Monday, July 16, 2007


Well here we are again. Monday Monday.

This weekend I defintiely could have eaten better. I did indulge in a few things that I wouldn't have otherwise and the scale did show a gain this morning but I'll deal with it. We went out to East Side Mario's on Friday with a couple of friends of ours and of course I ordered from the appetizer menu and pslit with my hubby. Nachos and Pizza...can it even get more unhealthy than that? I did have a salad on the side but c'mon Carolyn!! Nachos and Pizza. I knew it was coming all week too and by Friday, I would have given my right arm for those nachos. After that we went to Transformers....BEST movie EVER!!! It wasAMAZING! Of course I grew up with Transformers and Optimus Prime was my hero for the majority of my childhood so I may have been biased but it was such a good movie! The rest of the week was spent packing...and we painted our dresser set too. Our apartment is a sea of boxes and paint. I can't wait to get settled again. I hate not knowing where everything is. Drives me crazy. We also got lots of shopping done on Saturday and I'm pretty sure I spend a fortune. But oh well it was all stuff for the house. (I'm still trying to justify spending $150 for a duvet and cover)

Saturday was good food wise until we hit a bon fire on Saturday night and the marshmallows were flowing (as was the wine!) I didn't do too bad though. I just need to shed this stupid weekend mentality that allows me to justify ANY poor food choice because " Hey!, it's the weekend, I ate good all week, I deserve to let loose and eat what I want! " Stupid weekend mentality. I'm seriously going to try to cut down this weekend and limit my splurges!

Somehow, and I'm STILL trying to figure out how, Scott and I talked each other into going down to Dairy Queen last night at 8:30pm to get a Blizzard! A Chocolate chip Cookie dough and Smarties Blizzard with chocolate soft serve. EVIL!

Today is a new day and I'm on the wagon and holding on for dear life. No more splurges throughout the week. Last week I had that Blizzard Smarties cake on Wed AND on Thurs I had a piece of Oreo double chocolate cheesecake. (Someone at Scott's work made it for him to show thier appreciation) No more mid week splruges and I NEED to cut back on the weekends. These are my goals. I can do it. I know I can.


  1. mmm nachos! those are okay for a weekend treat, you can't be on plan 100% of the time. at least that's my thought. maybe you should chose one "cheat day" and then maybe one "cheat meal" on the other weekend-day? i had an off day on sunday but didn't do too bad. its a new week!

    as far as the $150 on the bedding, i think you need to splurge when it comes to bedding/sheets/etc. you spend a good 40+ hours a week in that thing, it better be comfortable! i'm a sucker for a comfy bed :)

  2. Nachos are SOOOO hard to resist. I did succumb to some yesterday - but managed to keep it to a few bites. The crispy cheese, the chips...okay, I won't start, lol!

    You have a great attitude and a new week ahead of you. You're already firmly seated on the wagon - no need to cling for dear life. Keep it up!

  3. I was thinking the same thing about it being Monday already. Boo! I know how you feel when your mind wants something and has to have it. ei. your nachos. Today is a new day. Yay for that.

  4. I LOOOOOVVVEED Transformers, too! The movie, that is.

    I think you need to enlist your husband's help on the weekends. He should be a support, not agreeing to Blizzards late at night!!! He may not even realize that he's contributing to your deliquency. :-)

  5. I totally did the same thing on saturday...ate like crazy!!! So now I have decided to be extra strict this week...we'll see how THAT works out! ha!

  6. Glad to hear you liked the Transformers. I haven't heard a bad thing about that movie yet!

    Mid week splurges are bad...sometimes I get the "I want a chili cheese frie" splurge during the week. So evil. :D

  7. Blizzard sounds good!
    (ok, mind outta the gutter! :P)

    Transformers was good? I wouldn't have expected that actually. I used to have a yellow one. . .what about you?

  8. Oh darn you sound just like me lately! I too have been allowing splurges to creep back in... so better pull finger and stop! You too!


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