Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween last night! How did everyone do with sticking to their plan and staying away from the candy? I definitely could have done better but all in all I wasn't that bad. Luckily, the Aero Car and Smarties were all only one point a piece and I did cut down on my supper to compensate for the treats so . Not too bad. I'm going to work it off at the gym today. This week has been so hectic and I have to admit (even though I don't want to) that I have been failing miserably at the Exercise Challenge with Kelly and Sarah. I've only gotten to the gym ONCE this week! Monday Scott didn't have his gym clothes so we skipped the gym (I know, I Should have went, afterall I did have MY clothes!)

We went on Tuesday and I tried out a new machine! The Stair master. I did it for about 12 mins and wow! That thing really works out your legs. I'm going to try it out tonight for a little longer and then hit up the elliptical again. What a great workout. AND my new Weight Watchers Magazine came in the mail yesterday so I can read that while I'm doing the elliptical, it looks like it has tons of recipes in it for the Holidays! Can't wait!

Last night was a bit of a mad dash since Scott had a meeting until 5:00 and we wanted to get home for the Trick or Treaters. All in all we got about 40 kids. They were so adorable! We would have had candy leftover if Scott and I didn't help ourselves throughout the night! I had about 5 mini chocolate bars but to my defense, I did pick the lowest point ones! We bought a variety pack that had Smarties, Aero, Coffee Crisp and KitKat. The last two were 2 points each so I gave away all of those ones first! Then I had 2 boxes of smarties, 1 Aero and 1 Coffee Crisp. So about 5 points in all which wasn't too bad and I had 6 points leftover after supper just for this reason so I'd say I broke even throughout the night. Although I still feel like I cheated and I can feel a a gain coming for tomorrow morning. Last weekend was NOT good and I can still feel the effects of it in the way my clothes are fitting. Ugh.

This weekend is it. I'm NOT going over my flex points even if it kills me. We have a pretty low key weekend planned. A little Christmas shopping on Friday night and then our Goddaughter's 2nd birthday on Saturday (NO cake for me!) Saturday night we are going skating and Sunday we are going to the local Flea Market and just spending the rest of the day catching up on things around the house and relaxing. 35 flex points is MORE than enough for this weekend! I can do this! It's been an absolute roller coaster when it comes to these flex points and for the most part, I've been going WAY over. Not this weekend. I can so do this!

What are your weekend plans??

Update later in the day.....

I just went to give Blood on my lunch hour and apparently I can't do any physical exercise for at least 8 hours!!!! How frustrating is that? I REALLY wanted to hit up the gym after work! Grrr. Guess I'll be a Friday night gymer this week. I need to get in a least 1 more and then it's hours upon hours of raking this weekend to get our lawn in shape!


  1. I was shameful last night with the candy, sooooooooooo bad! I'm seriously not dwelling on it at ALL. It's all over and today is Detox Day 1! I'm hitting the gym after work!

  2. i had 3 trick'o treaters and not 1 piece of candy (i did stick one peanut butter cup in the freezer though)... not sure what i'll do w/the leftovers, prob take them over to eric's house... :o)

    your pics are awesome - you look great! :o)

  3. It could have been ALOT worse Carolyn, so I'm sure you behaved much better that you would have in the old days, ya know?

  4. Bad girl! what happened to your plan? Leave it at the office when you leave the computer? Boo!

    Too bad my favorite chocolate bars are the worst ones. Oh well, I didn't have any.

    I think you should double check with yourself if you really can do with no cake this weekend? If yes, good job. If you might have it, just come up with a different plan. Eat nothing but 2 lbs of veggies before the party to save up points. Let yourself have a half piece of cake. Not to be too harsh, but your plans maybe have been to strict to follow and then you're left with no back-ups (haven't you messed up a bit lately?)

    And what the hell? go to the gym!

  5. I agree with Randi. Should you maybe allow yourself one piece of cake and just make up for it earlier in the day with low point, healthy foods?

    I have still not had one piece of the candy. My pass out candy is gone, but there is still a TON here from the kids' treats last night.

    Just have to decide if it's worth it or not. right now? Not worth it. But you may want to check back later! LOL

  6. those stairmasters hurt! but they really do work your butt/thighs. good plan for now flex points this weekend, i want to try that too. or maybe just use 10 instead of 35 in one weekend ya know? thats over a day of eating on top of the 20 pts i get now. never thought of it that way. i wish i could spread the points out over the week but then what if i really wanted ice cream or a cookie on the weekend? i like the freedom of flex points.

    this weekend i don't have much planned. i want to try to "be good" with food/drinks and not go over board. maybe go to a movie or do something outdoors, that would be fun. so happy tmw is friday!! good luck with weigh-in!


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