Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring is coming!!!

Last night I made it to my workout and I was really glad that I did. When I was finished, I was really proud of myself for getting my still hungover butt over there to do it. I even came home and found the energy to make some homemade hummus (not like it's hard). My cravings for pizza and french fires and burgers are slowly subsiding, but I knew after doing so good all day yesterday, falling off the wagon is not even an option for me. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed for this week's weigh in. I would even take a 0.1 loss and be ecstatic about it!
The sun is coming out as I am typing and it seems so much brighter...isn't it weird how the sun puts you in a better mood?!?!
Food find for the day: Yoplait Source Fat free Dessert Yogurts.
These are sooooo yummmy! It's like a rich yummy dessert in a fat free yogurt for only 1 point! They come in 4 flavors including: Strawberry Chantilly, Raspberry Cranberry Crumble (My Favorite!!), Chocolate Fondue, Lemon Meringue Parfait. Definitely try them out!!

WW Bagel - 2
1 Tbsp of low fat cream cheese - 0.5
1 Tsp of Sugar Free Smucker's Jam - 0.5
1 Granny Smith Apple - 1

1 Raspberry cranberry crumble fat free yogurt (YUM!) - 1
Veggie wrap including:
Zucchini slices, shredded carrot, green pepper, red onion, spinach leaves, mushrooms, hummus, 1 tbsp low fat honey dijon dressing and 1 flatout light wrap (Sundried Tomato) - 2
Fiber One Peanut Butter Bar (My LAST one!!!) - 2.5
1.5 c of baby carrots - 0
Total: 9.5

85g Whole Wheat Flax Omega Pasta - 5
2 tsp of Basil Pesto - 2
Fried Veggies including: Zucchini, spinach, tomatoes, green peppers, onions - 0
1 cup of brussel sprouts - 0
Total: 16.5

Good ol Banana Shake tonight I think! - 4
Total Used points: 20.5
Daily Points Target: 22
Flex point remaining: 35
Hubby and I just got back from checking out a few houses, in the upcoming weeks we will be buying out first home!! YAY! If ANYONE has any advice for frist time homebuyers, we are more than open! It's quite a process and we are pretty much clueless (but EXTREMELY excited!)
Hope everyone's week is going well!


  1. Way to go on such a great day! And thanks for reviewing those yogurts - they look very good.

    Buying your first home is soooo exciting! I guess my only advice would be to take your time, and try and have a lot of "vision" when you see places.

  2. MMMM that yoplait dessert sounds good. I will have to keep my eye out for those!

    Can I just say without it being too weird..you are so dang cute in your st. pattys picture!! :D

  3. I had a great weekend, too...but not as good as yours it seems! I did have a loss over the weekend, and I bet you have one this week, too! Drink tons of water to help purify yourself and just stick to the program.

    And I bet you don't eat and drink like that again for a LONG time! lol


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