Monday, June 11, 2007


So.....about those weekend challenges.......
I didn't do INSANELY BAD but I definitely didn't do good either. Scott and I ended up going camping again on Friday so that was thrown out the window. I did have a good healthy supper though so I only munched on a few marshmallows and a Cinnamon bun. Other than that, Friday was good. Saturday morning we all went out to breakfast and that didn't sit so well but I didn't eat again until Supper time. What did I have for supper???? East Side Mario's!!! Did I order the veggie and chicken wrap like I planned on???? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They had 1/2 price pizza and appetizers so Scott and I just HAD to take advantage!!! We ordered the nachos and pizza and split. It tasted SOOOO GOOOD though. It was a nice little treat anyway. I'm back on track though today so it's all good. I figure if I can be super strict during the week and then live a little on the weekend, I'm doing ok. I'm actually thinking about starting back on WW on Monday. I think I may need a little more structure in my life. That way I can eat great all week and still have my flex points for the weekend! I tried this meal plan and I liked it a lot but I just couldn't stick to it. I was getting too out of control on the weekends. Just going crazy and eating all over the place on the weekends. I was eating just because it was the weekend and I had "weekends off". I think I am going to go back on WW. What does everyone think I should do? I do miss WW. I miss the freedom of it. And this present meal plan obviously isn't working too well because I have been eating and drinking my face off on the weekend. Yup I think I've convinced myself. I almost feel scared to go back to WW though. Like it is too much choice. Like I won't be as strict on it. But I could go back to posting my menu on here and that would help me to stay accountable. I'm confused.......

The thing I like about my current meal plan is they tell you exactly what to eat. You have to eat this...plain and simple. WW has so much choice, but I've also had so much success with it, so maybe I should g back to it. It's been about 6 weeks since I have been off of WW. But I haven't really been sticking to my current meal plan soooo.........

I'm stumped. Help!


  1. IMO... stick with what you know. if you have had a lot of success with WW i would go back. or maybe you could incorporate both plans into your lifestyle. maybe one for the week and another for the weekends??

    good luck!

  2. Weight Watchers Rocks!!

  3. Come back to Weight Watchers land!! You can eat WHATEVER you want. . .in moderation of course. ;)

  4. could you eat the food from your "other" plan and still count your points? that way you would know how much you could indulge without just going completely overboard?

  5. I have a lot of trouble on the weekends too. I feel like they are when I get "time off" for all my good behavior during the week.

    I've never done WW, nor can I stick to a meal plan, so I'm a bad person to ask for advice...but I think you should do whatever it is that works best for least until you feel comfortable making a change.

    If you aren't ready to go back to WW yet, maybe you can go out of your way to journal your weekend foods or count points for them?

    Good luck with your decision.

  6. I don't think I'm one to give advice because I have done horribly for every weekend for months now - and It's really starting to bother me too.

    I think you should do whichever seems to motivate you more, only you can really decide this, right?

  7. Personally, I say go back to WW, but that's probably just because I'm on it :)

    I think WW is a good plan, but that is because I love the flexibility of it, and the choices that it affords me, if I was on something strict, there is no way I would succeed. And it sounds like WW's has worked for you in the past, so why not go back to something tried and true?

    And your a nibbler in the kitchen too? I hate it! I'm always licking spoons and fingers. It's bad, haha.

  8. do whatever plan is going to work w/your current lifestyle... if you know that its going to be harder to make healthier choices on the weekends - that's why WW flexpoints are great... if you like being told what to eat, day in and day out, then stick w/the other plan... prob not much help but just wanted to give you my 2-cents... :o)

  9. sorry, but i don't see an issue.

    i'm a WW and i eat whatever i want. i just happen to watch the portions of what i choose. if i want pizza, i have to choose how many slices I CAN AFFORD. it's like budgeting for new shoes or a new electronic gizmo, everything fits in, just make it work.

    i find that when i deprive myself, i end up with don't. find a way to make it work.


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