Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Ugh...another weekend goes by where I didn't count. I didn't go crazy but I still didn't count. I know I went over, I know I did. When will this awful going-over-my-points-on-the-weekend cycle be over? Seriously! I just feel like getting through a weekend wiuthout going over my flex points is almost impossible. How did I do it before?? Every weekend I stuck to my 35 flex points. I know it's possible but lately it just seems absurd!

This coming weekend is no exception. Thursday is my Birthday so Scott made dinner plans for us on Thursday night. Friday night a bunch of girls and I are going out to a really nice Thai restaurant and Saturday night Scott and I are having a date night. Do you get extra flex points on your birthday weekend? I know it's going to be a rough weekend food wise so I'm setting a plan in place to minimize the damage of my birthday weekend. Exercise. Yup, that's my plan. Here is my kick butt workout plan for this week

Monday - 50 mins cardio
Tuesday - 50 mins Yoga (lunch)
50 mins cardio (after work)
Wednesday - 45 min Body Ball class
Thursday - 50 mins cardio
Friday - 50 mins cardio/weights
Saturday - 65 mins of Billy Blanks
Sunday - Rest day but maybe a walk outside if it's nice.

So this is how I'm going to prevent the ice cream cake from stay on these hips of mine. Do you ladies think it will work?

Other ideas to minimize the weekend splurging:
SMALL piece of cake on Thursday night. It IS my birthday!
No dessert on Friday night. Instead I'll have a glass of wine with dinner (WAY less points)
Eat lighter point meals during the day on Thurs, Fri, & Sat.
Stop eating when I'm full! Even if it means having dessert later. I'm so bad with this one. I'll eat until I'm stuffed and THEN on top of that I'll have dessert and feel absolutely gross afterwards. Not going to do that this weekend.

How is everyone else making out? Losing? Gaining? Maintaining?


  1. Hi Carolyn. I know how hard the weekends can be, but your plan sounds great. Try to be really careful with what you eat during the day. Be accountable for every bite, right down everything, even if you do go over your points. Better to knowingly keep track of what you are doing, then to just have a free for all.
    Keep in mind with ice cream cake, that 1/10th of a 10" pie is 500 calories! It equals 11 points! Just an FYI to help you from over doing it on the ice cream cake like I did.
    You have a great plan with working out so much in order to be allowed to eat more. I think 65 minutes of tae bo is 7 or 8 points, right?
    Another suggestion, instead of having breakfast and lunch on Saturday, can you have a late breakfast and a light snack before dinner? Or do a low point salad for lunch.
    You can rock the weekends! You know how to do it!!!
    Good luck! :)

  2. I hear you babes...I have such a hard time on the weekends. Don't sweat it you have been getting major workouts in so it should compensate. As for your birthday and extra points I think we should call WW and tell them to incorporate that for us.... definite must. Your plan for meals and exercise looks great, stick with it and you'll do amazing. You have come this far already...it's a new month right so rock it girl.

  3. What a great plan Carolyn!!!

    I splurged a little on my birthday as well...but it sounds like you have it all figured out!!!

  4. You have a great great plan! Good Job!

    My birthday is an off day, I get to eat what I want. Only one of 3 days a year I let myself do that!

  5. I get that it's your birthday so there is plenty cause for celebration and perhaps some high point food and drinks. So the advice I give isn't really for this weekend, it's for the weekends that it's not your birthday.

    that being said, why do date nights need to involve food? Why do get togethers with friends need to be centered around a meal? If you are at home doing chores all day saturday and sunday, you're telling me you go that much over your points? Don't keep chocolate or ice cream or whatever in your house. If when you run errands on the weekend you always eat McDonalds, don't run errands on the weekend, or go out right after eating and be back before the next meal. If you have to trick yourself do so. Make it impossible for you to fail. YOU CAN DO IT, I think it probably has something to do with your attitude on the weekend. How come you feel so guilty and bad about it Monday? Don't you feel any of this guilt while you're eating the bad food?

  6. oh thank goodness you weren't mad. I realized I was being a bit harsh, but hey, you know me! ;)

    I do think I'll change my goal to 20 workouts this month. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to do workouts on days with puppy school but now I know I can since they're just 1.5 hours.

    It's good that you realize what the wine is doing to you. You know what I'm gonna say about it, no more booze. or treat it like you would cake, special occasions only. Plus there's no way you'd gorge yourself on a whole cake EVER, so why go nuts with a whole bottle of wine (which then makes you eat more cake too). just my thoughts.

    your right, it's freakin' APRIL! Let's kick it up!

  7. ah - good luck this weekend. i think extra exercise is all you can do! haha.

  8. Hey Sexy Lady! You are doing great, just keep in mind that it's a weekend, not a weak-end. You look damn fine in those St. Patty's day pics and are totally rockin'. As for not feeling so pretty after a cardio workout - I'm with ya. All I want to do is go home.

  9. When you figure out a sure-fire way to avoid going over your flex points on the weekend, you gotta tell me! We go out to dinner on Saturday where I blow all 24 of my regular points and at least 10 of my flex. And then do the same thing on Sunday. By Monday morning, I'm lucky if I have 5 flex points left. I thoroughly enjoy it, but I'm sure at some point it's going to catch up with me and hinder me from losing anything.

  10. that is such a good workout plan and I really like how you have added in a rest day.

    too often we (the royal :)) forget that THAT'S as important as the workingout days!



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