Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday WI and Weekend Plan

Even after scarfing down a Jr. Hamburger deluxe and baked potato with sour cream last night at Wendy's (all within my daily points allowance, although it did take up over half of my daily points!) I still showed a loss of 0.5 this morning. So basically I just wiped out my gain of 0.5 lbs from last week. I was pretty psyched though and feel great this morning. I feel skinny. I'm wearing jeans to work today that were too snug to wear a month ago. Seriously ladies, I know you have heard this before but.....this is MY weekend. This is THE weekend! I'm staying within my 35 flex points, no wine, no happy meals from McDonald's, no pizza. I'm doing it. I'm determined. I can do this. I've never had a problem with staying within my flex points on the weekends but for the past few months, I've just gotten into a habit of basically eating whatever I want on the weekend. Surprisingly I have still lost weight but I've also been busting my butt at the gym as well. Imagine how much MORE weight I would lose if I limited my weekend splurges? I have a pretty low key weekend planned so there is NO reason why I shouldn't be able to stay within my points.

Friday Night:
Going to Dinner Theatre for a work Christmas gathering. I am actually quite excited about it. Anyone who's ever been to the Dinner Theatre knows how much fun it is! The food is pretty decent and they have a salmon dish that looks pretty good and is served with veggies so it's pretty low in points and I can save a few up for dessert. It comes with a "creamy dill" sauce so I will get that on the side and use the fork dip method I think. I'm hoping to save 10 points from my daily points and then use no more than 10 flex points on the meal.

You ladies are going to think I'm a craft fair fanatic. This is the 3rd weekend in a row but SIL and I are hitting up 2, Yes 2 Christmas craft fairs tomorrow. She is picking me up in the am and we are having a little girls day out with my niece. Tomorrow night we are going to meet up with the boys and take my niece to the Christmas parade to see Santa. Who am I kidding? I am far more excited about the parade than she is! Saturday night after the parade we are going home to decorate our Christmas tree! Foodwise, I'm going to have my usual breakfast of All Bran, V8 juice, and fruit. I'll bring a few snacks with me for on the road (All Bran Snack Bites!) and then I should be home in the afternoon for nice healthy supper. Hot Chocolate for the Christmas parade is mandatory so I will block out some flex points for that.

We don't have too many plans except we are having MIL & FIL and my best friend over for dinner. I am going to attempt to make homemade beans in my crockpot and brown bread in my new breadmaker. For dessert, I bought stuff to whip up a fruit salad and also a few Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls (3 points each) I'll eat a light lunch to compensate for the heave supper but I'll also measure everything out too!

What do you guys have planned for the weekend? How did everyone's WI go??
Have a GREAT weekend ladies!!!


  1. Hi Carolyn! I'm down 1.6 pounds from last week. I am about 1.2 pounds from my goal now. Your weekend sounds great! My weekend will consist of getting the Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations put up and trying to make it to the gym at least twice in the next three days. Good luck staying OP :)

  2. yay Christmas tree! I wanna do that too if I can find the time. And that's a solid loss, nice job. Yay for feeling skinny! Keep hitting the gym deary, and get back to a weight class!
    I was gonna ask you, what are baked beans? Are they good? sounds like just camping food to me, but I don't know any better. Dont' you get those out of a can?
    oh yeah, and despite all my bragging, it's a maintain unless I tell you otherwise at the wee hours of the morning tomorrow. boo.

  3. mmmmmmmm...baked potatoes.

    I hate that the wendy's at the food court near my work doesn't sell taters :(

  4. I'll check in with you on Monday cause I will need to be accountable as I have the exact same problem with weekends lately! I WILL stay within my points too! We can do it!

    And I lost 0.6 this week which exactly wipes out my 0.6 gain from last week!

  5. Congrats on the loss girl! Now it's like that gain never happened!

    Me and you are on the same wavelength these days. I can't honestly remember the last time I actually didn't go over my Flex and it's buggin me to no end! I mean, WE are the ones who make the decisions on what to put in our mouths, so enough friggin around and time to take these points allowances seriously! I am already over for the week and I don't re-start until Monday! arg!

    Stay strong this weekend girl, I'm headed to my hometown again to help my Dad get settled in his new house and for my grampie's 80th b-day, so my chances are looking so good!

  6. I haven't had wendy's in years. I forgot they have good potatoes there.

    Tomorrow we are getting our real Christmas tree. We usually do it the day after Thanksgiving, but I was wiped out, and vegged in bed all day watching my shows and some movies I've been meaning to watch.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. :)

  7. You crazy-crafter, you! Hope you had a nice, relaxing weekend!

    Yay! for feeling skinny!

  8. hi, carolyn! I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Jennifer and I've been visiting your blog everyday since September! You are an inspiration and I love reading your posts! I am just starting to do some posting myself and please feel free to visit my blog at! I've lost over 40 pounds and have been keeping it off for 2 years. I promise to post my struggles, goals, and tips. By the way, I love your holiday strategy plans!

  9. RYC: You and I are are thinking the same way these days. I have never gotten anywhere with this Christmas challenge and my current thoughts are that I need to work up to becoming re-motivated again which entails deciding on a new "start date." I am going to try really hard these next few weeks to lose, but then it's a maintain mindset. We have to go to newfoundland again with his father's cancer situation and it's all a little much AND to feel guilty for going over points. I'm thinking if I maintain around 165 until that's overwith and the holidays are overwith, then I can focus myself mentally and getting the job done!

  10. Love your blog. I am down 93.5 lbs. using weight watchers. i went from a 230lb. size 22 to a 137.5 lb size 4/6. I love weight watchers and fell in control of myself for the first time in about 10 years!!!


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