Tuesday, April 29, 2008

3 Days to Punta Cana......

Summer Challenge Update - So the final tally is in and there are 36 of us who are going to rock some hardcore goals. Get ready to look and more importantly feel fantastic this summer. Haul out your shorts and tanks and skirts and bathing suits ladies because we are going to be seriously strutting our stuff in no time. The goals are absolutely fantastic, I wanted to take on all of them myself! Eurydice had a great idea with a goal to try a new veggie every week, Deborah had another good one with being able to climb her very steep driveway without stopping. Seabreeze's goal was to not give into emotional eating. I love that, because we've all been there. I think this challenge may make us much more aware of where our bad habits lie. It makes me so ecstatic to see you ladies getting excited about the Challenge and excited about meeting your goals. You have no idea what this is doing for my own motivation. I was seriously just two seconds away from toasting a WW bagel that I didn't have the points for.....but then I thought, honestly, "what would the Challengers think? I can't post about eating stuff outside of my points!" So THANKS!

Two NSVs to post about today!
1. Yesterday at the gym I was working out on the elliptical and a man that works out at my gym everyday came over to strike up a conversation. We were talking about how dreadful/awesome the StairMaster is when he said "By the way, I've been meaning to tell you that you have been doing fantastic and your hard work really shows! You have been shedding quite a few pounds." It was said in a very non-creepy/stalkerish way and I thought it was so nice! Made my whole day! I went on to tell him I haven't lost any weight at all and he said "Don't let that fool you, you have been toning up and that's what's important" I seriously wanted to jump off the elliptical and give this strange man a hug. Especially since it's something my own Father would never say in a million years.

2. I completely tore it up at the gym tonight. This was my longest workout in the history of me working out. It was 80 mins from start to finish. I know most of you have probably doubled this time but up until about 2 months ago, I was one of those "count every second and don't go a single minute over what you planned to do" exercisers. I would get to the gym and jump on a machine, then I would watch every single minute pass until I finally, finally hit 40 mins. Then I was out of there before the sweat dried. Lately I have been watching the clock far less and have been concentrating more of getting a great workout. Tonight I did 20 mins on the elliptical, 15 mins on the bike, then 20 mins of abs, then I hopped on the StairMaster and did 22 mins. I even raised the intensity every few minutes and did this until I literally though my legs might give out, I was basically running up the stairs as fast as I could for 2 mins. I love to challenge myself on this thing. This is workout #2 of my 5 for the week.

And now the downfall....

or the bright side......

(ha, as if going to the Dominican Republic is ever a downfall)

We leave for Punta Cana in 3 days. Weight will inevitably be gained, desserts will be enjoyed in copious amounts, Banana Mama's will come one after the other on more than one occasion, bacon will be had for breakfast, deep fried food will wiggle it's way onto my lunch menu. It's going to happen, I'd be kidding myself if I thought for one minute that I would count points in Dominican. But I can set SOME guidelines for myself right? Well I can try anyway...

So Carolyn.....

1. Walk whenever possible. Trolley smolley. You have two working legs and a bunch of extra calories to work off. You'll feel better and you know it.
2. Drink plenty of water, it is your friend. Pina Coladas are not a breakfast side dish. Grab a bottle everywhere you go. You'll need it after your pale self gets burned by the sun and you need to rehydrate yourself after all those drinkies last night.
3. Don't eat foods that you know are only going to make you sick in the morning. If you have to indulge, try to at least pair it with a salad.
4. Take advantage of the amazingly fresh fruit you'll find at the resort.
5. Being in another country is not an excuse to eat everything in sight. It's not your last meal, you'll eat again. Probably in another hour or 2 so don't stuff yourself until you feel like you may explode. It's uncomfortable and your bikini clad bod that you busted your butt for at the gym will not appreciate it.

I'll going to have to print this off and bring it with me! When I come home, I'll be setting a weight goal for the last 6 weeks of the Challenge so watch out!
Hope everyone is keeping the Challenge in mind and it sounds like we already have a few successes! Congrats to Caroline who lost 3 lbs this week! Wowsa! Let's follow suit ladies!


  1. I hope you have a great vacation, you have definitely earned it! I've got a week beach trip planned in August after I take the Bar exam. I can't wait!

    And you don't know how glad I am to hear you talk about how you don't stare at the clock every minute while you're working out. I totally do, and I really want to get to the point where I enjoy exercising again (I did at one point). So now I know I can look forward to that day again. It will be here eventually!

  2. Have an amazing trip!!! Enjoy a few splurges, since it *is* vacation.

    Gym compliments are the best! Your hard work is finally showing.

    Thanks so much for organizing the challenge!

  3. I went to an all inclusive in Jamaica a few weeks ago and didn't gain. I ate all my buffet meals from a salad plate and didn't have more than a glass of wine at dinner (and no more than 3 drinks during the day at the pool!!!). Who wants to be drunk every day anyhow when you're in such a lovely place? Sounds you have some good strageties in mind to keep you on track.

  4. awesome NSVs Carolyn!!! Have fun in Punta Cana!!

  5. Enjoy your trip! I just got back on Sunday and I miss it like crazy!!!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful plan you have there! Stick to it, and enjoy your trip! I'll sure as heck miss your blog postings until you get back :(

    I've been doing really good with my goal of running 40 minutes 3 times a week. Before I would run maybe 20-30 minutes 3 times a week but now, with the 40 minutes, it's like I've gained a whole extra 30-minute run by adding 10 extra minutes to my runs. YAY! I went this morning at 6:30am and it was awesome! I feel so refreshed. I thought about quitting halfway in, but I kept thinking of the challenge and the challengers and I couldn't let you guys down.

    Thanks Carolyn! :)

  7. wowza I love that you got those remarks at the gym, you have been working super hard and deserve all the praise.. 3 days and you are gone boo hoo, what will we do with out you. I want you to have a great time, enjoy, relax and have a banana mama for me...I love those and pina colada's; toss up between the two.

  8. oh have so much fun. i am jealous.

  9. Hope you have a wonderful time on your vacation. How could you not?

    Ain't compliments GRAND?

  10. Carolyn, that is FANTASTIC!!! You did AMAZING at the gym!!!!

    I love your plan for Dominican and I think it is smart to print it out and take it with you!!! What better way to keep on track!!!

    (re: your comment : I used to get mad when people told me there were worse things...honestly, it is SO true, and I needed to hear it...especially because today has taken a crap turn for the worse! so it helped to hear it!!!)

  11. Oooo! have fun! so jealous! I do completely agree with your drink water thing. You don't want to feel crappy and water is your saviour. I'd also pack multivitamins, they're the best hangover cure there is.

  12. WOW, congrats on the NSV's those are huge!

    And great job coming to grips with the realities of vacations. I think if we all went on vacation and said we were going to count points, we would be lying. It sounds like you have some great guidelines, and if you stick with those, I think weight loss will be minimal!

  13. I think that Pina Colada is a breakfast food. :)

    Seriously, I hope you have a fantastic time. It sounds like you have a great game plan. Enjoy yourself and relax!!! :)

    Great job at the gym yesterday!!

  14. Enjoy your trip!!

    That's awesome about the random comment from someone in the gym...those are the best compliments!!

  15. i'm excited for you, punta cana is awesome. i went there for spring break one year. just try to stay away from frozen drinks, they pack so many calories. have one but then switch to wine or something?? have a blast! and i'm already 2/3 to meeting my weekly goal for the summer challenge :) yay!

  16. I'm totally going to take your vacation advice as I go on my own vacation in two weeks!

    Great NSV girl...WTG!!!!


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