Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Reasons....

Sometimes I think I get so wrapped up in the number on the scale and how many lbs I lost this week that I forget why I started the weight loss journey in the first place. So I'm trying to remind myself. It's hard to remember that the girl in the pictures from a year ago was even me. I feel like a completely different person. Here are my reasons for joining AND staying on WW:

  • I wanted to be able to cross my legs and not have to strain to keep them there
  • I was tired of wearing my jacket inside all the time to cover up my size
  • I always had to "dress up" to compensate for my size. I don't think I owned a pair of jeans all through high school or University
  • I wanted to be able to buy cute bras and undies and look hot in them.
  • I HATED being so much bigger than my husband, he always looked fit, even with 20 extra lbs on.
  • I hated looking at pictures of me and stayed away from a camera at all costs
  • I was tired of always trying to hide my weight from other people, I was always trying to fool them into thinking I was smaller than I really was
  • I hated shopping. The fact that I would walk into a store like Reitmans or Suzy Shier and I would be praying the whole time that I could squeeze into a 15/16 so that I could buy in the "regular" dept and not have to go to plus size.
  • I dreaded anything to do with summer, tank tops, shorts, skirts, you name it. I hated going camping because I just wanted to cover myself up but it was too hot! Going swimming wasn't even an option.
  • I was constantly worrying about what people thought of me and what people saw when they looked at me. I have gained so much confidence over the past year it is unbelievable!
  • I just wanted to be healthy and in shape and not have to worry about any health risks.
  • Before I have kids, I want to be an active person and I want to be ready to run after them.
  • Just once...just once I want to be able to wear a bikini (Dominican Republic Trip with Hubby and friends planned for April 2008)

I'm sure there are tons more but this is what I could think of now. My life has changed so much since Jan 2006 when I started WW. It's absolutely amazing! I have become a different person, more confident and sure of myself. Anyway enough of my ramblings. What are your reasons for wanting to lose weight? There are so many great ones!

I did get my butt in gear at lunchtime with Sarah and we went for a good 30-35 min walk up town (although it had to be inside, damn -19 weather) Tonight I am hitting up the upper body weights. Tomorrow I am hoping to get a 30 min walk in at lunch plus a 45 min cardio session tomorrow night just in time for my Friday morning Weigh in! Wish me luck (although I'm not hoping for much after my little rendezvous last weekend with the pizza and chocolate!)


WW Bagel w/ 1 Tbsp of low fat cream cheese & 1 tsp of sugar free Smuckers - 3

1 Granny Smith apple - 1


Michaelina's Lifestyle Frozen dinner (Fetuchini in pesto sauce) - 5

1.5 cups of baby carrots - 0

100 calorie snack pack Smart Pop Popcorn - 1

1 fat free Yoplait Source yogurt - 1

Total: 11


1 Large Dempster's wrap filled with TONS of grilled veggies including: tomatoes, zucchini, broccoli, green peppers, onions, spinach, mushrooms, spices, and basically anything else that I find in my fridge. I'll top it off with either hummus or a little low fat sour cream. I'll let you know how it turns out..... - 4pts (I wish I wish I had a George Foreman Grill for this!!!!!)

1 cup of SideKicks Harvest Chicken Rice - 4

Total: 19

Snack: Haven't decided yet....maybe some melba rounds and cheese..mmm sounds good. - 3

Total Points Used: 22

Daily Points Target: 22

Flex points remaining: 35


  1. Love the reasons why you wanted to get healthy and lose weight.. You forgot one or sitting down and not having your belly resting on the top of your legs..getting undressed in the dark, Going into a room with confidence...not with your coat on!! Being excited to dress up (ie: going to a dinner out or a party and getting a new piece of clothing for the occasion!!) Being excited to go to Reitmans or even Value Village..The picture of you looks adorable!! You are my inspiration! Truly you are! I'm getting there in my head, dear!! (hehe)
    Sweetheart.. keep up the wonderful work!!!

  2. I could have said so many of the same things that you said.

    I think some of my main reasons was buying the cute clothes and wanted to look good in them and also I found out my grandmother was a diabetic and I didnt want that so Im determined to lose my flab just like you!!

    You are doing wonderful and I hope you have a great WI tomorrow!

    Oh and I finally found those wraps the other night and need to give them a try thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Erica, Andrew and GraceMarch 22, 2007 at 11:15 a.m.

    You look awesome and you must feel so good about yourself! We are all so proud of you and your commitment to WW is admirable.

    the fam

  4. Carolyn, those are excellent reasons, I feel like I could have written that list myself! Especially the part about always trying to hide and "fool" other people about your weight, it's exhausting isn't it?! I'm so happy for you that your life has changed so dramatically and you're happy and confident. You're an inspiration, keep up the great work!

    Take care,

    p.s. You asked for my recipe for Garlic Cajun chicken... It's not as exciting as it sounds, but here goes ;)

    Crush some garlic cloves and rub on chicken breasts (or just use garlic powder if you're feeling lazy like I sometimes am). Spray the chicken very lightly with cooking spray, then sprinkle on cajun seasoning, coarse pepper, and sea salt liberally. Then I just bake them on a rack that rests in a cookie sheet (so that the bottom of the chicken breasts aren't touching the pan) for about 45 minutes at 400*, depending on the thickness of the chicken. It tastes even better leftover, and my husband and I love the slice up the cold chicken and put it in wraps.

  5. PSG
    Thanks! It sounds yummy! I am always trying to think of new things to spice up chicken and this sounds great. I think I'll try it this weekend!


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