Friday, June 15, 2007

WI & new plan

It's Friday!! The weekend is almost here!!

So I jumped on the scale today. I know I have been doing really well all week so I was anxious to see if my hard work had paid off. Last weekend I did go a little overboard on the splurges but this weekend I think I have a new plan of action (it seems to change everyweek but maybe that's what my body needs...a little change every now and again.) I lost 3 lbs!!!! I couldn't believe it!! I am finally back down to my lowest weight ever. I made it down here in May but then got side tracked and gained about 4 lbs. Well now it's off again!!!! And I'm planning on keeping it off. I don't want to go back up to where I was last week. I'm really not even sure HOW I lost 3 lbs after all the junk I ate last weekend but like I said, this week, I have been SUPER strict and stuck to my plan full force. The past few weekends I have basically been eating my face off and not really watching what I eat, this weekend I'm going with a different approach. I'm going to enjoy a few splurges tomorrow and possibly tonight but Sunday is my back on track day. The last few weekends I have let my splurges take over Sunday but not this weekend. I'm getting back to my diet strict on Sunday. That gives me an extra day to be on my meal plan and an extra day to undo the damage that was done on Friday night and Saturday. I'm also going to TRY to ask myself before each splurge....the most feared question to all dieters...

"Do I really NEED this or am I just eating because I have the weekend off my mealplan???"

Here are my weekend challenges for this weekend:

Friday night:
Not too much. Scott and I are going to go out and price new appliances, countertop etc for our new house! (I don't even think I mentioned that Scott and I bought our FIRST home on Monday and we are absolutely in love with it!!! Move in date is July 20 so wish us luck!!)

I think we are planning on going for a coffee and then browsing the stores....although Scott did mention something this morning about going out to dinner tonight so I will let you know how that goes down.

We have a fundraiser to be at ALL day from 8:00-3:00 for Rally of Hope. We will be getting lots of exercise as there are TONS of obstacle courses and things like that. This year it is a Survivor theme and we are all in tribes and have to complete all these challenges. It should be fun actually and I am looking forward to it. As far as food goes, they are providing lunch so I'm thinking it will be a BBQ but it's anybody's guess. I'm just going to go and make the best choices I can.

Saturday Night:
I think we are having dinner and a movie night but if we do decide to go out to dinner tonight then tomorrow we'll be making dinner at home. Haven't decided what though...any suggestions? Then I think we are going to go see Knocked up...I've heard it is HILARIOUS!!!


What does everyone have planned for the weekend??? any Friday weighers have success today???


  1. First and most important congrats on the weight loss, what a great accomplishment!

    Congrats on the house too, its and awesome feeling to have your own house.

    And third, thanks for the comments on my blog, your totally right, it's just TOM gain, and I'm sure that I will see a great loss next week, just get so frustrated and down sometimes!

  2. Great job on the loss!!! I am hoping for the same thing come Monday. I hope my plan works out for Monday weigh ins...that I won't splurge too much on the weekends!!

    CONGRATS on the house!! How exciting!! It is so great to have your own place and you can decorate it and make it just how you like it.

    Word of advice, don't freak tonight when you go and look at countertops and adds up QUICK!! We just redid our kitchen - ourselves - and saved tons of money, I konw that not everyone is cut out to do it yourself, but every little bit you can do will save you a lot. Oh!! And go to appliance stores (like Best Buy -- if you have them there) and look for "Open Box Buys" which are the display models that are usually marked down A LOT. We got our over the range microwave for $99 this way and our stainless steel stove for $350 this way!! Saved almost $400!! Oh and don't forget to measure your appliances or the holes where they will go before you leave, fridges, stoves, microwaves, and dishwashers all come in different sizes. But most of all HAVE FUN!!

    Jimmy and I are off to see Knocked Up tonight, we heard it was so funny too! I can't wait to see it!! Then he has a soccer tourney all day tomorrow so we will be outside most of the day there then to my work cookout for a little while, they are having steamed shrimp there, so I will stick with that. Then Father's Day on Sunday...another BBQ, but at my brothers, so I can control what he makes heehee!

    Good Luck with everything this weekend and enjoy your movie!!

  3. Congrats on the loss AND the new house!!!! How awesome is that?!

  4. Congrats on the loss and the new house! That's great.

    I've been seeing that you've left comments on some blogs I read and thought I would stop by. You're definitely an inspiration with your hard work.

    Good luck this weekend!!!

  5. wow - what a great job on an awesome loss!

  6. WOWIE! congrats on the loss and the new house!!! enjoy your weekend and outfitting the new digs :)

  7. congrats!! teach me your secret. i would love to drop 3 lbs in one week. i'm plateauing so i stepped up the exercise but i think i need to drink more water.

    have a nice weekend!!

  8. Congrats on the WL thats awesome girl! I always find when I get stuck in a rut sometimes it just takes a little change in the diet to help you get back in the losing track! I guess the scales were nice to both of us today!!

    Congrats on the house as well thats fabulous, any pictures?!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


    A HUGE LOSS & A HUGE GAIN (the good kind). Congrats on losing 3lbs & buying a house you love. . .that's awesome.

    Knocked up = HILLARIOUS!!
    (though I warn you now, there's a couple of gross parts)

  10. good for you! great loss and a first house is soooo much fun!

    sounds like you have a great plan for the weekend...and you have such a supportive hubby, too!

  11. Hey!! Congrats on buying your first home!! How awesome!! I bet you can't wait till next month!!

    And WooOOHooOOooo for the loss babe!! NICE!!!!

    Did you see Knocked up? My husband and I LOVED it!!


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