Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ughhh...So tired...

of feeling bloated! I honestly feel like I have been forced to wear a fat suit for the last 4 days.
Monday I felt back on track and better than ever and even though I've been eating within my points and going to the gym (yesterday was 50 mins of cardio), yesterday and today I have felt like a total blimp. I'm so bloated! I think the Dominican food is catching up with me. TOM is also kicking around so that may have something to do with it. But Wowsa, I feel pretty awful. Isn't that the worst feeling, when you can feel your tummy protruding but it's so sore and bloated that you can't really do anything about it?? I can't even eat my afternoon snack today because I just don't think there's any room in there. Blah.

On a positive note, since I'm taking a cue from Christy and trying to be more positive. I got my Dominican pics from my broken camera. Scott was able to get the card read and the pics saved to a CD so I'll get to check them out tonight and hopefully post some tonight or tomorrow night. I long for those days again, I can't even imagine putting on my bikini now!
Another positive note, my wedding rings feel loose again. So I know that most of my awful bloatness is probably from re-introducing a ton of fiber back into my diet rather than from lbs gained in DR.

I'm all caught up on your blogs now and I'm so glad to see that most of you are still tracking your Summer Challenge progress. One of my goals was to keep track on the weekends so this weekend will be the big test. Worst weekend ever to do it since it;s a long weekend but I'm going to give it all I got.
Friday night is stay in movie night with hubby so I should be good there. One small treat and that's it/ Nothing more than 5 points.
Saturday night one of my best friends is home from out West so we're having a girls night, drinks and lots of dancing. This may get difficult but I'm thinking of drinking flavored Vodka and Crystal light instead of wine to cut down on the calories. Also I was going to make a cheesecake for her as a welcome home thing but maybe I should hold out. I know I'll just end up eating too much of it anyway so maybe I'll bring something else. Any suggestions?
Sunday I will be slightly hungover which means trouble. BUT I'm hoping to try a new recipe on Saturday to have on Sunday so if the food is already made and ready, I won't want to waste ti so it should help me stay on track.
Sunday night Scott and I are going to the drive-in movie theatre. Triple bill on long weekends and it's so fun! This may pose a problem because a) I will still be slightly hungover b) the concession stand sells very yummy onion rings c) what's the drive-in without greasy food and chocolate. So I will allow myself a treat on Sunday night IF and only if:

1. I'm good on Saturday night and don't eat any fast food or chips or junk
2. I'm good all day Saturday and Sunday. Regular lunches and suppers
3. My chocolate treat does not come from the Bulk Barn. Portion control is out the window at this joint and narrowing my choice down to one thing is impossible so I always end up getting way more.

That's it for me today!


  1. OOH I love that you are giving yourself "rules" so that you can have a treat on Sunday! that is awesome!!!

    Lately I have been VERY into Blueberry vodka with club soda...then you only have the vodka calories and some yummy flavor! (plus fizziness which fills me up!)

  2. I hate feeling is for sure the food catching up with you. I like the fat that you set standards for your treat on Sunday if and only if you get through your 3 points...I am routing for you girl :)

  3. I know how you feel with the bloated feeling. I went to Las Vegas this past weekend and have felt so bloated and puffy ever since I got back. That will teach me! I've just been trying to chug as much water as possible to set my body water right again.

    I'm all for vodka and soda too - I like Absolut Mandarin and soda with an orange slice. So good.

  4. attitude change honey! "what's the drive-in without greasy food and chocolate." Well it's still 3 movies, a fun date, time with your honey. If it's about the food you shouldn't go. You wouldn't be going to an all you can eat chocolate buffet when you're trying to lose weight right? If something is all about the bad food, you don't belong there! (granted that's totally harsh and of course you can have splurges once in awhile and may long weekend is only here once a year. However lots of things are here only once a year...Just think about it)

  5. Hey, I'm still alive but my plan for sticking to the 8 healthy guidelines while on vacation has proved difficult. I'm doing OK, but have already blown my goal. I will keep trying and set a new goal when I get back to Halifax on Monday night.

  6. Me too - I love the rules for allowing yourself a treat on Sunday. I do that all the time!

    AND I just looked on facebook and your pictures are beautiful. My god, you look amazing. You can pull off anything! You and your husband make a really gorgeus couple.

    I would DIE to wear a bikini, so do it for the both of us!!

  7. Isn't it interesting that "way back when", before we changed our life styles and started eating properly and exercising that the bloated feeling wasn't there? But now the ole body knows what's good for it and has to find a way to remind us. Glad you're back at it!

  8. good luck with the weekends! also... 1 shot of vodka has 100 calories... i don't know if that changes your wine vs. vodka plan at all. i am a fan of whiskey and diet pepsi myself... which isn't any better.

  9. ugh! is being bloated what I have to look forward to in September??! i hate that feeling. i'm actually feeling it right now thanks to chinese food for lunch. time to hit the water.

    you can still go to the drive-in and eat right! drive-in means you can fill your car up with all the snacks you know are good for ya. and if you have one little piece of something not so great, savor it and move on.

  10. It took a good while for my body to get back to reality after getting back from Cuba. I had acid reflux like a mo fo about a week after I got home. The weight's all gone now though...thankd gawd. But good times like that are all worth it absoluately. :-)

  11. The feeling of bloated really is no fun at all. Good luck this weekend, wish you all the best!

  12. I stopped by finding your site looking for a few recipes to use. Much appreciated. :) After spending an hour reading I'll be sticking around, I love your writing style :)

    - Tyler


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