Thursday, March 8, 2007

Back in the game...

Today I feel even more pumped than I did yesterday!! It just goes to show that a few great days can really make you feel like you are back in the driver's seat! I am trying out a few new things this week to try to get over my plateau and back in the game. I started studying my journals and really picking them apart to see what has been going on lately. I have been losing NO weight at all and it seems I've been stuck here forever. Then I looked at my journal and saw some major problems! I have been eating massive amounts of pasta and other high carb foods! I was having pasta for both lunch and dinner and thinking nothing of it. I was also eating things like english muffins and tons of flatbreads (sometimes even 3 in a day!). I know that these aren't necessarily 'bad' foods but when you eat too much of them, they can prevent you from having a nice little weight loss! I am going to try to limit my intake of these carby foods.

I also realized that I have basically been eating the same thing over and over every I wonder. Does eating the same foods every week = Remaining the same weight every week????
So This week I am trying to incorporate some more veggies into my meal plan and drink more water, I'm also going to cut myself off from eating after 7 since those nighttime munchies have been known to get the best of me. I am also going to mix up breakfast a little (If you've noticed, I usually eat All Bran EVERY morning) but I'm going to change it to ever other morning, or every third morning and see if this helps out. I'm just going to generally spice things up a little!
Weigh in is tomorrow.......

Today's Lowdown...

1.5 c. All Bran 3
1/4 c. milk 0.5
1 granny smith apple 1

Veggie Wrap including:
Dempster's Large Flatbread 3
cucumbers, carrots, spinach, mushrooms, red onions, and green peppers 0
2 Tbsp of Hummus 1
1 Tbsp of Fat Free Italian Dressing 0
This was unbelievable...just like out of a restaurant!! Only 4 points, and very filling!
1 fat free Vanilla yogurt 1
1.5 cups of baby carrots 0
Total: 9.5

Scott's Famous Stir Fry including:
Broccoli, green peppers, Spanish onions, snow peas, carrots, mushrooms, zucchini 4
Hoisen Sauce, chili paste, soy sauce.
3/4 c. brown rice 3

1 c fresh pinapple with 1/2 cup fat free vanilla yogurt 1.5

Quaker Caramel Chocolate Chip rice Cakes 1
These are great little 1 point snack and are great if you are craving something sweet with a good crunch. They only contain about 60 calories per cake (depending on the flavor). In Canada, my favorite is Caramel Chocolate chip but I see in the States they have Peanut Butter Chocolate there could be some competition when I get back from the States this weekend.

But you have to be's hard to stop at just one.

Daily Points target: 22
Total Points Used: 19

Flex Points remaining: 35

Wish me luck with my weigh in!



  1. You are right about all the pasta, flat bread, etc. etc. I am sure mixing it around for this next week.. you will see a difference! Nice 100 things list!! Everyone should make a list like that..and review every 5 years!
    What an inspiration you are!


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