Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Exercise High

Last night, even though I was DREADING it, and even contemplated not doing it, I went for a good 45 min workout and afterwards...I felt fantastic. I was dragging all the way home and was just looking for an excuse not to go but I couldn't come up with one so I went home, put on my workout digs and got my butt in gear. After my workout, I felt so great, so in shape! I just love the high you get from working out and working up a good sweat. This week my goal is to get 4 lunch time 35 min walks in as well. I missed Monday due to a funeral but I am hoping to get in Tues-Fri. I figure it will definitely help with my Weigh in on Friday. It helps so much to have a walking partner at work too. I would definitely recommend it! There are quite a few days that I would have gladly lazed around my desk for a whole hour, but changed my mind because Sarah (my walking buddy) is all geared up to go for a walk. It's great to surround yourself with motivating & positive people, it just makes life easier.
So I am putting serious consideration into signing up for a 5k or 10k this summer. I think it will definitely give me motivation to start running again. I really enjoy running but have been off of it for a while since my knee was bothering me. Any runners have any advice? How long (timewise) is a 10 k run typically? (I know it varies from runner to runner) Maybe I should start off with a 5 K run and work my way up???

The picture to the right...in case you haven't guessed...is my motivation. Hubby and I and a bunch of friends are planning a trip down south for April 2008....and this is what I want to wear...It keeps me motivated. Not once in my entire life have I ever even considered even wearing a bikini but I figure it's now or never!

1.5 cups of All Bran - 3
1/4 cup of skim milk - 0.5
1 granny smith apple - 1

2 Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches - 6
(Made with WW Bread and reduced fat peanut butter)
100 calorie pack Smart Pop Popcorn - 1
1 Strawberry Chantilly yogurt - 1
Total: 12.5
Total Calories: 835

Tomato Soup (an old time favorite, haven't had it in months!) - 3
14 whole wheat crackers - 3
1 oz of low fat medium cheddar cheese - 2
Total: 20.5
Total Calories: 1185
Not entirely sure yet but tonight is my night off from working out so I am looking forward to going home and relaxing (after our meeting with a mortgage broker). Hopefully I get in a few more pages of "The Secret". Anyone else reading this one?!?


  1. Good idea with having a motivational outfit. You should go buy it and hang it on your wall like in the commercial. I bet that would really help. She wore an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow polka dot bikini...


  2. I have to ask you a very serious ?...How come you are putting off the bikini til next summer????????? My heavens, dear, you can wear one this summer (FOR SURE).. Don't let this summer go by without treating yourself to a bikini.. When I come home.. we will go shopping!! FOR SURE!!

  3. If that was really your mom commenting above - wow - she's awesome!:-) Wish my mom was that lovely.

    Anyway - I agree, workout highs are the best!! Way to go!! It takes 9 weeks to do the C25K, and probably another 6-ish weeks or so, to condition yourself to a 10K. I'm thinking of running a 10K at the end of August...on that note, I'm off to do the math.

    Thanks for your very sweet comment on my blog.

  4. Im another one who loves the feel of working out, it really is awesome! Go you on getting in your workout!

    You should definitely be able to wear that bikini, work hard, get in lots of exercise and you will be looking fabulous in it!

  5. Hey Gals.. thanks for the compliments! Carolyn inherited my body.. which I inherited from my Mom...and so on and so on!!!(It sucks big time) I am so in awe of my daughter..(and her hubby)...They had the fortitude and strength to change their lives around! But wouldn't everyone agree?? Time for Carolyn to get for her first Bikini!!! Now we all say it together...bikini.. bikini.. bikini...bikini (hehe)(I'm sure Hubby will be saying this the loudest!!) She looks so gorgeous!! (and she is just as gorgeous on the inside!!!)

  6. Summer 2007. THE SUMMER of the BIKINI.
    Go for it Carolyn.

  7. I am Carolyn's walking parter at lunch, and I totally agree with her that its great to have someone with the same goals to help keep you motivated. And I must say....she motivates me more than anyone around me. It's just nice to know your not eating your carrot sticks alone! LOL. Especially when there's always a table outside your door with chips, and cakes and all kinds of junky things.

  8. Hi Carolyn! I feel like a creepy blog troller! Been reading your blog about two weeks now, since my mom (Cheryl) pointed it out to me, after your mom showed her. Not sure if you remember me, its been so long! Just wanted to let you know that I've been following along with what you're doing, and you're doing awesome, its really encouraging for me! Been at it almost 3 weeks now, been to the gym 9 times and lost 6 lbs! Hope I can keep it up like you did!

  9. amazing bikini...great motivator I think I can already see you in it :) Your menu looks yummy :)

  10. Yes, keep up with the Bikini talk.


  11. Thanks for the support girlies!! (and Scott)
    You know it's always appreciated!!
    I just might have to swing by Old Navy and take a look at the swinwear section...even as I type that I feel the anxiety setting in! So many years of dreading the swinwear section and avoiding it at all costs!! Ahhhh
    YES I remember you! You used to live behind Simonds Middle right? We used to come over and play barrel of monkeys!
    How in the world have you been? What have you been up to? How is your Mom? How is life?? Update me! Good for you getting to the gym and losing 6 lbs in 2 weeks that is incredible!!! It also takes a lot of dedication so awesome job and keep it up!!!! I know how great it feels!


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