Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's amazing....

what one good OP day can do for your motivation and your confidence. Yesterday morning I was felling gross and to be quite honest...HUGE! The number on the scale also reinforced this feeling. Yesterday though, despite my house being in utter chaos and not being able to cook anything....was great! I stayed OP all day and didn't waiver for a split second. I must say that this morning, I feel much better. The scale is still showing a pretty significant gain but I know that if I work hard, I should be able to get down to where I feel comfortable by Friday. Then comes my weekend plan. I am taking Kelly's suggestion and I am taking Saturday off from my plan (although I'm seriously not planning on going nuts) but Sunday, I am hopping back on the wagon. This has been my problem for the past several weeks I have let Sunday be the wrist day. I have had about 5 or 6 Sundays now that are filled with "The last supper" My last hoorah before I have to get back on track on Monday. Last Sunday I am afraid to admit was filled with pizza, ice cream, pretzels....TOO MUCH FOOD and not the right food either.

Today we are supposed to be going to a camp with my department from work for a "Professional Development Day" but it is kind of rainy out and cold so I'm really not sure if that is going on. Honestly it would suit me just fine if it was cancelled since I know lunch will consist of a potluck and those things are just plain scary. Of course I was asked to bring the dessert! I had grand plans of baking up all kinds of goodies but with my kitchen looking the way it does and all of our dishes still packed up in boxes...I headed to the bakery about bought squares and cinnamon rolls. At least I wasn't tempted to lick the bowl!! Our kitchen appliances are arriving today and Scot went to get our counter top cut today so hopefully by the end of the weekend we should have made some progress in the kitchen and perhaps I will be able to get some cooking done. Although I must say that using the BBQ has been a great alternative!! This is our first BBQ so I can't wait to experiment with new BBQ recipes and ideas. Any suggestions???

Well that is it for now....I just overheard a co-worker say that we are still heading to the camp despite the rain. Wish me luck! I am going to try to make the best choices possible!


  1. Good Job getting back On Program, and your right, it's amazing how much better (and confident!) you feel after only one day!

  2. Congrats on moving into your new place! I hope you had fun at your work function & made some good choices.

    Your new layout is cute! :)

  3. so true. i'm walking around all puffed up because i'm all planned out and OP. it's silly, really!

  4. have fun at camp! :) it does feel great to get back OP. its such a feeling of accomplishment after you've been bad the day before.

    i need a grill, they are so great in the summer.

  5. Good luck!!

    We have a grill, but I am lazy I just use my george foreman grill instead. It's faster. :D

  6. Thanks for the comment. BD stands for "birthday".

    Congrats on staying OP! Have fun at the camp...


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