Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Just Randomness

So I couldn't help it and jumped on the scale this morning just to see how I was doing. I'm at the same I was on Friday (Last week's WI) Which is great because I still have 3 more days to crank out a nice little loss for this week! YAY! I did get to the gym yesterday for 40 mins of cardio which felt great even thought I had a super headache which went away and then came back as a migraine later in the evening. Anyone who's suffered from migraines knows how absolutely dreadful they are! I ended up falling asleep in the tub and then waking up to an even worse one. I was severely sick to my stomach and was sweating and cold and felt so awful, I couldn't stand any lights at all being on at all and I couldn't even talk on the phone to Scott because it hurt so much. Finally at 7:30 after I popped a few pills I curled up in my room with the lights off and woke up an hour later and it had pretty much subsided. I was still a little dizzy and felt weak but the horrible pain was pretty much gone. Scott was at work, thankfully. I love the guy like noobody's business but when I have a migraine, I don't want anyone near me. I don't want to talk to anyone and I don't want anyone touching me. Poor Scott always tries to take care of me and wants to help but it's better if I'm just alone. Luckily when he came home I was getting better and he comforted me for a good hour on the couch :)

On top of all this, I was supposed to be preparing for an interview I had today. It was one of those darn situational interviews so they punch out the really hard questions. I work for the Province of New Brunswick but I am a casual employee so even though I work full time, I'm not permanent and my contract is up on January 2 so hopefully I can squeeze into a permanent job before then or I'll at least be able to get my term extended. We'll see. I'm pretty optimistic.

I have been doing great this week OP. I'm determined to get in 4 sessions at the gym this week. Tonight I am planning on another 40 mins of cardio. Tomorrow Scott and I are trying out a Body Ball class that sounds really interesting and I've heard that it's quite hard and very good for the abs so I'll keep you updated on that one.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend as it's a long weekend! YAY! I'm also planning on making a few WW recipes this weekend as I may have some time alone in the kitchen this weekend. I've found that time in the kitchen is SO relaxing and it's a lot of fun for me. Plus it keeps me on my feet and away from the TV too. This weekend Scott and I are going to a Christmas Craft fair on Saturday (You can imagine how excited he is eh??) I offered to go with a friend instead but he objected and said he wanted to spend time with me and that he doesn't mind going. I don't know if he's going just because he knows how much I want to go or if years of me dragging him to these Crafty/girly events has actually grown on him and now he actually enjoys them!! Who knows. AND I dug out all my Christmas CDs so I thought I'd do a little Saturday morning baking complete with Christmas music in the background. Does it get any better than this??

7 weeks from today until Christmas!!! YAY!


  1. You're right, that's just about as good as it gets. Maybe I'll do that too. We can pretend we're baking together then. hehe
    You have the best husband in the whole world. don't forget it. the migrane comfort, the spending time, the craft shows. that's good.
    Never had a migrane so I have nothing to say about that. Poor you.

  2. Sorry to hear about the migraine, but I'm glad you were able to get some relief from it finally.

  3. So sorry about your headache. They totally suck...especially when you have an impatient 6 yo who keeps coming into your dark quiet bedroom asking if it's better yet.

    Glad you are doing so great OP! You are awesome!

    But I am NOT ready for Christmas yet. Still need to get through Thanksgiving down here in the states.

  4. i'm sorry to hear you had a migraine...ouch! but good for you for getting to the gym yesterday and today! go girl! :) that's awesome.

    and p.s. i LOVE christmas music, i cant wait....i might need to start playing it now. a radio station i listen to at work plays it 24/7 in the month of december. i love it!!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear you had such a horrible migrane. I have only had maybe one in my life and that was enough!

    Have fun at the craft show. that's so cute that your hubby doesn't mind going...what a guy!

  6. wow, scott's a trooper - going to a craft show w/you and a christmas one at that... i would never expect eric to go w/me to one, that's why i'm always doing that stuff w/my mom... maybe i should ask him sometime... ;o)

  7. Awww. huge bummer about the migraine =0/

    I can't believe Christmas is sneaking up so quickly! Everyone is asking me what I was as a gift and all I can think about is surving school until Thanksgiving break. hehe. Hope you have a great time at the craft show!

  8. Oooooooooh I hope you're feeling better from the migraine! I am so thankful that I don't get them...brutal!

    You sound like you're doing soooo well this week yay!!! I only managed 1 gym session and it was on Monday. I have some sort of obligation every other day this week. I'm a little anxious about that because the scale is up from my badness last week...pppfffft! Ah well, that's how it goes!

    Good luck with that job!


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