Monday, March 19, 2007

Wicked Wicked Weekend

I've been worrying about this post since Saturday night! After such a great success on Friday with my weight in, hubby and I went nuts this weekend. Nuts nuts nuts. I knew that this weekend was going to be hard for me because I could feel a splurge coming on. I felt like I had been doing so well and to my defense, I had all intentions of keeping within my bonus points this weekend and still be able to have a few drinks and relax. So I gave my self a good ol pep talk this morning and decided that today is a new day and I'm not going to let my poor decisions from the weekend throw me into a tailspin. I'm going to own up to it, deal with it, and move on. Today is a new day full of new decisions and I'm determined to jump back on the train. So this is me owning up to it:
It all started Friday. Hubby and I came home from work and we were both craving homemade pizza (which in case you haven't noticed has become a ritual for us) So I had pizza which completely filled me up...but that wasn't enough. Around 8:30pm I emptied a WHOLE bag of Crispy Minis. By Saturday morning I was trying to regain my optimism and stayed true for the entire day. We were over at Scott's cousins painting and crack filling most of the day since they just bought a new house. We had pasta for dinner and for the most part, we were doing pretty ok. Then came Saturday night. We had been invited to a St. Patty's Day party at Sarah and Jody's (Sarah is my fellow dieter at work, & my Calais buddy from last weekend) I did ok on Saturday night, snacked quite a bit but Sarah mostly had baked lays, pretzels and veggie trays for snacks so I was pretty thankful for that! We had a really great time and I discovered a new drink that I really liked (maybe a little too much!) Orange Vodka and Raspberry Crystal Light. Yum. I would post pictures of the party but I am finding it difficult to find a G rated picture (which obviously means it was a rockin party!) When I stumbled home at 3:30am, food was the last thing on my mind.
Then came Sunday. Sunday was the real kicker for me. I woke up feeling gross and sick of course and pretty much lazed around all day and didn't even think about food until about 2pm, when I decided that there was nothing else that I could possibly eat in the entire world besides pepperoni Delicisio pizza (of which I ate half of). I did seriously think about making something really healthy for lunch but the thought of a veggie wrap was just not cutting it for me. The pizza satisfied me until about 7pm when I decided I would gladly give my right arm for a piece of chocolate. Scott went down to the store (alone, another bad idea but I couldn't bring myself to leave the couch) and he came back with the following:

1 Caramel/chocolate/ice cream drumstick

1 Reese's Peanut Butter Ice Cream bar

2 Bags of Cadbury Mini Eggs

1 Cadbury Peanut butter and chcolate cream egg

1 Cadbury original cream egg
We split it up in half and to my defense, Scott ate all of his and then I saved mine and shared most of it with him so I didn't end up eating TOO much (but WAY MORE than I should have, and I LOVED every single bite too.) Ahh well...I'm just going to chalk it up to experience. But I'm over it and now I am moving on. I am just hoping that I don't see a gain on Friday but I wouldn't be surprised if I did. Hopefully I can see the same number as last week at least.
Well there it is, my food confession.
Today I am back on the wagon and I know after a day or two I will feel back in control again.
How was everyone's weekend?


  1. Ay, sounds like you had a fun weekend. Sometimes you just have to let loose. It is good to see that you are back on the wagon and ready for another week of good decision making.


  2. Why is it we women have the dibs on guilt? You had 1 day of eating crazy!!! Well perhaps 1 1/2!! It is what you do today, tomorrow and the next day that will define your guilt!! So don't let it engulf you! Just take it for what is was.. you and Scott having a great time on Sat. nite.. and enjoying yesterday lazing around!! (How come you had a Deliscio pizza in the house??? hehe) Anyway.. One day does not rule you!!
    love you like crazy

  3. Ok... so maybe you ate a little much this weekend. But you know what? You are totally in the right mindset today. Youre not letting it ruin a whole WEEK. So you enjoyed yourself, had some yummy food, got it out of your system and are getting right back on track today. And thats the important thing.

    But uhm... now I'm craving a cadbury creme egg and pizza!! Thanks a lot :)

  4. Fellow Cannuck friend here!;-)

    The Cadbury cream eggs are ALWAYS my biggest downfall, especially during this time of year. Thank goodness they don't sell them all year round!

    And great work on the loss last Friday!

  5. Another canuck friend here,
    Crazy weekends happen, I had one myself this weekend. The good thing is we know this is a once in awhile thing and not an every weekend thing.
    Don't dwell, focus on your fabulous habits for the rest of the week.

    Thankfully, I was never a fan of cadbury eggs. My trouble is I'm a fan of every other chocolate :)

  6. Thanks for all the support girlies! It helps more than you could imagine!
    If I can just get through this Monday.......sigh

  7. Another Canuck here... Hmm, well it sounds like you had a fun weekend! Don't worry too much about the poor food choices, we ALL do it sometimes, and it's good for you to just let loose and not restrict yourself all the time. And, yeah, pizza (or any other greasy food, my pick is a Whopper Junior from Burger King) is almost always needed after drinking. ;) Good for you for picking up and starting over today, no need to let the weekend bring you down.

    Take care,

    p.s. Oh yeah, you've got ME craving pizza and cream eggs too!!

  8. ok, I'm no Canuck but I live right across from Windsor...that counts as something, right?

    we all have those weekends, I believe you'll totally rock this week and perhaps see a loss!


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