Friday, May 23, 2008

Summer Challenge Update....Where are you girls??

Ok. So we are halfway through the Summer Challenge.
4 weeks down, 4 weeks to go.
How have you ladies been doing? Time to anti up.

If you've been rocking it, keep it up. If you've been kind of wishy washy, you've got 4 weeks left to kick it up and accomplish your goals and if you have completely forgotten what the Summer Challenge was all about.....time to seriously refocus, you have 4 weeks left until Summer! Remember Summer? That season that comes every year, where it gets really hot and humid and you wear way less clothing and an occasional bathing suit? Remember the shorts and tanks tops and cute summery outfits, the BBQs, the bonfires, the frozen drinks? It's all right around the corner so smarten up and start preparing. Envision the best summer of your life. One where you feel confident and sexy and you wear that bathing suit with pride. That great Summer where you see the results of all your hard work staring back at you from the mirror. 4 weeks is still a long time. In 4 weeks you can totally make a huge difference. You could be a whole pant size smaller in 4 weeks. All it takes is a little hard work....ok a lot of hard work but you wouldn't have signed up if you don't like a challenge, right?

So update me and all your fellow challengers.

How are you making out with your goals? And what is your plan for the next 4 weeks?

Quick refresher course on what you planned to do in 8 weeks when we began.....

Jen - wants to log 52 workouts & to follow the 8 healthy guidelines
Randi - wants to follow structured food plan, follow exercise plan and to lose 1 inch from her waist.
Kelly - wants to exercise at least 3 times a week.
Shannon - wants to be 130 lbs
Shelley -wants to see the 140s again
Jenn - wants to lose 8 lbs and be a "buff bride" Anneliese - wants to lose 13 lbs to bring her to the big (well actually, small) 145
Leigh Ann - wants to follow Canada's food guide, lose 12 lbs, and drink all daily water before hitting the diet Pepsi
Jaimie - wants to log in 52 days of following the 8 healthy guidelines!
Jennifer - wants to get back into size 10 AE shorts, log a 40 min run 3 times a week
Christina - wants to lose 10 lbs and to exercise 5 days a week
Vanessa - wants to lose 8 lbs and log in 1500 mins of exercise S
Suzi - wants to exercise 5 times a week and lose 12 lbs
Brittany - wants to lose 22.4 lbs and get in some sort of physical activity 5 times a week
Marissa - wants to exercise 5 times a week and be able to run 7 miles without stopping or walking
Neha - wants to exercise 4 times a week and lose 12 lbs
Fatinah - wants to lose 8 lbs
Seabreeze - wants to avoid emotional eating and to take part in an 8k race on July 27.
Krista - wants to fit into summer clothes, lose 7 lbs and exercise 6 times a week.
Caroline - wants to lose 19.6 lbs and to exercise 4 times a week
Sonya - wants to lose 10 lbs, & exercise 32 times
Carrie - wants to exercise 5 times a week, lose 18lbs, & do sit ups before bed 5 times a week SarahSundae - wants to lose 15 lbs and exercise 5 times a week
Deborah - wants to be able to climb her very steep driveway without stopping (Nice goal!)
Angie - wants to see that magical 163 on the scale
Jeannie - wants to lose 10 lbs, exercise 4 times a week and to be able to run 25 mins straight Healthy Mummy - wants to lose 10 lbs and exercise 5 days a week for 1 hour
Cara - wants to lose 12 lbs and wants to be able to run 5K
Amy - wants to lose 10 lbs and exercise 5 days a week Sara - wants to hit her 10% goal and lose 8 lbs Scott - to log in 40 workouts
Sparky - wants to lose 6 lbs
Kimberly - wants to lose 7 lbs and drink at least 2 L water a day
Christy - wants to lose 5 lbs, exercise 4 times a week and try a new recipe once a week (love that one)
Eurydice - wants to log 15 mile of running per week and try out a new veggie every week. Carolyn - to exercise at least 5 times a week and to find some balance on the weekends. Count ALL points. Post Dominican goal-lose 10 lbs.

***My update:
With the exception of the week I was in Dominican, which doesn't really count for me. (Hello? It's Dominican ladies!)
I have exercised every week 5 times a week. Monday to Friday I have been a total gym rat.
My weekends......could be better. BUT they have been getting better (I DID say no TWICE to DQ blizzards last weekend) and I'm trying to be more conscious of limiting my weekend treats instead of just having a free for all. So I'd give myself a C+ on that goal and an A+ on my gym goal. So far I have lost between 6 and 7 lbs post Dominican so I'm getting there for my 10 lbs goal. Over grade? B

Here's your chance ladies....whether you get to brag or you have to confess your sins. Let it out.


  1. I would love to brag. hehe. I am 2 pounds away from 130 which was my goal. I am totally rocking it. I hope everyone else is doing well too.

  2. I'm back to the food log from my one-month hiatus. I have decreased my cardio some, as I have been travelling for work and feel I can't give up both "measurement tools" at the same time. I broke down and bought large amounts of candy when stranded in the San Francisco airport for 8+ hours, but aside from that curbing the emotional eating has been going well

  3. Well after being off the wagon food wise for a bit i'm back on and still exercise pretty much 5x/week i'm still hoping to be able to get to goal.

  4. Hey Carolyn!!! I am not quite halfway through my goal, so I will be kicking it up a notch!

    I have been doing REALLY well with the 8 healthy guidelines too...I had a rough couple of days but I still fit them in no matter what!!

    Also I haven't necessarily noticed the scale going down, but the inches have been flying off! YAY!

    I will give myself a B-

  5. Woe is me. I'm stuck. Thanks for the push in the right direction. Will get going.

    Thanks for the new book title on your comment at my blog. Went to Amazon and ordered it along with some others (they're having a 4 for the price of 3 deal and I just couldn't resist).

  6. Unbragging. Going in the wrong direction. However as a master procrastinator I am pretty sure I can make my 6 pound goal in 4 weeks, even though I now have 8 to do... *eeks* could be tricky...

  7. I'm a rubber ball and I'm back to 175 this week which means I've got 4 weeks to lose 12 lbs which isn't likely, but I'm still gonna giv'er ;-)

  8. Well I had 3 weeks of approximate A's, I had finally broken my plateau! Then this last week with the shower I gained it back. But hopefully easily gained is easily lost right? I'll do a waist measure and see how I'm doing there too! food and exercise has been good! Average it out to a B-.

  9. I'm doing so-so. Like you, I'm excluding my week of vacation from my goals. For the halfway point of the challenge, my average has been 4 workouts a week. I'll step it up for the last half and make my 5 workouts/week goal!!

  10. i have been running 15 or more miles per week... and i'm trying with the veggies... trying...

    i have found running 15 miles to be a challenge though!

  11. I will hopefully sit down tomorrow and update my blogs and my challenges. My Summer Challenge to follow the guidelines suffered while I was away...amazingly it was my water intake and vitamins that were the worst and you would think those would be the easiest to keep up! I might add in my personal activity challenge to this group...I will update you by the end of the weekend.

    You asked about my counting. I haven't actually been an active WW for about a year...I was wasting my money and I'm in maintenance. I do try to write everything down on my blog and keep an estimated tally in my head. It has worked up until now, so I'm just going to keep at it. If I find I'm heading too high on the scale, I really try to keep my estimates as accurate as possible and it is usually OK. My body is happy in it's current weight range so it takes a lot to really go too far overboard now.

  12. I'm behind where I need to be - which should be half way to my goal. I've been on plan and exercising, but seeing very slow results. I have an idea to kickstart things for the 2nd half of the challenge - so that perhaps I will be able to meet my goal. I will brag about my results from exercise though. I'm definately more "compact" than I was - HA!!

    Congrats to all that are either a) rocking it or b) not rocking it but ready to give 'er for the rest of the challenge!!

  13. I'm only about a quarter of my way to my weight goal - so I'll need to pull some biggest loser numbers out of my hat to make it (not quite, but that would be cool). But I am doing really good with my food and exercise so I'm happy. I might not get there in four weeks, but I will get there.

  14. I'm doomed. I am not going to drop 15 pounds by June 21st. I haven't lost a darn thing since I signed up.

    I'm not in a good state of mind tonight anyway so check with me in a couple days. ha ha.

  15. I have met my goal every week so far and usually exceeded it. I got to the gym 5x 2 of the 4 weeks and 4x the other 2 weeks :) Yay!!

  16. Hey Carolyn!

    Well, by this time I should have logged 12 runs, but I have only logged 8 (+ 5 mins). I had my wisdom teeth out so I was off running for a week. I would have had 3 runs this week if I could've gone running yesterday.

    So, I have to get my ass in gear and log another 12 40-minute runs for the next 4 weeks. I can do it! I will do it!

  17. I've been stinking up until two days ago.
    But I'm back on track, and determined to bust my booty until I get where I want to be!!
    I find my missing motivation.


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