Friday, March 2, 2007

Fridays and Saturdays are always pretty difficult for me. After a long week at work and eating so great all week, I always feel like a splurge. I guess it has become a habit since my hubby and I usually save all our flex points for the weekend so we can indulge. Last weekend we decided to do a little experiment and skip on using flex points and see if it made a big difference on the scale.....well it didn't.
So this morning I was actually pretty psyched to get on the scale (a rarity). I felt like this week my clothes have been fitting a little looser and all the exercise was paying off; also we didn’t use the flex points last weekend so I was pretty confident that I had a good number heading my way. So I jumped on the scale, all excited to see a new low number, I closed me eyes, waited for the scale to get a read, then looked down and saw the SAME EXACT number as last week. Not even a 0.1 lbs loss!! Nothing, Nada, Zip! Frustrated was not even the word.
Basically I deprived myself of all those wonderful, yummy flex points for no reason! It's weird but sometimes I think that the more points I use, the more weight I lose. Does anyone else on WW have this problem? I fumed over it for about 10 mins, then decided to be positive. there's always next week and really I am no big rush. I know that I am eating healthy and exercising and I know that I FEEL great so I am going to focus on that for now.
Last night we found Orville Redenbacher's Smart Pop 100 Calorie Snack Packs (You'd burn off 100 calories just saying the name!) They are only 1 point and make about 6-6.5 cups of popcorn. They are a fantastic snack for the office during that long haul between lunch and the end of the day. You get SO MUCH popcorn for only 1 point!!! (Due to the high fibre)
Tomorrow we are heading up to Fredericton to visit my brother and sister in-law (and their little 13 month old munchkin, Gracie) My sister is making her world famous lasagna so I am definitely saving flex points for that. Hopefully I will be able to restrain myself (I could honestly eat the whole pan without hesitation).

I will keep you updated!
Here is my daily journal and meal plan for the day...

Friday, March 2, 2007
2 c. All Bran Flakes 3
1/4 skim milk 0.5
1 apple 1
Total: 4.5

Rigatoni Pomodoro 4
(Pasta frozen dinner)
1 fat free yogurt 1
100 cal Smart Pop Popcorn Snack 1
Total: 10.5

This is my plan for dinner tonight...

My hubby is craving our homemade pizza so we are going to make it tonight.It is usually about 18 points (for a very large serving) and completely worth every single point. It's Friday night...time to splurge a little!

Movie snack:
Pretzels 4
100 Cal Cadbury Thin (Toffee) 2
Crispy Mini 1.5

Daily Points Target: 22

Daily Points Used: 36

Flex Points Left: 21

We are supposed to get 20-25 cm of snow tonight and it has already started to get pretty bad out. On the way home we picked up 2 movies so we are locking ourselves up for the night.

Take Care,


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  1. OK I could have sworn I posted but for some reason I either didnt hit send or something..odd..

    Anyway sorry to hear about your WI today. It really could be possibly muscle for sure if you have been adding weights or I know I gained for two weeks when doing the elliptical because it made me gain muscle or hey thats what Ill say it is..haha!

    Have you ever looked at possibly your sodium and sugar content I know I cut way back and it seems to be doing the trick for now and had that suggestion from someone else so just a thought.

    As frustrating as it maybe keep it up and I know it will come off!

    Sounds like you have a great weekend planned with lots of good food, good luck with that!


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