Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Picture Post

My Dominican Motivation:

I know, I know, I'm totally coping out by not putting pics of me IN the bikinis.

Wedding Pics from last weekend....

Hubby and I

Not quite sure why my face looks all squishy...it was sooo hot in there!

I saw this pic and was so proud of my collarbone!! Where did it come from? Haven't seen it in YEARS! (me on the bottom left)

Random Pic from Girls Night out. (Me far left)

And Stagette...Moi and a friend
Moi and the Bride...the back says Maid of Honor

That's it Folks.....who doesn't love some pics though!

Also, I'm still sorting out the details for Summer Challenge but if you're interested, leave a comment and I'll put you on the list!

Thanks ladies!


  1. Oh wow - you looked fabulous at the wedding! Your bikinis are adorable and you're going to look fantastic in them. You're beautiful! And always have such an awesome smile.

  2. You look fantastic!!! Such a cutie! I love the wedding pic with all of you in the sunglasses. :)

    I also think the bikinis are really super cute. You are going to be a hot beach babe.

  3. Holy hot stuff! :)

    Love the suits too!

  4. cute pictures, you look awesome!!! those suits are way cute.

  5. I LOVE YOUR PICS!!!You are smokinh hot, my god you look so good, are you sure you still need to lose weight, you look great!

  6. love the bikinis and love the pics, you look so beautiful... what an awesome dress - can't go wrong with black, right? and you can so wear that again... ;o)

  7. you look so itty bitty coming down the isle. and not to mention H-O-T hot. hehe.

  8. Thanks for the pics. You look wonderful with your collarbone sticking out and you'll look awesome in the bikinis too.

  9. I love your pics!!! You look absolutely stunning, and you looked FANTASTIC in your bridesmaids dress!!!

    I love your bikinis too! I am certain we will see LOTS of Dominican pics of you in them!!!

  10. You look fabulous! I honestly can't see where the weight you want to lose yet will come from! You look fantastic now!

  11. cute bikinis - and great pics... you look really good! (and happy)

  12. Cute collarbones! You look super good, those are really nice dresses too huh? It's almost time to wear those bikinis too! yay!

  13. Cute wedding pictures!

    Cute bikini's too...I am longing to be in one myself! We can do it! We just have a few short months, but we can do it!

  14. Very beautiful pics. you look great in the bridesmaid dress! Ooh, and the bikinis are great, I really like the white/red one.

  15. OK, first...LOVE the cute black dresses! You look grrrrreat! :)

    Re: the Relay: you'll have to check out the details for your community. The one I'm doing is for the Bay area (not Halifax itself) so it's a 12 hour overnighter. I think the big one in the city is 24 hours...that's how it was in Victoria.

  16. Great pictures Carolyn!

    (you look cute but also really really happy)

  17. Where'd you get the suites? I went to Old Navy and tried some of their 2-pc on and, well, no. Definately NOT made for someone who has nursed 2 babies, plus the whole weight-loss thing. No - I'd say not for you, either, since the tops are, well, flimsy. So, where to go? I also need to cover stretch marks and wrinkles that reach the belly-button (I so envy mothers who don't have to worry about this, but what Ci didn't stretch, J did).

    Have a blast - it's coming up soon.


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