a balance at all really.

So here I am.

Journaling. EVERYTHING.
I have almost 4 weeks left in the Summer Challenge and I'm going to attack this last 10 lbs.

1/4 C Kashi Go Lean Crunch
1 C All Bran
1/2 C blueberries
1/2 C Skim milk
Flavored coffee with sugar (ran out of Sugar Twin)

Fruit to go Raspberry (fruit leather)

Tuna Sandwich
(weight watchers bread)
1/2 C Vanilla Yogurt mixed with 1/3 C Fat Free Cottage Cheese and 1/2 C blueberries

1 apple

Tuna Sandwich
4 point pasta frozen dinner
(I know this is not a great option and wayyyy too many carbs but we are staying in town after work for ball practice and I forgot to prepare something last night to bring with me for supper. At least there is some protein in there.)

Total points: 20

I may have a snack when we get home from Scott's ball practice. Either yogurt or fruit.

27 Days left in the Summer Challenge. 27 Days to make a good run at 10 lbs. I'm not expecting it all to come off but I am hoping for a loss of 5-7 lbs. I'm going to start weighing in on Saturday mornings to help myself stay accountable during the weekends. So here I go.....


  1. Definately time to get serious! (for me too! I bought a new bikini that I want to wear in public!) Are you going to journal weekends too? You could make a different rule for yourself, like instead of 35 points on the weekend, you only get 20, or you get no bonus points on weekends, only during the week. (pretty tough though I imagine). Maybe try scheduling in a workout on weekends, it helps remind me to stay on track.

    Think about it, you can be good for 27 days. Count them off one at a time! it'll go fast!

  2. Hey Girl!!! I hear ya!!! I had stalled for a LONG time on the scale...and just this past week had a big loss because I changed things up and was watching my fat and carbs...big was pretty bad some of the things I was eating before!!!

    You can do just have the motivation that got you so far in the first place, right?? If only it were THAT easy!

  3. Sounds to be like the scare of the trip down memory lane (remembering what it's like to be 10lbs lighter) is exactly what you need to kickstart the motivation. Sounds like you have a good plan, as journaling everything is the only way to go!

  4. Weekends are hard. Mentally weekends are suppose to be a break, so I think we trick ourselves into slacking on the food and exercise too. I find myself thinking about having fun on Friday's - which usually revolves around wine for me, which leads to other disasters. Someday we'll tackle these demons. Just keep pushing yourself, you will get there.

  5. Journaling is so helpful. I hate writing something bad down and that will often keep me from eating something I shouldn't.

  6. I'm going through the same type of situation, only ours doens't only last on the weekends. I've *got* to get into shape.
    Getting back into the habing of journaling is a great plan so you can hold yourself accountable. I know you can do it!

  7. Hey - just found your blog and love it. You'll reach your goals - blogging and journaling is a fantastic way to keep focused, which is all you need, that and a positive attitude where you BELIEVE IN YOURSELF is key!!

    I'm with you!!

    Kelly O

  8. Good new plan. You can do this. :)


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