Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend/Wedding recap

What a hectic weekend...sometimes I wonder when life is actually going to slow down....oh right, life should slow down in about 11 days when hubby and I hit the beaches of Punta Cana, Dominican with a pina colada in each hand. :) Can't wait! Although I must say my weekend indiscretions have left me feeling a little less prepared for my bikini than I'd like to be.

My weekend actually started on Thursday when I hit up a buffet after work for the wedding dinner. I had a small piece of lasagna, Caesar salad, 3 meatballs, a small piece of garlic bread and 2 small brownies. Did I mention the 2 glasses of wine as well? Not a good start to what was already a super busy weekend. Friday went well. Subway for supper and a few snacks after the wedding rehearsal but nothing major.

Saturday, wedding day, actually wasn't too bad. I had a WW bagel for breaky and then didn't get a chance to eat again until 6:00 that night! I was starved! The wedding supper was good but the portions were small. I did have a piece of cheesecake for dessert but after not eating all day, it was heaven. Note to self: Not eating all day does not lead to good choices later on. I say this like there is a ton of days where I just "forget" to eat. Yeah right. Even when I am eating lunch, I'm thinking about what I'm going to have for supper.

Sunday was the downfall. There was a wedding burnch at 10:30 which consisted of a huge buffet breakfast. Hash browns, waffles, pancakes, eggs, bacon, fruit, cereal. I had a little bit of everything but mostly stuck to the cereal and OJ. It kept me full until about 6:00 when supper rolled around. Homemade pizza was on the menu. Yum. But certainly not the best choice point wise.

Anyway enough dwelling on the past, Today is a new day and it's my Hubby's B-day!

Happy Birthday Babe!
So tonight's supper is going to be a tough one but I can divulge in case hubby happens to check my blog today. Not very point friendly but I think I can manage to control myself. I better anyway. 11 days until it's bikini time. Yikes!
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We need some kind of summer challenge me thinks. 2 months today until Summer is officially here!


  1. Wow, a hectic weekend indeed! :) It's so hard to make good OP choices when you're forced with buffets and wedding dinners, but it sounds like you did pretty good! :)

    A summer challenge would be a very good idea! Let me know what you come up with as I'd love to join! :)

  2. I agree, it's SO hard to stay on plan when your weekend revolves around wedding, company, etc.. it's mostly out of your control!

    I'm with you on the need for a summer challenge, I have a whole bunch of cute summer clothes that I don't want to see go to waste.

    You must be SOOO excited for your trip - you are going to look awesome in your bikini! You KNOW you willl!

  3. I agree, what a hectic weekend!!! When I was in my friends wedding we were chowing down chicken nuggets and fries because we were starving and they were bite sized!!! It's difficult to make good choices with all the stuff going on around you!!!

    As for challenges, Angie has an "Operation Wedding Dress" challenge...we all kind of jumped in and made it our own I have "operation sundress", Cat has "operation - forgive me I can't remember the brand - jeans" and so's definitely in the front of my mind every time I go to eat extra ANYTHING I remember my sundress that I want to fit me BEAUTIFULLY!

  4. I HATE it when I'm hungry and then presented with bad choices. How are you supposed to make a good decision with no food in your system? It's a catch-22 really.

    Sounds like you made it through relatively unscathed though and you have the right attitude to jump right back in line.

    The bikini will look fab!

  5. i would love to do a summer challenge. i am so jealous of your upcoming trip especially since it is a winter wonderland here. your weekend did sound hectic but it sounds like you tried your best. :)

  6. That happened to me at my brothers wedding, I hadn't eaten all day, and basically missed dinner cause I was too busy talking, so it turned into me starving and eating my weight in the nuts that were on the table!

    Oh well! today is a new day, glad to see your back on track. I'm sure you can control yourself tonight!

  7. That sounds like it could have been a LOT worse. The bad part is that you were eating so inconsistently. Good thing is that weddings don't come around every weekend.

    Have a great time getting ready for your trip. I am so jealous!

  8. Well the food made it sound like the wedding was fun! LOL!

    I really was completely bawling on friday over Katieo. Her video thing was sooooo sweet.

    You can totally be good for 11 days! 11 days and then a holiday! Pretend it's a reward.

  9. wow what a hectic weekend for sure it sounds like. I agree about the summer challenge I think its a great idea!

    Good luck tonight with your dinner and happy birthday to your hubby!


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