Friday, November 9, 2007

Drumroll please........

-2 lbs!!!!

I had to get Scott out of bed to come and check and double check after I jumped on the scale this morning (honestly I was just really excited about the great loss and wanted someone to share it with!) What a great feeling. Do you want to know what the best part is? I deserve this loss, I did good last weekend saying no to some of my favorite trigger foods, I went to the gym and worked my butt for for 45 mins everyday Mon-Thurs, I ate great all week and got in lots of physical activity and was rarely found on the couch in front of the TV. I deserve this loss and that's what makes it so great. I know it's nice to see a loss when you're not expecting it or when you maybe went over in points but the scale is still being kind. But for me, the best losses, the ones that feel the greatest are the ones that I earn through portion control, saying no to high fat/calorie foods, through lots of time put in at the gym. Those ones feel great. I am now only 3 lbs away from my Christmas goal! So that means that I've shed 7 lbs since we started this challenge. Nice! which means I have 6 weeks to take off this last 3 lbs! Sweet! No time to slack though. Now is the time to really turn up the gym time and watch those daily points. Christmas is popping up everywhere, and with it comes chocolates, and baked goods, and gingerbread cookies. They seem to already be popping up everywhere so now more than ever is the time to really stay focused.

Last night I got off work and was tired and super cranky and tried to talk Scott out of the gym but thankfully he didn't let me and I ended up burning 400 cals on the elliptical! I felt great afterwards and then after that Scott and I spent another 2 hours grocery shopping and Christmas light shopping. Since it's our first winter in our new house, we have been searching for a good deal on Christmas lights. We decided to start off small this year since those darn things are expensive! We ended up getting white LED icicle lights for the house and I ordered a big wreath with a big red bow for the front door. Each year we'll add a little more but for this year, I think it should look great. Of course I'll have to take a picture and post it.

So my weekend plans....the long weekend is here! I really have to plan out my flex points this weekend because with an extra day off work, it's easy to go way overboard!

Friday night:
Shopping (doesn't it seem like I spent hours upon hours shopping?) I need a new pair of shoes/boots, Coffee at Java Moose (I like to treat myself to a little flavor shot on Friday nights, how lame am I?) Pretty low key night, we might grab a movie on the way home. I shouldn't have to use many flex unless I get a snack for the movie but I'll limit it to baked Doritos and maybe a 100 cal chocolate bar like Aero.

Christmas Craft Fair!! I've been looking forward to this one for weeks! There is this lady who makes her own fudge and she goes to every local craft show. Scott and I usually split a piece, last time we had the Turtle Fudge...OMG. So I will treat myself to that. I wonder how many points a half a piece of fudge is. Probably 3 or 4? They aren't huge pieces.
We might hit up a little skating after supper on Saturday as well and then we were hoping to go see American Gangster. I love Denzel Washington and I heard it was really good. Any of you ladies have a review for me?

Pretty low key, we have a course that we are doing together at 11:00 and then we are going to just do some things around the house (maybe put up the Christmas lights before the snow starts falling) and then Sunday night we are having my brother, his wife and my niece over for supper. Scott is making a huge pot of Chili and I'm making an attempt at homemade bread. I don't think my MIL could find the book so does anyone have a recipe for white homemade bread? I'm totally lost here. Points should stay pretty low as the Chili is low in points. I will limit myself to one piece of bread and for dessert I am going to make WW Chocolate Peanut Butter Parfaits. If any of you are WW Magazine subscribers, you'll find it in there this month. It looks yummy.


Should be completely OP and by this day, I plan on having used all of my flex so it's back to my daily points. I think my best friend will be coming over for a little chick flick and scrapbooking action. Then Scott and I are going to visit freinds of ours who are doing major renos to their house so we are going to drive out to see how things are coming along.

That's it for my weekend. I find it helps so much for me to write out my weekend plans (especially plans that involve food) because I can see where I can and can't afford to use my flex points.

Anyway what do you guys have planned for this wonderful long weekend???

PS Randi mentioned on her blog about a Christmas recipe exchange for the Christmas Challengers (and of course anyone else who would like to contribute!) I think that is a great idea! Dust off your old cookbooks and start looking for your absolute favorite Christmas recipe! We'll give you more details in the next week or two, once everyone starts gearing up for Christmas and the Holiday season!


  1. hey girl!! happy friday! :) not much planned this weekend. going home to spend some time with my mom and little brother & stepdad. my little brother is 3, he is so cute. i definitely relate with the legs comment. i have always had "thick thighs"...lots of fat on them. but i've definitely turned it into muscle in the last 2 years. i am so envious though when i see people with that thigh muscle line...mine is hardly noticeable but i've realized that the cellulite that used to lay on top of the muscle has definitely smoothed out....i'm much more comfortable with them than i used to be and i attribute that to exercise! my sister has the skinniest legs though, and she never works out. i'm so jealous.

    i don't really talk to my friends either about weight loss. it's kind of competitive ya know? i definitely like that i can talk about it with my blog girls!! sushi is very low cal/point. its about 3 points for 6 pieces of a california roll. i don't really go for the raw fish too much. i like california rolls - its crab meat, tiniest bit of mayo, seaweed (its not bad at all) and rice. you dip it in soy sauce & wasabi. it is SOOO good. it takes some getting used to but i would say to start off with the california rolls and not the kind at the grocery store. its always better & fresher at restaurants. (order it to go if you want?)

    yay for losing 2 lbs and getting to the gym! that is so awesome :) :) sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. christmas is almost here!!

    alright have a wonderful friday! i'm down 1 pound this week :) so that's good. i saw an even 136 this morning on the scale. woohoo!

  2. *long extended standing ovation*

    woooo! good for you! you totally deserve that loss. but really, do you have to make the rest of us slackers on the challenge look so bad? lol! ;)

    i think it's your week to post the challenge results? i'll remind you of my 1.6 loss this week here so you don't have to search for it.

    have a great weekend! and enjoy that turtle fudge...mmmmm.

  3. WAHOOO! wtg!! TOTALLY deserved :)

  4. Wow, I just read about 10 entries of your blog and I love it! :) What is your username on the WW boards? I'd love to add you to my daily reads! You have some awesome recipes too :) My username is Jaanni88 by the way :)

  5. Wow Carolyn - you're doing incredible!!! Congratulations on your two pound loss! You must be well into the 140s now, right?
    Speechless! You should be very proud.

    Enjoy your fun crafty weekend!

  6. Holy crap hunny bunny! Nice loss! And nice work on the past week being so good. Don't ruin it with a long weekend now! seems like your plans are good. If you still need a recipe when I get home I'll send you one.

    I think I'll put up my christmas lights this weekend too. Nice to do when hubby's gone cause that way I get to do whatever I want. Bwahaha!

  7. i don't have a long weekend! boo-urns!

    congrats on your 2 pound loss. woohoo!

  8. Woo hoo! Yay for the awesome loss. And double yay for going to the gym when you really didn't want to.

    I can scan some recipes from my breadmaker book if you want. Just leave me a comment on my blog.

  9. CONGRATS ON YOUR LOSS! i agree - being rewarded on the scale after a week of working your ass-off (in all areas) is so satisfying... you totally deserve it so nice job! :o)

    i love christmas lights too - last year, i think i managed to get 500 lights on my tiny, skinny tree... the more the merrier... :o)

    have a fun weekend!

  10. Carolyn, you are ROCKIN the weight loss. Way To GO!! You are totally inspiring me.

  11. WOW congrats on our great loss. I agree the best losses are the ones where you are rewarded for all the hard work! YAY...only 3lbs to go. Good for you!!!!

    This week wasn't the same for me. I gained .6lbs, but that's okay (okay well not really, but it could have been worse!). I took a sneek peak though this morning (my WI day is Monday and that is what I report)and it looks like I am down so if I keep this up I should have a great loss on the 12th.

    Have a fantastic weekend. It sounds like it should be just that!

  12. Congrats on the loss and on a great OP week. Good luck on the long weekend.

  13. Great job this weekend! Keep it up!

  14. Congrats on the two pounds! You certainly did earn it. My WI for the Christmas challenge is a bit disheartening--I am up .4 pounds since last week :( I'm thinking that next week will be much better though. This is a really bad time of the month for me. I'm hanging in there, though :) Have a great weekend--your plans sound great!

  15. Oh Sweetheart.. that is so great! Look at you go! I can almost see you fly!

  16. YAY!!! good job! congrats and have a great weekend!

  17. WOW, congratulations Carolyn!!!!! That's a well deserved result!!! You are doing soooooo well!!!!

    :) :) :)

  18. I think I forgot to officially report my WI for Christmas Challenge, sorry!! It was +0.8 lbs (-0.6/10) Maybe I forgot because I wasn't that excited about it!

  19. Congrats!

    I've been soooooooooo off track!

    Back at it tomorrow!


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