Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Maybe....Just maybe....

I'm in better shape than I give myself credit for.

So yesterday I get to the gym after work and decide to mix things up a little. I'm planning on 30 mins of cardio and 30 mins of weights. Cardio first.....I sign up for a treadmill. 5 min warm up. Maybe I'll try running? Just 10 mins. I can do 10 mins right? So I set the treadmill at 5mph (I know, not super fast but it's still a pretty fast pace for a non-runner with really short legs) Typically when I try running, I used to get out of breath after about 5 mins and have to slow down. Either that or I give up when I get tired of my butt bouncing up and down over and over again. So a friend jumps on the treadmill beside me and starts running too. After 10 mins of running, I feel my body starting to warm up but to my utter surprise, I'm not out of breath in any way and I'm able to hold up a conversation with my friend just as if I was walking. Hmmm. Odd. This has never happened before. Granted I haven't tried running in about a year or so but a year ago, I could only get through about 8 or 9 mins before I had to slow down. Let's shoot for 15 shall we? 15 mins pass and here I am....INCREASING the speed a little. Still gabbing to my girlfriend about a future shopping trip and how much our men suck for having super fast metabolisms and being able to eat whatever they want. Before I know it, the clock on the treadmill says 35 mins. That's when it hit me.....I have been running for 30 mins straight, maybe I'm in better shape than I give myself credit for! Sweet! Cool down for a few mins and then off to weights. I think I experience the ever elusive "Runner's high" because I felt sooo energized and completely proud of myself.

Then 10 mins later, I noticed the arch in my foot is really sore. After my weights, when I get to the changing room, I notice that I have 2 big blisters right under the arch in my feet. As an inexperienced runner, I'm really not sure what this means other than that I probably need to invest in some new running sneakers. All you avid runners out there.....any advice, suggestions? What am I looking for when I shop for some new kicks? I know you can go and get an assessment done at the Running room but for someone who's not intensely serious about running, I don't want to fork over a massive amount of dough. I would love to incorporate running into my weekly plan but want to do so with minimal cost. What am I looking for? or what's wrong with my current sneakers? I'm pretty sure it's because they are about 2 years old. They never gave me blister when I ran in the before....

So I am counting down the days until the end of the Summer Challenge (and so is Randi!). I am staying accountable everyday for the next 26 days. Yesterday was Day 1. 26 days to go. 26 days to a leaner and fitter (sooo not even a word) body. 26 days for me to smarten up and hold myself accountable.

In 26 days:
The scale will be show me a kind and wonderful number
My pants will fit better
I will feel confident in my bikini again
I will look back on the last 26 days and know that I stayed accountable, even during the weekends
I will be see & feel the results of incorporating weights into my routine
I will finally take the tags off those size 7 pants that have been hanging in my closet for the past 3 months.

Here we go ladies, we're in the home stretch!


  1. Wish I could help on the running shoes but I can't since I'm not to that stage yet. But, I'm really proud of you for runnig that long without even noticing it. You are really getting fit. WOW!!

  2. Wow congrats on the running, that's quite a feat! Isn't it nice when we find out we are a little more in shape than we thought? I love it.

  3. While you probably need new shoes, just because they're that old, the blisters and sore arch might not be specifically shoe related. It might just be because you just ran (!) and your body isn't used to it. I still get blisters, your feet just sometimes have to toughen up a bit. Or use non-cotton socks. The arch thing is probably like an overuse injury kind of thing. They say you aren't supposed to increase your running by more than 10% each time. I don't know how it works when you previous running was 0 (aka a beginner), but I imagine your feet were not quite as ready as your heart and lungs and legs.

    ps - that's AWESOME! I can never talk while I run, no matter how slow I'm going. Your cardio system is in great shape!

    Also, in 26 days we're gonna know just how powerful our minds are, because when we decide to do something, we do it!

  4. Holy frig - that's awesome!

    I love how you broke down the challenge into number of days, for some reason it seems WAY more acheivable to me rather htan saying 4 more weeks.

    I now too, will stay on track for 26 days. What's 26 days? NADA!

    Thank you!

  5. Awesome on the running!! I miss it so much. As for the blisters, new shoes. And you might see if there are any places around that can fit you for a good running sneaker. that is how I found my last pair (and that was some time ago)

  6. ARGH!

    I just left you a long comment and then received an error message when I pressed 'publish'

    Anyhoo - the gist: congrats on your run.

  7. What kind of socks were you wearing? Sometimes that is the cheaper fix. I had to buy synthetic rather than cotton-blend socks and my running blisters went away. Also, check out Asic's shoes because they tend to be cheaper than other options. Also, Runner's World online has a lot of good advice about what's all hype and what's actually of value in a running shoe.

  8. WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Girl you are awesome!!!!

    I agree, maybe get some running shoes if you plan on doing it more!!!

  9. Awesome on the running!! I'm amazed you can talk while you run...I'm too busy huffing and puffing to speak!!

  10. The right socks can make a big difference too I find. If I use the "quick dry" type material ones, I find that there's not as much rubbing. I sometimes get the blister right in the arch on just one foot and those socks haven't let me down yet!

    Keep up the running girl!

  11. you should go to the running room, get fitted, say you need some time to "think about it" then buy new shoes on ebay! that's what i do! :o)

  12. Girl, if I could ever make it past 11 minutes I'd be elated. You rock.

    Check out my blog...I revamped my Challenge to a much better and more attainable goal that will have a better outcome!

  13. Asics Gel-Luminous.... best damn kicks I've ever owned! When you buy them, make sure they aren't too tight... if your toes are touching bottom or very close to it, go up half a size because your feet swell during running!

  14. I agree with the others - try some new socks first, they can make a world of difference...and get fitted for new shoes. Everyones feet are so different and some shoes run big. You don't have to by them there, but get a fitting.

    Runner's World has and online little survey that will suggest shoes that will suit your needs based on some questions - then you could go try them on at a store...and buy them online.

  15. spend the $$ and buy GOOD shoes. Your feet will thank you for it. And you will stand less chance of injuries. And while you're there, spend the $15 to get the non-blister socks - they are a dream!

    Awesome job on the running! That is seriously...well....AWESOME!

  16. Good job with staying OP for the day!
    And fantastic job with the run!!!

    I don't know what to tell you about blister since I'm just an amatuer. But I hope that they heal fast!

  17. You, my dear, are an athlete! I'm so proud of you! What a huge milestone coming out of this challenge.

    I'm not an experienced runner by any means, but I do know that shoes are critical. If you're going to keep it up, it might be worth investing in a new pair. Not sure if that was the cause of the blisters - but it's a side-note.:-)

    Keep it up!


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