Friday, June 29, 2007

It's Friday...AND a long weekend!

Happy Canada Day to all you fellow Canadians out there! Hope everyone's weekend is filled with fun!

Although I haven't been posting very much in the past few days, it is NOT because I fell off the wagon (which is my usual #1 reason for not posting) I have been doing great all week. I have gotten out for 3-45 min walks and have been following my meal plan down to a tee...well at least I have been after my Monday night affair with the Mini Wheats. This morning was WI and I was not disappointed. I know I would see a big number because when I jumped on the scale last Sunday I was up 7 lbs from my little trip to Toronto. This morning I was down 4.5 lbs. So I am only carrying around another 2.5 left over from last weeks gain. I'm sure it will come off this week though so I am not TOO stressed about it. But I would like to have this extra 2 or 3 lbs off by the wedding next Saturday.

As for my plans for the weekend and my weekend challenges. I don't have too much going on. All my friends seem to be working or out of town and my hubby Scott has been working overtime ALL week and is going to have to work at least Saturday, if not all weekend. So it looks like I am on my own! Tonight I plan on going out to order our new appliances as well as a new counter top for our new house. Tomorrow is still undecided and Sunday we are going to my Dad's in St. Stephen for a Canada Day BBQ. I know there will be plenty of temptation there but I'm going to try to keep my portions in check and choose the healthiest options possible. What does everyone else have planned for the weekend?

Happy Canada Day and/or Independence Day!!


  1. Sounds like a low key weekend for you, which sounds like just what you need after being in toronto and camping, and all that good stuff. I'm sure you'll do great at the BBQ at your dads!

    I'm heading north for the weekend, can't wait!

    Happy Canada Day to you!

  2. congrats on the loss! i need to focus on not going overboard on the weekends, i think you've mentioned that before. but i have such packed weekends: out of town trips, weddings, bachelorette parties, ahh!!

    hope you have a nice weekend! happy canada day, is that like the 4th of july for us americans?

  3. Happy Canada Day! :) Who did you gain independence from anyway? US? Hahah, I'm kidding.

    I was originally going to London this weekend but that got cancelled. Stupid car bombs. :(

    Hope you find everything you need for you house! Have a nice weekend.

  4. I love your focus and resolve - you said you'd lose that weight, and you just did it. Way to go!


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