Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wanted: Motivation

It's been a trying few days the last few days. I was doing so great until last night. I skipped my after dinner snack, which is supposed to be 100 calorie Smart Pop Popcorn OR fat free Chocolate pudding....what did I have? A piece of Smarties Blizzard ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. Although the piece was super small (the smallest that I could get)...It's most definitely more calories than 1 cup of fat free chocolate pudding. It was my brother in law's birthday yesterday and we were invited up to the in-laws for a piece of cake...but not just any cake. We are not talking about a regular ice cream cake, we are talking about a layer of chocolate soft serve topped with that amazing fudge cookie crunch and then layered with the contents of a smartie blizzard and THEN topped with crushed smarties, whipped cream and that yummy candy gel that they spell your name out with!! I didn't even stand a chance! C'mon! Dairy Queen has become my enemy. On a side note...the cake was AMAZING!! But I only had a small piece (even though I could have easily scarfed the entire cake)

I got up this morning and got right back on track, ate my meal plan breakfast and then came lunch. I was going out to lunch with an old friend and we decided to go to the city market to grab something quick. Usually when I eat at the city market, I also head to the Wild Carrot to get a huge salad, but today my friend and are were running a bit late and if you get to the Wild Carrot anytime after 12:10, the line is HUGE!!!! So we hit up a sandwich joint just down the market. I got a salad and a turkey baguette sandwich. I could tell the dressing on the salad was not weight friendly and the baguette was topped with butter and pesto and cheese so although the turkey was good and I was technically allowed to have bread at lunch (according to my meal plan) this meal was still out of my realm of "allowable foods". I was supposed to have a whole wheat pita not a baguette brushed with butter!! I felt guilty immediately after eating it, probably because it tasted so good! Then I got back to the office and my boss is coming around with coffee and timbits. I literally contemplated hiding under my desk as she passed my office because I was afraid I would not be able to say no to a timbit. Damn those things. They are just so delicious! Somehow....and I'm still not sure how, I came up with the courage to say no to the doughnuts! Then I spend 20 mins deciding weather or not I should walk out to the hallway and grab one...I already over-ate at lunch right???? What's one more timbit going to do?? But I'm SAYING NO. NO NO NO NO. As you can probably tell, I'm still in my office and the doughnuts are still out in the hallway calling my name. But I'm going to resist. I can do it. Why does weight loss or even maintaining your weight have to be so hard??


  1. wow, that blizzard cake sounds really good! now i'm drooling!! lol!!! and good job on resisting the timbits, they are evil little things aren't they. you can be strong!!!

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog... I'm enjoying reading yours as well -- it looks like our stats and stories are quite similar... Congratulations on your sucess thus far, you are SO CLOSE!!!

  3. hi carolyn! what are timbits?

    i've been struggling with my diet lately's like i completely fell off the bandwagon and now i'm clawing my way back up. i went to happy hour with some friends tonight. had two rum & diet cokes and made myself leave. i was about to nibble on guacamole and order a beer but i told myself "enough...time to worked so hard on the treadmill today and this is going to cancel it out" so i came home, had a veggie burger, and now i'm getting ready for bed. hopefully some of that "out of nowhere willpower" will stay with really does come out of nowhere!!

    work is hard though, everyone wants to eat crap, it makes no sense since everyone is sedentary for the most part!

  4. lots of us are struggling right now - so we just all need to pull our socks up at the same time...ready, set....ha!

    I joined a challenge on SparkPeople. Maybe something like that would help?

  5. omigawd - blizzard cake sounds soooo evil.

  6. It's never easy, ugh. I think this time of year is especially hard just because there seems to be so much ice-cream related stuff out and around.

    Just do what you can to get back on track and hang in there! Your doing great!

  7. Hi there, I just found your blog via another's... whoo hoo havn't you done so well?!!! I too have lost some weight, so know where you have come from. How exciting, a new home!!! Will check in again to see how you go settling in and enjoying your new washing machine, dryer and dishwasher!

  8. Good job at resisting the timbits! I know they are a total weakness for you.

    And give yourself a break about the cake and the lunch. You made the best choices you could at the time...and knew they weren't the healthiest choicest. You'll make up for it later!


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