Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Scale mistake

So I got on the scale this morning....whatever possessed me to do this, I have NO idea and I'm really sorry I did. It showed that I was up 1.3 lbs!! YIKES!! What is THAT about? I didn't do so great on the weekend but I didn't really think I did that bad either. Point blank, I shouldn't have gotten on that damn thing until Friday. Why do I put myself through that? I hope I'm not hitting another plateau....I'm nervous now. It might be my scale too...that thing is never really sure what is going on. Well I'll just keep my fingers crossed for Friday, I still have 2 workouts before Friday and I also have 2 lunchtime power walks to get in before official weigh in. Never again am I getting on the thing unless it's Friday morning official weigh in.
I also wanted to say THANK YOU for all of you that come on my little blog here and leave inspiring comments for me! It's so awesome to have this much support. There are days when I contemplate BRIEFLY throwing in the towel but the support keeps me in the game.
I'm also considering doing Core for a few weeks and trying it out. I'm not really sure exactly what Core is but I've heard from many people that when they hit a plateau on Flex, they switch to Core. I have been thinking about it and really, I have only lost about 6 lbs since Christmas and before that I was on a major plateau for like 2 months! I know I have been weight training too and I have noticed that my body if starting to tone up but I really just want to get another 10 lbs off before the July hits (and before I jump into that BIKINI!) So ANY advice on Core would be SOO appreciated!!! May as well give it a try ...maybe. From what I understand, you can eat whatever you want but you have to stick within the list of core foods? Am I close here?
So I am really going to try to pre-plan this weekend so it doesn't get out of hand . We are hosting Easter dinner on Sunday and my sister in law is bringing down her TO DIE FOR, IMPOSSIBLE TO RESIST HOMEMADE DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CAKE!! So I am allowing my self to have my usually Friday night homemade pizza, and 1 piece of chocolate cake. It actually works out good that we are making dinner as I will be able to cook something pretty healthy. I'm not sure what though...any suggestions?

1.5 cups of All Bran - 3
1/4 cup of skim milk - 0.5
1 granny smith apple - 1

2 PB & Banana Sandwiches on WW bread - 6
(Tomorrow is grocery day THANK GOODNESS!)
Wasa Crackers and laughing cow Cheese light - 1
Total: 11.5

85 g Whole Wheat Flax Omega 3 Pasta - 5
2 tsp of Basil Pesto - 2
1.5 cups of brussel sprouts - 0
Total: 18.5

1 cup fat free cherry jello - 1
4 Tbsp of low fat whipped cream - 1

Total points used: 20.5
Daily points target: 22

Flex points remaining: 35


  1. Great idea, planning your weekend ahead of time. And definitely allow yourself a piece of that cake! It sounds fabulous, and you'll regret it if you don't - plus, if you're good up until the weekend, you'll have earned it!

    And don't sweat over the scale so much at the moment - 1.3lbs could be attributed to anything.

    I'm so inspired by the success that you've had to date, so keep on going!

  2. Hey, Carolyn! I read your post on Christina's blog. I want to start a running program,too, but am a little hesitant. I'm afraid I'll fail miserably. Everyone I talk to advises me to *start slow*. I bought a copy of *Runner's World Complete Book of Running* and *The Complete Book of Running for Women* from for about 75 cents (US) + shipping. Check out, too. All of these resources are very comprehensive and have some really good sample training plans. I'd like to start with a 5K fun walk/run with my son so I can at least get an idea of what I'm in for!

  3. Throw them out!! Just throw them out!! I tell you .. those WW scales are crap! I weigh 3 different numbers everytime I weigh myself on my WW scale...There could be a # of different reasons why you are up a tinsy winsy bit!!!

  4. Throw out the Weight Watchers Scale!! I have one and I NEVER get the same reading twice. I can get on it, have one reading, then step off and step right back on get a totally different reading.
    When you depend on the numbers, they HAVE to be right. I'd invest in a better scarle for sure, those numbers hold alot of power.

  5. I think planning your weekend is always good for sure! I say you always need a little splurge but just not overdo it:)

    I wouldnt worry about the scale for some reason I have weighed myself during the week and for some reason I dont know why I always weigh the most on Wednesdays as odd as that sounds. I have honestly never gotten a WW scale but have a health-o-meter scale which is what the doctors use and it works fabulously. Granted soemtimes I like the weight it tells me and other times I dont but I can step off an on and it tells me the same number so maybe try to invest in another one possibly if it is the scale:)

    For meal ideas what about a turkey, its low in fat and you can season it pretty lightly and it still tastes delicious!

    I know you can get these last pounds off, just keep up your hard work and it will pay off in the long road even as discouraging as it may be!

  6. Hey babes,
    so Friday night you are making pizza, what time can I come over hee hee sounds amazing, hell you are amazing then we can go on a run together nice and slow :)

  7. Oh man, I hate "The Scale Game"!! You take a peek, just a peek, and then it sends your whole day/week into a tailspin! It's a good plan to just stick to your weekly weigh-in at a consistent time. And 1.3lbs isn't that much, it could just be water weight or something, don't worry about it.

    Good idea to plan for the weekend. That chocolate cake sounds sinfully good, so don't deny yourself. If you're preparing the dinner, why not just make a traditional turkey meal then you can have lean white meat and veggies and salad and it should be relatively healthy. Good luck!

    Take care,

    p.s. You are a brave girl to wear a bikini, I'm sure you're going to look smokin' on the beach!


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