Sunday, April 27, 2008

And we're off!

Wow Ladies! I am seriously impressed with participation level in this challenge. I'm going to have to enlist some admin support if this gets any bigger. The Challenges you ladies have decided upon for yourself are amazing! I can't wait to hear all about your successes and triumphs along the way as we get closer to summer...and more importantly, closer to reaching our goals. I want to thank each and every one of you for stepping up and joining the Challenge.

After a little encouragement (ok, a lot), even my hubby has decided to join the Summer Challenge! He's challenging himself to log 40 gym workouts & to stop trying to entice me all weekend long by offering to go to the store for chocolate and candy. (yes, he does this at least 4 times every weekend)

Jen - wants to log 52 workouts & to follow the 8 healthy guidelines

Randi - wants to follow structured food plan, follow exercise plan and to lose 1 inch from her waist.

Kelly - wants to exercise at least 3 times a week.

Shannon - wants to be 130 lbs

Shelley -wants to see the 140s again

Jenn - wants to lose 8 lbs and be a "buff bride"

Anneliese - wants to lose 13 lbs to bring her to the big 145

Leigh Ann - wants to follow Canada's food guide, lose 12 lbs, and drink all daily water before hitting the diet Pepsi

Jaimie - wants to log in 52 days of following the 8 healthy guidelines!

Jennifer - wants to get back into size 10 AE shorts, log a 40 min run, 3 times a week

Christina - wants to lose 10 lbs and to exercise 5 days a week

Vanessa - wants to lose 8 lbs and log in 1500 mins of exercise

Suzi - wants to exercise 5 times a week and lose 12 lbs

Brittany - wants to lose 22.4 lbs and get in some sort of physical activity 5 times a week

Marissa - wants to exercise 5 times a week and be able to run 7 miles without stopping or walking

Neha - wants to exercise 4 times a week and lose 12 lbs

Fatinah - wants to lose 8 lbs

Seabreeze - wants to avoid emotional eating and to take part in an 8k race on July 27.

Krista - wants to fit into summer clothes, lose 7 lbs and exercise 6 times a week.

Caroline - wants to lose 19.6 lbs and to exercise 4 times a week

Sonya - wants to lose 10 lbs, & exercise 32 times

Carrie - wants to exercise 5 times a week, lose 18lbs, & do sit ups before bed 5 times a week

SarahSundae - wants to lose 15 lbs and exercise 5 times a week

Deborah - wants to be able to climb her very steep driveway without stopping (Nice goal!)

Angie - wants to see that magical 163 on the scale

Jeannie - wants to lose 10 lbs, exercise 4 times a week and to be able to run 25 mins straight

Healthy Mummy - wants to lose 10 lbs and exercise 5 days a week for 1 hour

Cara - wants to lose 12 lbs and wants to be able to run 5K

Amy - wants to lose 10 lbs and exercise 5 days a week

Sara - wants to hit her 10% goal and lose 8 lbs

Scott - to log in 40 workouts

Sparky - wants to lose 6 lbs

Kimberly - wants to lose 7 lbs and drink at least 2 L water a day

Christy - wants to lose 5 lbs, exercise 4 times a week and try a new recipe once a week (love that one)

Eurydice - wants to log 15 mile of running per week and try out a new veggie every week.

Carolyn - to exercise at least 5 times a week and to find some balance on the weekends. Count ALL points.

Here we are!
I will be following along with all of you and checking in on you. The first update will be around May 12 so I will be asking all of you ladies to comment or e-mail me and let me know how you are making out on your goals (hello accountability!) I'll be posting updates as we get closer to Summer. Don't forget to check out the blogs of your fellow challengers and make sure to leave some encouragement!


  1. I love that you have done this challenge, I am soo excited. Thanks for taking charge and keeping us all acountable....

  2. WOW!!! So many people in the challenge and you, my dear, are amazing for setting this all up!!! that is a LOT of linking in that post!!!

    I made a little spreadsheet to track all my stuff today (nerd alert!!) that way I won't lose track of anything along the way!

  3. Holy crap there's a lot of us! YAY! I'm so excited! Let's kick ass everybody!

  4. This challenge got huge! Good luck everyone! :)

  5. Wow you have quite a little following! Great for you guys! I will be anxiously watching to see how well you guys do!

  6. Me too Me too!

    My goal is to lose 5 lbs, exercise 4 days a week and try a new recipe (or food) once a week.

    You are awesome for running this!!!

  7. Hey hon,
    The link to me doesn't work! and you got my challenge wrong....I'm going for 52 days of following the 8 Healthy Guidelines.

    Thanks for doing all this work!!

    (and I love that your hubby is in....I couldn't pay my guy to do it. LOL.)

  8. WOW you are brave running this one. Gonna add in my blog address since that is part of my personal challenge for this time period.

  9. Wow that's quite the crew! Good luck to all of you on your goals.

  10. This is awesome!! Thanks for putting it together Carolyn!!!!!

    Let's go ladies!! We can rock it!!! :)

  11. I'm happy to say that you can change my challenge to lose 16.6 lbs in the next 8 weeks (or 7 weeks, 6 days) because I had a 3 lb loss at WI last night! Woo hoo! That makes my goal seem a little more manageable. Here we go!

  12. And good luck to the guys too!!! :)

  13. I'm very excited about this challenge! I have been sick for the past 2 days but I can't wait to start. Best of luck to EVERYONE!!

  14. Holy Guacamole that is a lot of links! Good luck everyone - I'll be checking out all your sites today.

  15. I'll bet you never knew you had so many people reading your blog, did you?

    The problem with the links is it has "" in front of everyone's blog address. It's like the address is in there twice.

    Thanks for including me! I'm on my way!!!

  16. Hey you, I know I'm late (I've been bad at reading blogs/commenting lately b/c of my move and other things), but I would love to join your challenge. I'm realizing I can't 'challenge' myself per say. It's not working. I need a group. Can I still join.

    I think if June 21st is our goal date. I'd like to lose a whopping seven pounds. I know it doesn't seem like much but this girl is going on vacation for two weeks in May so it's going to be a challenge for me.

    I'm also joining an exercise challenge so I hope to reach at least 400min of exercise a month.

    This girl needs to hitch a ride on the wagon again!


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