Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Quick update

This buying a house stuff and moving is getting insane!! Scott and I have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off. We are so busy with all of this stuff that we literally can't find a minute to ourselves! Scott has been working crazy amounts of overtime at work too so I have been on my own for basically the past week.

Last weekend I did get a chance to go pick out paint colors for our house though. That was sooo much fun! I also went and bought new appliances for the kitchen and a few other things to make the house feel more like our own. We are moving in two weeks and 2 days. Where did the time go? I also started packing last weekend but only got about 3 boxes done and then I gave up. I'll get back to it this weekend...don't really have a choice. I actually don't mind packing too much I just always make the boxes way too heavy...why does ALL of our stuff weight 100 lbs?? Ahh well I'll get through it.

Last weekend I did OK for food....not great.....definitely not great and by Tuesday (Monday was a holiday up here in Canada so I considered that as part of the weekend and therefore did not get back on track on Monday and waited until Tuesday) Not a good idea. I should have just jumped on the wagon on Monday and then I would have felt much better. Last night I felt so huge and lazy and bloaty. It was awful. This morning I jumped on the scale to see how I was doing and I was up 1.5 lbs from last Friday. I honestly thought it would have been a lot more. It feels like more. It feels like I have gained 5 lbs since last Friday. It is usually pretty normal for me to be up 1-2 lbs following the weekend and I am usually able to take off 2 or more by the next weigh in so I am actually quite pleased at my little mini weight in this morning.....It could have been worse. Definitely.

The thing that gets me in the summer is ...... ICE CREAM!!!!! Why does ice cream have to be sooo perfect for a hot sunny summer day???? Why can't people crave broccoli as a summer treat on a nice sunny day??? Everywhere I go I see an ice cream stand with 100 flavors of yummmmmy ice cream! It's just not fair. As you can tell by this little rant I broke down on Monday night and went for and ice cream with hubby. And I have to say, I loved every single lick of it. Nothing like a big ol fat scoop of Brownies on the Moon!!!

Well that's it for me today girlies! How is everyone else making out with the fight against summer treats??


  1. mmm, I'm not an ice cream eater, but in the hot weather I crave a nice cold beer with Clamato.....see, it's 8:19 in the a.m. and I could pop a cold one open now! HA!

  2. I hear you on the ice cream front. Do you have an ice cream maker? I'll post my recipe soon so you can try making some at home if you like!

  3. Homemade Ice Cream, is there anything they can't do?


  4. i am definitely an ice cream girl! i try not to buy it bc if i have it in the house i can't stay away from it. i do like fudgesicles a lot though and the no sugar added kind is pretty yummy. i also love frozen cool whip :) if i want a cone though i usually go with a mcdonalds frozen yogurt bc it's only 2-3 points depending on if i get the cone or not.

    good luck with the packing, that's so exciting you are buying a home!! :)

  5. What the heck is Brownies on the Moon? Now you've caused me to want ice cream!!

    Good luck with your move and all that. I always pack too much too . . . I guess we're trying to "conserve" boxes and all of a sudden it's a gazillion lbs. Haha.

  6. ice cream!!!! OMG... brownies... thank goodness it's late here and the ice cream shops are closed!!

    good luck with the moving! i had a blast buying new things for our house!!

  7. thankfully, i'm not a huge fan of ice cream but will indulge once in a while... if i had a choice though - i would go with homemade ice cream any day but its very time consuming... iced coffee would be my summertime treat... :o)


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