Friday, April 4, 2008

Oh. My. Cake.

I'm not up to formulating full paragraphs today so point form it is!

1. Ice cream cake. Not just any old ice cream cake. Blizzard cake. Have you seen one of these things?? Take the yumminess of regular ice cream cake and add in Smartie bits throughout and top with chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate sauce and whip cream. Oh. My. Heaven.

2. I did exercise some willpower on my birthday yesterday. Yay me! I passed on Montana's for supper and instead hit up Subway for a 6 inch turkey breast sub...yum. Just as good and probably 1/5 the points! AND as much as I wanted more, I stayed away from the leftover cake last night after everyone left.

3. Hubby gave me the best birthday ever. Surprise presents all day long. Placemats from Peir 1 that I've been wanting, under the counter wine rack, tickets to a hockey game tomorrow night, and a beautiful framed black and white pic of us that I adore. and did I mention the Smartie/chocolate chip cookie dough Blizzard ice cream cake? (side note - Smartie/Chocolate Chip cookie dough Blizzards are my absolute favorite!)

4. On top of all that wonderfulness, when we got home, his family, my family and my best friend were all waiting for me at my house...with presents!

5. This morning I feel super nauseous and have a fever. Hope I'm not coming down with something. I'm hoping it will pass in a few hours. It may have been the cake. Not sitting well with my all.

6. Tonight I am meeting up with about 10 girlfriends and we are going to a fancy Thai place in town in honor of my birthday and 2 other friends that have birthdays this week. Then we are hitting up my favorite wine bar (mmm wine) and then going out dancing. I'm hoping I'm feeling better. My plan for points? No dessert at dinner and I'm limiting the wine consumption to 2 glasses. I'm going to enjoy the company instead of the extra booze. :) Work off that Thai food on the dance floor!

7. Tomorrow is Scott & Carolyn day fully equipped with shopping for new spring clothes and Dominican stuff, buying some stuff for the house, and a playoff hockey game for our local team. Can't wait!

Hope you ladies have a fabulous weekend!!!


  1. I'm glad that smarites and cookie dough are your favorite. sounds a little icky to me. But I guess any ice cream cake would be super yummy!

    Glad you are having a great b-day celebration! Your hubby is such a sweetie!!!

  2. Ice cream cake sounds yummy, but I agree with noelle, not that combo for me! Glad you enjoy it though!

    Your plan sounds awesome, have a great weekend!

  3. I love ice cream cake too, but I agree with the other girls. I don't think I'd ever want Smarties inside my ice cream - yuck! I'm glad you liked it thought.
    It stinks that you aren't feeling well. I hope you feel better for your night out!
    Have fun this weekend!!

  4. sounds like you had a great day!

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful (and successful) birthday!! I LOVE smartie blizzards (haven't tried the cookie dough...for Danny's BDay we had the PB Cup blizzard cake...YUM!)

    I hope your night tonight is JUST as good!! Have fun shaking your booty!

  6. Okay. Blizzard cake is RIDICULOUS. I'm salivating right now. I'm SO glad you enjoyed your birthday treat!

    You are SO going to dance off your wine and dinner tonight - have a blast.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. great presents from scott - and congrats for choosing subway instead of montanas - i think everything there is ridiculously bad for you!

  8. mmm ice cream cake yummers but you had subway so i think it's all good. I love smarties and I'd take them anywhere. I hope you are feeling better and have a great time shopping. Have fun with the girls and have a drink for me :)

  9. mmmm...Blizzard cakes are my fav!

  10. delurking to laugh and say that this post rightfromthestart reminded me of my admonition to EAT CAKE this week on my site.

    life is too short.

    Have a great weekend!


  11. Sounds like a great weekend ahead of you! Enjoy my sweet!

    DH and i went to the same resort for our honeymoon. AMAZING! :)

  12. Wow! What a fabulous Birthday. We're all jealous!

  13. First of all....Happy Birthday!!! I love that eventhough your favorite Blizzard combo is about the strangest one I've ever heard of, that thoughtful husband of yours bought you the cake version! Too cute!

    Second.... CRAZY jealous about your forthcoming trip! We're in the midst of planning one to either Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic or some other Caribbean local, however, we don't get to go until DECEMBER since I just started my new job =(

    Anyway, can't wait to see pics and seriously Carolyn, if your other photos are any indication, you're going to be such a hottie in your bikini!!!

  14. Just came across your blog,and I will pop in and see how your doing! Feel free to pop by mine=) Sounds like you had a great b-day. Can't wait till mine so I can have icecream cake too! Yumm!

  15. Sounds like you had a great birthday. I LOVE cake in any shape or form. With ice cream is all the better. I found a recipe in Cooks Illustrated for Fluffy Yellow Butter Cake with to die for chocolate icing. I made it last weekend because we were having a bake sale at work. Actually it just gave me an excuse to have a piece and to lick the beaters and bowl once the cake was in the oven! :)

  16. I tagged you if you still do this blogging thing!

  17. Tag! You're it! See my blog for details.

  18. where you be at girl?...are you already on the beach enjoying the sun. Miss ya


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