Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Huge difference

I've said it so many times before but I'll say it again...It's AMAZING what a few good OP days can do to your attitude and your motivation! Monday I was pretty good but still hit a few bumps along the way but yesterday and today I have been 100% on plan and feeling GREAT!!! I think I found the zone again ladies. I feel good and I can tell my clothes are feeling looser. I have my size 7 pants hanging in my closet just waiting to be worn but they are a little tight around the butt and I am hoping to lose a few lbs before I wear them to work.

This weekend I've also decided to splurge and buy myself a new outfit. I need some good dressy jeans and a dressy top to wear out to dinners, out for drinks, just a good "I look Hot" outfit. Hope I find what I'm looking for!! Nothing better than buying new clothes.

After much self debate, I have decided to weigh in on Saturday morning. I was going to give myself an extra week off to get rid of any weight that may have been gained at the camping trip last weekend, but decided to face the music. Plus I want to have my 'treat' on Saturday night so the WI will help me to keep on track, if I see a bad number than it will motivate me to be good so that next week's WI goes extra well, if I see a bad number it will make me angry and not even want a treat. This picture is from camping last weekend. I wish I had taken more pictures of the sunset, it was so amazing. This one was taken as I was lounging around, bottle of wine in one hand and the camera in the other! The camp we were at was right on the water and the sunset was AMAZING! I should frame this picture and put it on my wall now that I think of it! I wish we could go back this weekend! Isn't is beautiful??? I took this picture from the deck of the camp. The weather was amazing all day too and I did have an NSV. I work my cute little jean skirt (SIZE 7!!) and a HALTER TOP! A HALTER TOP!! I couldn't even believe it until I had it on! I don't think I have ever worn one out in public besides maybe once at a bar. I didn't break my camera out until night time though so I don't have any pictures!!
Hope everyone is having a great week! Any other NSVs around???


  1. you'll be in those pants before you know it! congrats on staying OP and i totally agree - it feels great to be accountable again... good luck shopping this weekend too! have fun! :o)

  2. oooo, I can't wait till you post a picture of yourself in those size 7 pants!!!!

  3. Good job with stepping on the scale, even though you weren't sure you wanted to see the result. Usually the results are great motivators!

    And congrats on the NSV! way to go!

  4. just weigh and move on - it will keep you accountable :)

    beautiful pic!

  5. That picture is so pretty, I love the colours and the shadows and everything, very nice.

    Yay for you for finding motivation - it's funny, with me for some reason three good days with good results go by and I always mess it up, it's like a horrible routine, I hope you do ten times better than I'm doing!


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