Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Getting Serious...

Too many random thoughts to actually form paragraphs today so here we go...

1. Thanks ladies for all your wonderful comments on our Punta Cana pics. We are already planning our next trip down South for next March...we are thinking Jamaica (actually it's not really our choice since our good friends are getting married down South and we are in tow with them, but THEY are thinking Jamaica.) Anyone been? Suggestions?

2. I need to seriously re-evauluate my diet. Weekend splruges were far too many and included: wine, small handful of chips, 2 brownies, 2 slices of pizza, 1 cookie, 2 chocolate bars (yes 2!) and onion rings. Granted this was over the course of 3 days people. But added up, it looks like a massive amount of JUNK! It should also be noted that I did say NO to DQ blizzards 2 times this weekend.

3. I need to get rid of the processed junk in my lunch. All Bran bites, Fiber Source granola bars. Yuck. I know they are low in points and that's why I love them so much but they can't be good for me. I'm hoping to buy more fruit this week...anyone have any other suggestions for snacks that aren't high in carbs or sugar? Somethin I can whip on on the weekend and take with me for snacks all week long?

4. I also need to start doing some research on exercise. How do I get the most bang for my buck at the gym? Lately, I have been doing 20 mins bike, 20 mins elliptical and 20 mins Stairmaster and every other day I do 20 mins of abs on top of that. I know I need to incoporate weights. I'm starting this next week but....should I do 30 mins cardio, then 30 mins weights 5 times a week or should I do 3 days of cardio 60-70 mins cardio sessions and 2 days of weights. It's so confusing to me. Also, is it better to do 30 mins of cardio a day, everyday, 7 days a week? or do you get more benefit from 60 mins cardio intervals in one day 3 or 4 times a week. See? Confusing.

5. I had homemade Chili for lunch. Yummm.

6. I just spent an hour reading and catching up on a new blog. Check out Lex. It's seriously like reading my own blog, we have so much in common!

7. It's very dreary here today and I just feel like cuddling up on the couch with a movie or a good book. For the first time in a long time, I really don't want to go to the gym. But I will. I'll force myself. I'll go and I'll kick some serious butt. Then I will feel much better.

8. Is it Friday yet? Why do short work weeks feel so long after a long weekend?


  1. If you want the most bang for your buck at the gym you should switch up cardio and weights. For example: 15 minutes on the bike, then some strength training, then 10 minutes on the elliptical, then more strength training, then 15 minutes on the treadmill, then abs. Just switch up the strength training exercises from day to day. You'll burn more calories this way, because your heart rate will stay up the whole time. :o) Or so I've heard...

  2. Here's my advice for the gym -- on the days you do strength training do a 5-10 minute cardio warm up, then lift and then do another 20-30 minutes (or more of you feel so inclined) of cardio. Apparently you get the best results and will be less sore if you do cardio after lifting. OR so says my trainer -- but I do have to say I'm less sore and feel better doing it in that order!

    Good luck :)

  3. In regards to snacks, My snacks at work usually consist of cottage cheese, string cheese or fruits and veggies. I try to avoid eating the processed snacky foods as much as possible. Maybe just as an occasional treat if needed.

    As far as exercise, I do High intensity intervals, google it, it works wonders for burning fat.

  4. You're right, short weeks do feel longer!

    Well I'll throw my 2cents in for the gym advice (since you know I have an opinion!). The most bang for your buck is intervals. If you want to be in and out in as short a time as possible with the most results that is. And when I say intervals, I mean HARD intervals. But the whole cardio part will be done in like 20 minutes. Like all our hard sprinting for 1 minute, nice slow recovery for 2 minutes. Stuff like that.

    The thing with all exercise is you want it to be tough. Something that's easy isn't burning as many calories or doing much changes to your body. Same thing with weights. You want to feel sore.

    Again, just my 2 cents.

  5. Today IS a downer day for some reason eh. I think you're wise to start to include strength training into your program. I'm getting right back on that horse pronto!

    You can do it girl - I'd almost rather be doing weights than those mindless machines anyway!

  6. adding weights to your workout will make a huge difference, and so will adding intervals to your cardio like someone else suggested... i've read that it really doesn't make a difference if you do 30-minutes a day or 60-minutes 2x week but you have to be working really hard...

    personally, staying consistent is the only way i see results - once i start slacking, i can tell things are off track... maybe you should invest in some new magazines, they always inspire me to try something new... :o)

  7. First of all, don't you just love Lex??? I felt the same way when I found her blog (still feel that way, just saying I was blown away!)

    I agree with all the other girls about switching things up at the gym and keepin your heart rate, weights do wonders for you...I found once I incorporated weights into my routine I actually got "itchy" on the cardio machines just waiting to get to the my cardio time is better because I can spend 20 minutes in the "zone" but if I do longer I might drag in the middle!!!

    As for snacks, I have been trying to cut back on processed to one or two a day (that is actually a big cut back for me)...and I find it a LOT easier now that it is summer...with all the fruits and whatnot, I just mix it with yogurt or cottage cheese...I find that they stay longer and actually end up being less points than something processed that might only "hold" for half an hour....

  8. From what I've been reading lately, intervals definitely give you the most bang for your buck in the gym. I don't time myself, but when I feel recovered at any time, I just sprint as hard as I can until I can't go any further. I know I'm not burning the max potential unless I keep doing that.

    As for the fruit...ugh. I'm struggling with that too. I just don't like fruit all that much, so I'm having a 1/2 banana this week with my oatmeal for breakfast hoping that will jump start better habits. I still do a soy nut mix for a snack during the day. But I guess that could be much worse.

    I actually do have some thoughts on Jamaica! A good friend of mine just returned from there this week after her honeymoon. She says she won't be going back. The natives dollar tourists to death and like to pull scams to weasel you out of every dime they can. (like taking your luggage 10 feet and asking for a tip) If you go, just be aware.

  9. You looked awesome in your bikini!! Of course, great advice from everyone. I just skimmed (someone might have already mentioned this), but another thing with weights is to give yourself a "rest day" in between. So, best thing to do is, say, upper body one day, and lower body the next. Just alternate for your five days.

  10. carolyn, all your points seem as if I wrote them myself..I wish I copuld help with the weekend binging on junk and my fav wine..but I still haven't concored that yet, when i do I'll let you know ;) way to go saying no to the blizzards, I sooo would have caved, hope you had a great gym workout :)

  11. talk to the people that work in your gym - they should be able to tell you the right mix for your workouts.....


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