Tuesday, April 29, 2008

3 Days to Punta Cana......

Summer Challenge Update - So the final tally is in and there are 36 of us who are going to rock some hardcore goals. Get ready to look and more importantly feel fantastic this summer. Haul out your shorts and tanks and skirts and bathing suits ladies because we are going to be seriously strutting our stuff in no time. The goals are absolutely fantastic, I wanted to take on all of them myself! Eurydice had a great idea with a goal to try a new veggie every week, Deborah had another good one with being able to climb her very steep driveway without stopping. Seabreeze's goal was to not give into emotional eating. I love that, because we've all been there. I think this challenge may make us much more aware of where our bad habits lie. It makes me so ecstatic to see you ladies getting excited about the Challenge and excited about meeting your goals. You have no idea what this is doing for my own motivation. I was seriously just two seconds away from toasting a WW bagel that I didn't have the points for.....but then I thought, honestly, "what would the Challengers think? I can't post about eating stuff outside of my points!" So THANKS!

Two NSVs to post about today!
1. Yesterday at the gym I was working out on the elliptical and a man that works out at my gym everyday came over to strike up a conversation. We were talking about how dreadful/awesome the StairMaster is when he said "By the way, I've been meaning to tell you that you have been doing fantastic and your hard work really shows! You have been shedding quite a few pounds." It was said in a very non-creepy/stalkerish way and I thought it was so nice! Made my whole day! I went on to tell him I haven't lost any weight at all and he said "Don't let that fool you, you have been toning up and that's what's important" I seriously wanted to jump off the elliptical and give this strange man a hug. Especially since it's something my own Father would never say in a million years.

2. I completely tore it up at the gym tonight. This was my longest workout in the history of me working out. It was 80 mins from start to finish. I know most of you have probably doubled this time but up until about 2 months ago, I was one of those "count every second and don't go a single minute over what you planned to do" exercisers. I would get to the gym and jump on a machine, then I would watch every single minute pass until I finally, finally hit 40 mins. Then I was out of there before the sweat dried. Lately I have been watching the clock far less and have been concentrating more of getting a great workout. Tonight I did 20 mins on the elliptical, 15 mins on the bike, then 20 mins of abs, then I hopped on the StairMaster and did 22 mins. I even raised the intensity every few minutes and did this until I literally though my legs might give out, I was basically running up the stairs as fast as I could for 2 mins. I love to challenge myself on this thing. This is workout #2 of my 5 for the week.

And now the downfall....

or the bright side......

(ha, as if going to the Dominican Republic is ever a downfall)

We leave for Punta Cana in 3 days. Weight will inevitably be gained, desserts will be enjoyed in copious amounts, Banana Mama's will come one after the other on more than one occasion, bacon will be had for breakfast, deep fried food will wiggle it's way onto my lunch menu. It's going to happen, I'd be kidding myself if I thought for one minute that I would count points in Dominican. But I can set SOME guidelines for myself right? Well I can try anyway...

So Carolyn.....

1. Walk whenever possible. Trolley smolley. You have two working legs and a bunch of extra calories to work off. You'll feel better and you know it.
2. Drink plenty of water, it is your friend. Pina Coladas are not a breakfast side dish. Grab a bottle everywhere you go. You'll need it after your pale self gets burned by the sun and you need to rehydrate yourself after all those drinkies last night.
3. Don't eat foods that you know are only going to make you sick in the morning. If you have to indulge, try to at least pair it with a salad.
4. Take advantage of the amazingly fresh fruit you'll find at the resort.
5. Being in another country is not an excuse to eat everything in sight. It's not your last meal, you'll eat again. Probably in another hour or 2 so don't stuff yourself until you feel like you may explode. It's uncomfortable and your bikini clad bod that you busted your butt for at the gym will not appreciate it.

I'll going to have to print this off and bring it with me! When I come home, I'll be setting a weight goal for the last 6 weeks of the Challenge so watch out!
Hope everyone is keeping the Challenge in mind and it sounds like we already have a few successes! Congrats to Caroline who lost 3 lbs this week! Wowsa! Let's follow suit ladies!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

And we're off!

Wow Ladies! I am seriously impressed with participation level in this challenge. I'm going to have to enlist some admin support if this gets any bigger. The Challenges you ladies have decided upon for yourself are amazing! I can't wait to hear all about your successes and triumphs along the way as we get closer to summer...and more importantly, closer to reaching our goals. I want to thank each and every one of you for stepping up and joining the Challenge.

After a little encouragement (ok, a lot), even my hubby has decided to join the Summer Challenge! He's challenging himself to log 40 gym workouts & to stop trying to entice me all weekend long by offering to go to the store for chocolate and candy. (yes, he does this at least 4 times every weekend)

Jen - wants to log 52 workouts & to follow the 8 healthy guidelines

Randi - wants to follow structured food plan, follow exercise plan and to lose 1 inch from her waist.

Kelly - wants to exercise at least 3 times a week.

Shannon - wants to be 130 lbs

Shelley -wants to see the 140s again

Jenn - wants to lose 8 lbs and be a "buff bride"

Anneliese - wants to lose 13 lbs to bring her to the big 145

Leigh Ann - wants to follow Canada's food guide, lose 12 lbs, and drink all daily water before hitting the diet Pepsi

Jaimie - wants to log in 52 days of following the 8 healthy guidelines!

Jennifer - wants to get back into size 10 AE shorts, log a 40 min run, 3 times a week

Christina - wants to lose 10 lbs and to exercise 5 days a week

Vanessa - wants to lose 8 lbs and log in 1500 mins of exercise

Suzi - wants to exercise 5 times a week and lose 12 lbs

Brittany - wants to lose 22.4 lbs and get in some sort of physical activity 5 times a week

Marissa - wants to exercise 5 times a week and be able to run 7 miles without stopping or walking

Neha - wants to exercise 4 times a week and lose 12 lbs

Fatinah - wants to lose 8 lbs

Seabreeze - wants to avoid emotional eating and to take part in an 8k race on July 27.

Krista - wants to fit into summer clothes, lose 7 lbs and exercise 6 times a week.

Caroline - wants to lose 19.6 lbs and to exercise 4 times a week

Sonya - wants to lose 10 lbs, & exercise 32 times

Carrie - wants to exercise 5 times a week, lose 18lbs, & do sit ups before bed 5 times a week

SarahSundae - wants to lose 15 lbs and exercise 5 times a week

Deborah - wants to be able to climb her very steep driveway without stopping (Nice goal!)

Angie - wants to see that magical 163 on the scale

Jeannie - wants to lose 10 lbs, exercise 4 times a week and to be able to run 25 mins straight

Healthy Mummy - wants to lose 10 lbs and exercise 5 days a week for 1 hour

Cara - wants to lose 12 lbs and wants to be able to run 5K

Amy - wants to lose 10 lbs and exercise 5 days a week

Sara - wants to hit her 10% goal and lose 8 lbs

Scott - to log in 40 workouts

Sparky - wants to lose 6 lbs

Kimberly - wants to lose 7 lbs and drink at least 2 L water a day

Christy - wants to lose 5 lbs, exercise 4 times a week and try a new recipe once a week (love that one)

Eurydice - wants to log 15 mile of running per week and try out a new veggie every week.

Carolyn - to exercise at least 5 times a week and to find some balance on the weekends. Count ALL points.

Here we are!
I will be following along with all of you and checking in on you. The first update will be around May 12 so I will be asking all of you ladies to comment or e-mail me and let me know how you are making out on your goals (hello accountability!) I'll be posting updates as we get closer to Summer. Don't forget to check out the blogs of your fellow challengers and make sure to leave some encouragement!

Friday, April 25, 2008

8 Weeks til Summer Challenge!!

Alright Ladies. Summer is coming, there's no way to stop it. Short, skirts, tank tops, bathing suits, it's inevitable. Do you really want to go through another summer not loving your legs in a pair of shorts, or wearing a t-shirt over your bathing suit, or suffering from thigh chaffing (hey, it happens)??? Here we are, on the brink of hitting our summer goals. I say this because I know we can ALL reach our goals, whatever your goal may be, in 8 weeks you can do it. Whether your goal is to hit the gym 4 times a week, or to lose 10 lbs, we are all going to get there. So here's the deal...

1. Pick a goal. It can be to lose 10 lbs, to hit the gym 4 times a week, to stay on track on the weekends, to break the "up a pound, down a pound" cycle, to look smoking hot in your wedding gown, whatever. All I ask is that you choose something that's challenging to you. Push yourself. It's YOUR goal. You name it, you rock it!

2. E-mail me or comment to let me know that you're in, what your goal is, and how you are going to kick some serious butt.

3. I will ask everyone to check in with me every 2 weeks (dates to follow). Update me on how your doing with the challenge, your struggles your triumphs and most importantly, your successes! (ohhh there will be plenty of successes ladies!) Before and After pics are always a great measure too!

4. I will post updates every 2 weeks and other sporadic updates as I read your blogs and see you ladies kicking butt and taking names.

5. Check out the blogs of the other challengers! Very important, chances are you have a similar goal to the next blogger or it's a goal you've been working toward and achieved. Many of us have gotten here today due to the inspiring posts and constant encouragement of other bloggers. We've all been "down that road" before and we've learned from it. All these ladies are unbelievably intelligent, witty, and wise, so use them! Soak it up, they may have thought of something that you might not of!

I will post the official Start of the Challenge on Monday so you have until Sunday night to join in, think of your challenge, and get it to me. Here are a few ladies who are ready to rock the next 8 weeks....

Jen - Jen wants to get in 52 gym sessions/workouts in the next 56 days. I love this girl for setting the bar so high! We'll all be counting the days along with you Jen!

Randi - Challenging herself to put more structure in her menu. Want to add a weight loss goal to that too Randi? We all know you love challenges! ***She's going to lose 1 inch from her waist too!
Kelly - Challenging herself to get in 3 workouts a week. Hmmm I know you Kelly, I know you can get in 4 every week! What do you think?!

Shannon - Wants to hit 130! She's so close! (and already smokin hot!)

Shelley - Wants to see those 140s once again (I'm soo with ya Shelley, except it would be my first time seeing them!)

Jenn - Wants to kick Billy Blanks butt and lose 8 lbs....AND be a "buff bride"!

Anneliese - Wants to lose 13 lbs and see that magical 145 on the scale.

Leigh Anne - Wants to meet all requirements for Canada's Food guide...and to drink all daily water before hitting up the diet Pepsi. Drink up!

Carolyn (ME!) - I want to start holding myself accountable on the weekends. Count EVERY point...and I'd just love to see the 140s (It's about 5 lbs away)

Krista, Christy, Eurydice, Fatinah - I'm counting you ladies in since you wanted in but I need to get some goals :)
Everyone else is welcome to buy in...just let me know the details. Those who are already in can change your challenge before Monday, just let me know.


Jaimie - just stepped it up and joined the challenge! Sweet! She's got a good one too, she's challenging herself to 52 workouts in the next 56 days, Wowsa! That's exactly why this girl rocks!

Jennifer - is trying to get back into size 10 American Eagle shorts (the sizes run so small there!) She's also challenging herself to a 40 min run, 3 times a week.

Christina - wants to lose 10 lbs and exercise 5 days a week (I think I'm going to join you on the 5 day a week rule. We can soooo do that right?)

Vanessa - just joined! She wants to lose 8 lbs and log in 1500 mins of exercise. (She's got some ever popular skinny jeans to reunite with)

Suzi - is in too. Goal is to exercise 5 times a week and to shed 12 lbs. Thanks for joining!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I can't even believe I'm typing this.......

...but I have come to LOVE the gym. Who friggin knew?

The girl who once used any and every excuse to not go to the gym, including forgetting a hair elastic (seriously?) now can't go a weekday without hitting up the gym. Wowsa. How times have changed. I remember 4 months ago, every day at 3:30pm on the dot, I would begin to think of reasons to miss the 4:30pm scheduled gym visit; forgot my socks, too tired, PMSing, headache, sore back, too hungry, bad day at work, too many things to do at home, forgot my sneakers (on purpose), forgot socks, don't want to get all sweaty before a dinner out. You name it, I've thought of it. But now....

I feel awful if I can't make it to the gym at LEAST Mon-Thursday everyday after work. I have to get in at least those 4 workouts in order to function throughout the week. Most Fridays I hit the gym for a light workout but nothing too intense since I usually have dinner plans on Fridays. But then the weekend hits.....and my exercise mojo is thrown out the window. It's not like I sit home on the couch all weekend watchin reruns (although it's tempting...) I'm usually puttering aorund the house or running errands or shopping but no formal form of exercise has been consistently showing up on the weekends. So my goal? 30 mins of something on Saturday AND Sunday. Whether it's yard work or a walk to the store, or mowing the lawn. I need to get something going on during the weekends. Maybe that will be my Summer Challenge goal....hmm. Anyone else think of any ideas for the Summer Challenge? Let me know if your interested!

Last night at the gym, I had one of those awesome workouts where I honestly felt like I could keep going for hours. I did 12 mins on the rowing machine, 5 mins on the bike, and 38 mins on the stepper (Wow that thing is brutal...in a good way) I was soaked by the end of it. Oh and I also threw in 150 crunches at the end using the stability ball. It took about 65 mins for the whole workout and I left feeling refreshed and super energized. Tonight I'm planning on something similar.

Who's in for the Summer Challenge? It starts this Saturday since that is 8 weeks exactly from Summer. What are your goals?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Picture Post

My Dominican Motivation:

I know, I know, I'm totally coping out by not putting pics of me IN the bikinis.

Wedding Pics from last weekend....

Hubby and I

Not quite sure why my face looks all squishy...it was sooo hot in there!

I saw this pic and was so proud of my collarbone!! Where did it come from? Haven't seen it in YEARS! (me on the bottom left)

Random Pic from Girls Night out. (Me far left)

And Stagette...Moi and a friend
Moi and the Bride...the back says Maid of Honor

That's it Folks.....who doesn't love some pics though!

Also, I'm still sorting out the details for Summer Challenge but if you're interested, leave a comment and I'll put you on the list!

Thanks ladies!

Summer Challenge Anyone?

So I briefly mentioned yesterday something about a possible Summer Challenge, and many of you seemed interested. We have about 8 and a half weeks until Summer gets here so throw out some ideas for the challenge and maybe we can get something together before the 8 week mark. I can't believe it's so close!

Last night was.....ok. I had a half a piece of lasagna, some Caesar salad, one small piece of garlic bread and a tiny piece of McCain Deep & Delicious cake. There may have been a few scoops of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups ice cream as well. Ooops. BUT I did kick some butt at the gym last night. 40 mins of cardio and 10 min of abs. I'm planning on hitting the gym at least 5 times this week. AND I'm hoping to get in some form of activity over the weekend (Billy Blanks/walk outside)

Anyone else find themselves slipping a little? I feel like lately I have just been kind of drifting on and off plan. I do good during the week and then the weekend is just kind of a free-for-all. I don't like that feeling. I think if I keep going on this way then I'll end up with another 20 lbs hanging around without me even realizing it. Before I know it, I'll be back to hating my body, hating the scale & hating the way my clothes fit. I've been using WAY too many excuses lately, birthdays, girl's night out, hell I'll even use Friday as an excuse to have a few glasses of wine, a few pieces of pizza & way too much chocolate. It wasn't until I was reading Amy's Post about Girl's night and how she totally rocked it OP. She stayed within her points and drove herself home! She didn't use it as an excuse to over indulge. When I read that, it just seemed so foreign to me. Can she really go out and not overeat? overdrink? overindulge? And THAT'S when I really realized that I have been getting way out of hand. Using lame excuses to have way more treats than I should. The funny thing? I enjoyed my treats SO MUCH more when I was having them far less frequently. I really looked forward to that glass of wine or that Mars Bar or the homemade pizza on Friday night. Probably because I felt I had worked so hard and I deserved it. Instead of just mindlessly munching away, I was actually looking forward to that homemade pizza all week and saving up all my flex points for it. That's exactly what I want to get back to. And maybe a Summer challenge is just what this chick needs.

How is everyone else making out?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend/Wedding recap

What a hectic weekend...sometimes I wonder when life is actually going to slow down....oh right, life should slow down in about 11 days when hubby and I hit the beaches of Punta Cana, Dominican with a pina colada in each hand. :) Can't wait! Although I must say my weekend indiscretions have left me feeling a little less prepared for my bikini than I'd like to be.

My weekend actually started on Thursday when I hit up a buffet after work for the wedding dinner. I had a small piece of lasagna, Caesar salad, 3 meatballs, a small piece of garlic bread and 2 small brownies. Did I mention the 2 glasses of wine as well? Not a good start to what was already a super busy weekend. Friday went well. Subway for supper and a few snacks after the wedding rehearsal but nothing major.

Saturday, wedding day, actually wasn't too bad. I had a WW bagel for breaky and then didn't get a chance to eat again until 6:00 that night! I was starved! The wedding supper was good but the portions were small. I did have a piece of cheesecake for dessert but after not eating all day, it was heaven. Note to self: Not eating all day does not lead to good choices later on. I say this like there is a ton of days where I just "forget" to eat. Yeah right. Even when I am eating lunch, I'm thinking about what I'm going to have for supper.

Sunday was the downfall. There was a wedding burnch at 10:30 which consisted of a huge buffet breakfast. Hash browns, waffles, pancakes, eggs, bacon, fruit, cereal. I had a little bit of everything but mostly stuck to the cereal and OJ. It kept me full until about 6:00 when supper rolled around. Homemade pizza was on the menu. Yum. But certainly not the best choice point wise.

Anyway enough dwelling on the past, Today is a new day and it's my Hubby's B-day!

Happy Birthday Babe!
So tonight's supper is going to be a tough one but I can divulge in case hubby happens to check my blog today. Not very point friendly but I think I can manage to control myself. I better anyway. 11 days until it's bikini time. Yikes!
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We need some kind of summer challenge me thinks. 2 months today until Summer is officially here!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm Back!

So I've been away for a little while. Sometimes life just gets in the way, ya know? But I've missed blogging! and I've missed reading your blogs everyday...although I have been keeping tabs on you ladies, just haven't done much commenting lately. What's been going on with me? (in case you were wondering...c'mon I know you were!)

1. Birthdays, Mine, 2 close friends have passed, and Scott's is coming up on Monday. Birthdays, I have concluded, equal cake and wine and ice cream. Not good.

2. Weekends are still a bust for me. I can't seem to keep it on track. Although I have been doing much better and I haven't been throwing complete caution to the wind, but I have let it get a little carried away at times. Seriously Carolyn...Peanut Butter cups as an after dinner snack on Sunday???

3. Weddings!!!! I am the maid of honor in a wedding on Saturday so that has seriously taken up most of my spare time. Showers, Stagettes, wedding favors, cake ordering, dress altering, you name it. Tonight is the rehearsal dinner and tomorrow is the actually rehearsal. Saturday is the wedding and Sunday is a wedding brunch. 4 day wedding anyone?

4. I am still hovering around the same weight. 154ish. I'd like to get down to 149. Wow 5 lbs just seems like such a little amount of weight but it has been like 8 months since I've been there. Isn't that crazy??? Ugh. That sounds so depressing.

5. If you haven't checked it out. Check out Randi's bikini pics....seriously. If I was her I would be wearing a bikini to work everyday. You look AMAZING Randi!!!

Now 5 random reasons why I am awesome: (I sound like Randi)

1. I love going to the gym now! & when I am there, I push myself. I will do a good 45 min intense cardio workout and then just when I am just about to finish with about 2 minutes left, I challenge myself to 5 or 10 more minutes. I love this about me. I also don't feel right if I don't go to the gym Monday through Friday. I need to get those 5 days in. I just feel off if I can't make it.

2. I bought 2 new bikinis for Dominican and can't wait to get in them. Granted I certainly don't have the toned abs that Randi does (losing 70 lbs has left me with a few little stretch marks that I am NOT happy about. But they are a reminder of how far I've come I guess. They are barely noticeable but to me they stick out like a sore thumb.......hmm...does a sore thumb really stick out? When you think about it, what an odd expression...) I would post bikini pics but I'm not sure I have the courage...

3. I love my body. I do, I love it. It has it's flaws. My thighs are not as toned as I'd like them to be, along with my butt, but over all I know I look good, even great. I get checked out at the gym and 2 weekends ago, when we had a girls night out, 1 guy offered to buy me a drink and another tried to pick me up (with some super cheesy pick up lines!) Of course I'm happily married but it's still flattering!

4. At work yesterday, there was a Birthday in my department. We all got together and had the most insanely delicious chocolate caramel cake. I asked for just a small small piece, had a few bites and then rolled the rest of it up (it was the best part too with all the icing!) in a napkin and tossed it when no one was looking. Sweet.

5. I'm finally buying girly clothes! Last weekend I bought my first strapless bra (I could never wear them before because I was always so heavy chested and there was just no support.) So in honor of my first strapless bra, I went out and bought 3 strapless tops for Dominican and a fancy black skirt. Plus a pair of sandals, and two tanks tops, and a bikini. I'm way overbuying for a vacation where I'll most likely just wear bathing suits and wraps most of the time!

I'm off to check up on you ladies!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Oh. My. Cake.

I'm not up to formulating full paragraphs today so point form it is!

1. Ice cream cake. Not just any old ice cream cake. Blizzard cake. Have you seen one of these things?? Take the yumminess of regular ice cream cake and add in Smartie bits throughout and top with chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate sauce and whip cream. Oh. My. Heaven.

2. I did exercise some willpower on my birthday yesterday. Yay me! I passed on Montana's for supper and instead hit up Subway for a 6 inch turkey breast sub...yum. Just as good and probably 1/5 the points! AND as much as I wanted more, I stayed away from the leftover cake last night after everyone left.

3. Hubby gave me the best birthday ever. Surprise presents all day long. Placemats from Peir 1 that I've been wanting, under the counter wine rack, tickets to a hockey game tomorrow night, and a beautiful framed black and white pic of us that I adore. and did I mention the Smartie/chocolate chip cookie dough Blizzard ice cream cake? (side note - Smartie/Chocolate Chip cookie dough Blizzards are my absolute favorite!)

4. On top of all that wonderfulness, when we got home, his family, my family and my best friend were all waiting for me at my house...with presents!

5. This morning I feel super nauseous and have a fever. Hope I'm not coming down with something. I'm hoping it will pass in a few hours. It may have been the cake. Not sitting well with my tummy...at all.

6. Tonight I am meeting up with about 10 girlfriends and we are going to a fancy Thai place in town in honor of my birthday and 2 other friends that have birthdays this week. Then we are hitting up my favorite wine bar (mmm wine) and then going out dancing. I'm hoping I'm feeling better. My plan for points? No dessert at dinner and I'm limiting the wine consumption to 2 glasses. I'm going to enjoy the company instead of the extra booze. :) Work off that Thai food on the dance floor!

7. Tomorrow is Scott & Carolyn day fully equipped with shopping for new spring clothes and Dominican stuff, buying some stuff for the house, and a playoff hockey game for our local team. Can't wait!

Hope you ladies have a fabulous weekend!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Brithday post...and Punta Cana

So today is my Birthday! The big 2-5!

The plan was to hit up Montana's tonight since we have a new one that just opened up in our city but since I am going out with the girls tomorrow night to a fancy Thai place, I thought maybe hubby and I could just eat at home or even hit up Subway. I know it's my birthday and all but is that REALLY an excuse to go way over in my points? Mmm not really. and I know that if I go to Montana's I'll want to eat something really yummy and high in points and I'll be able to justify it because it's my birthday so I'm thinking why not just avoid the whole situation all together and eat at home or at Subway?? I thought hubby might be disappointed but I mentioned it this morning and he seemed all for it.

Speaking of this morning...I jumped on the scale and for some freak reason it showed me up 3 lbs! WHAT? I have been doing so good all week. I did go over a bit on the weekend and ate more than I planned but seriously? 3 lbs? I seriously thought it was going to be a loss since my clothes are feeling looser and I'm feeling super fit. I'm pretty sure it's just water retention or something like that but it did make me realize that I seriously have to get my weekends under control. Thus the skip-Montana's plan. If I know I'm going tou to eat on Friday night I may as well save as many points as possible, right? How else am I going to get through a weekend on-plan? I just have to face the facts that every weekend there's going to be something going on, I can't keep making excuses and going way over my points. So here comes Operation: OP weekend. I know I can do it, I've done it many times before.

On another note, we booked our trip to Punta Cana yesterday. We leave May 3rd and are staying at the Gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana resort! Can't wait! That will give me great motivation over the next 4 weeks. I've got a super cute bikini hanging up in my closet that's calling my name.....

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Ugh...another weekend goes by where I didn't count. I didn't go crazy but I still didn't count. I know I went over, I know I did. When will this awful going-over-my-points-on-the-weekend cycle be over? Seriously! I just feel like getting through a weekend wiuthout going over my flex points is almost impossible. How did I do it before?? Every weekend I stuck to my 35 flex points. I know it's possible but lately it just seems absurd!

This coming weekend is no exception. Thursday is my Birthday so Scott made dinner plans for us on Thursday night. Friday night a bunch of girls and I are going out to a really nice Thai restaurant and Saturday night Scott and I are having a date night. Do you get extra flex points on your birthday weekend? I know it's going to be a rough weekend food wise so I'm setting a plan in place to minimize the damage of my birthday weekend. Exercise. Yup, that's my plan. Here is my kick butt workout plan for this week

Monday - 50 mins cardio
Tuesday - 50 mins Yoga (lunch)
50 mins cardio (after work)
Wednesday - 45 min Body Ball class
Thursday - 50 mins cardio
Friday - 50 mins cardio/weights
Saturday - 65 mins of Billy Blanks
Sunday - Rest day but maybe a walk outside if it's nice.

So this is how I'm going to prevent the ice cream cake from stay on these hips of mine. Do you ladies think it will work?

Other ideas to minimize the weekend splurging:
SMALL piece of cake on Thursday night. It IS my birthday!
No dessert on Friday night. Instead I'll have a glass of wine with dinner (WAY less points)
Eat lighter point meals during the day on Thurs, Fri, & Sat.
Stop eating when I'm full! Even if it means having dessert later. I'm so bad with this one. I'll eat until I'm stuffed and THEN on top of that I'll have dessert and feel absolutely gross afterwards. Not going to do that this weekend.

How is everyone else making out? Losing? Gaining? Maintaining?