Thursday, July 26, 2007

We're almost there...

This week has been one of the hardest I think I have had since I started my new meal plan. Tuesday was a bit of a bust because of the Professional Development Day with my work. We ended up going to someone's summer camp for the day and the food was everywhere! I tried to stick to the veggie tray but I did stray a few times. Then when I got home I wasn't hungry for supper and I had a piece of chicken and at 10:00pm I had an egg salad sandwich...whatever possessed me to do that, I still have no idea! It's so hard when your entire house is a jumble of boxes and paint and you don't even have a stove, microwave or dishes! I am finding it super hard this week just due to the utter chaos that is my home right now.

Wednesday I was doing perfect all day until around 7:00 when my husband decided to BBQ up some hot dogs. I should have said no, I already ate, I don't want one or need one for that matter. But I didn't. The good thing is though after about half of the hotdog I said..."Why am I eating this??" and I threw it in the garbage. Other than my little run in with the hot dog I did pretty well and today I am bound and determined to stick strictly to my plan. I can do this. I know I can do it, I just need to find my zone...need to regain focus. OHH! I also had a NSV last night. Around 8:00pm my hubby asked if I wanted to go down to the store for an ice cream. He had been kind of hinting at it for about an hour. He's on vacation right now so he thinks he can eat whatever he wants...and last night, he wanted ice cream. I couldn't believe the words coming out of my mouth but I actually said no! To ice cream! Then he folded and said "You're right Carolyn, I don't need that junk!" Score one for me! Thankfully we were babysitting our niece and she was fast asleep in the playpen so I couldn't really go anywhere anyway but still, If I had of caved I would have so told him to bring me back one!

The exercise front has been pretty impossible as well this week. Every night when I get home from work, I am either painting or taping off a room or crack filling and last night, I was babysitting all night. But at least I'm not sitting on the couch all night watching TV. I am staying pretty active. I know for the next week or so I won't have much time to exercise but I am hoping to get a few walks in. Scott suggested we go for a walk tonight to check out our new neighborhood so I will definitely take him up on that long as we get the bathroom painted today.

Well folks...that's it for me for today. How is everyone doing this week? Any NSVs?


  1. wow - you said no to the ice cream - awesome!
    I'm getting quite nervous about vacation and staying on plan. The worst part is, no one is going to even try to nudge me off plan - if I go off it will be all me! YIKES!!!

  2. hey carolyn!! painting and moving boxes is cardio in disguise. you're definitely burning calories that way. you should get a cheap pedometer and try to get in 10,000 steps a day. it's fun because it challenges you to walk just a little bit more to get the rest of the steps in. i'm telling you, i love mine!

    NSV? hmm....i was on the treadmill (walking on an incline) yesterday and decided to stick through the whole "tyra banks show". i know its a cheesey show but it was really entertaining and it was about celebrity fit club. so i did have SOME motivation from the show but i pushed myself past the amount of time i usually do cardio :)

    congrats on saying no to ice cream!!!

    i think kail is going home. at least i hope so. i don't really like her. i think she tried too hard too fast to get things to go her way.

  3. You sound like you're moving around a lot. . .painting, moving boxes, etc. Good for you for resisting temptation and knowing when to say no. . .that is the hardest part for me.

  4. Ya you are still keeping active which is great. Think of all those calories. Good job on the NSV, the way I am currently I would have been all over that ice cream. :)

  5. I'd like to know what strange trigger in our heads makes us pick up that food and eat it even when we aren't hungry! I mean, I've been in that exact boat where you're just eating something, and not even sure why - you're not hungry, and yet....

    It's frustrating, definitely.

    Anyway, it sounds like you're trying at least, and you're aware of what's going on so that's good. And like you said, you are staying active. Just take one day at a time, and since you said no to the ice cream I think you're headed in the right direction!

  6. Hey! congrats on the house!! How fun! Congrats also on the NSV. I've been having such a hard time saying "no" when the b/f asks if I want some ice cream...or worse... cookies!

    no NSV for me to report this week. Hopefully I'll have one next week =D

  7. What? Another cute Candian Blogger? You guys are all over the place!

    "The good thing is though after about half of the hotdog I said..."Why am I eating this??" and I threw it in the garbage."

    Way to go! I did the same thing with one of kid's half-eaten blueberry yogurt. Probably not as tempting as a nice juicy hotdog, but calories nonetheless! :)

    And my husband hints at least twice a week for some ice cream or other treats. I pat myself on the back every time I say "nahh, just don't feel like it." Un, did I really just say that? lol!


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