Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Terrific Tuesday!

I feel really in control this week. Not entirely sure why but I feel great about my food choices. I have been watching my portions and eating lots of veggies and fruit. My hubby and I went to the local market and bought TONS of veggies and fruit last night. We are starting to try new things and I've decided to try to incorporate spinach into my weekly meal plan. Last night we fried it up with some other veggies and topped it over pasta and it was delicious! I really enjoyed it. When I first started Weight watchers, it was really hard for me to give up regular white spaghetti. I found that the whole wheat pasta was thinner and not as filling, but now I'm not sure if I could even eat regular white spaghetti. I realize that I can have the same serving size of whole wheat pasta for way less points! The brand I consistently use is Catelli's Healthy Harvest Flax omega 3 Spaghetti. It is delicious and only 5 points for 85 g (Which is a large serving!!) It also comes in Rotini if you like the chunkier pastas. I love it topped with pesto and veggies. Definitely worth checking it out.
Tonight is my off night from working out so I have decided to try and make some homemade hummus (a fat friendly version) I have never tried Hummus before in my life so it should be a fun little experiment. I will let you know tomorrow how it all goes down. I think it would be great on a veggie wrap which I could bring for lunch (If you've noticed I haven't had much variety in my lunches at work, they are borderline BORING!) Time to spice things up!
I'm still working on my "100 Things About ME" and I am having so much fun with it. I think everyone should make this list because you actually learn quite a bit about yourself. I should have it posted by the weekend.

Today's lowdown...

2 c. All bran 3
1/4 c. skim milk 0.5
1 c. grapes 1

Rigatoni Pomodoro 4
1 raspberry/vanilla fat free yogurt 1
1 granny smith apple 1
Total: 10.5

Taco Night!!
1/2 c. extra lean hamburger 3
taco seasoning 0.5
cut up lettuce & tomatoes 0
4 Old El Paso Taco Shells 4
3 Tbsp Old El Paso Medium Salsa 0
2 Tbsp of Fat Free Sour Cream 1
Total: 19

After dinner snack: undecided but I'll keep it within 3 points.
I'm thinking...
1/2 banana 1
1/2 cup vanilla yogurt 1
6 Tbsp of fat free whipped cream 1
ice cubes
Whipped up in the blender....Yum!

Daily Points Target: 22
Total Points used: 22

Flex points remaining: 35

Wish me luck tonight with my hummus!



  1. Your quote of the week hasn't left my mind!

  2. Do you know that I have honestly NEVER had wheat pasta before Ive always been scared it would be nasty but good to hear that you are actually enjoying it that’s a great sign. Veggies and fruits are always a great thing to eat and it gives you such good nutrients. I tried hummus a while back but never got that “I have to have this stuff” but hope your recipe works out and tastes wonderful!

    Cant wait to see your 100 things about you I thought about doing it but haven’t gotten up the nerve to do it quite yet, maybe after our trip this weekend or if I get too bored at work this week..haha!

    Your dinner sounds delicious I might have to give that a try, please let me know if its any good or not.

    I think its great you are trying to add in more exercise I think you will definitely see results with it. How many days a week do you normally exercise?

    I hope those Cadbury Thins come here soon they look so delicious and I do hope you have luck this weekend finding the fiber one bars, they are ooey, gooey and delicious!

  3. You are doing great! And isn't it amazing how things we use to eat, just don't appeal any more? You and your pasta, milk for me..I can't drink anything but fat free, and I use to think it tasted like water.

    Good job today! :D

  4. I love whole wheat pasta, too. And the great thing is that my kids eat it all the time and don't think anything of it not being the "white kind" anymore, either.


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