Monday, July 23, 2007

Here we go again ladies!

Well we are officially all moved in! We are staying in the new house now and the apartment is gone forever! What a weekend we had. We were crazy busy all weekend and unfortunately I am back to work today. I would love to have the week off and just paint and do things around the house. We are doing some renovations to the kitchen but other than that we just have to paint the whole house. "Just". I'm sure it will be tonnes of work but luckily, Scott's Mom and aunt are both coming over everyday this week to help out. Since I just started my job with the government in January, I haven't built up any vacation as of yet so I am stuck going to work everyday while they work on the house! At least it will be so exciting to go home everyday after work to see what they got done! It is weird staying in a new place....and we have SOOO much more room that our tiny little 2 bedroom apartment!! I'm sure it will tie up most of our free time for the next few weeks/months. There is so much we would like to do!

Diet wise, this weekend was not so good. I knew it would be rough because all of our stuff is packed up and we really couldn't cook anything. We basically relied on the BBQ for hot dogs and hamburgers most of the weekend. Pizza may have made an appearance as well. Needless to say, today I feel totally gross and once again, I am bound and determined to get back on that wagon and stay on. I really need to cut back on the weekend. It has been getting out of hand for the past month but every weekend, I fall into the same pattern. Then come Monday I feel absolutely horrible and regret ever bad food choice I made over the past weekend. Why do I keep doing this to myself? This is ti for me. I need to stop this. This weekend we have nothing planned. We aren't gong out to any parties, we aren't having anyone over, we are just spending a quiet weekend in our new home, probably doing some painting and work around the house and that's it. We decided that Friday or Saturday night we are just going to either hit the movie theatre or Blockbuster and relax with each other. I'm actually REALLY looking forward to it! It has been a while since we have had a night to ourselves. This is the weekend I am going to only have ONE cheat day. I know I can do it now I'll just have to stick to it!

BB...last night. I actuallty think Evil Dick MAY be growing on me. I didn't hate him as much last night. I do like Dustin quite a bit. I think the whole Danielle and Nick thing is ridiculous actually. She obviously has a long term bf at home (I think she is living with him) Nick should respect that but he doesn't. He needs to lighten up. He's known Danielle for 3 weeks and he already wants to marry her! Who are you guys routing for??

How did everyone else make out on the weekend?


  1. I like Evil cause he seems to put it out there. The Danielle thing with Nick is creepy! I quite like Dustin also and thing the guy who is America's player is a hoot! I'm finding that "twist" kinda fun!
    I had a so/so weekend - shit show on Saturday, but Sunday I was reading Harry Potter and so didn't eat much. I'm sure it evened out for points, but not the healthiest way to eat for sure!!

  2. I loveee EVIL. I like Danielle too but her crying was a bit ridiculous. Nick needs to backoff. What is with his mustashe anyways? hehe. I love that show.

  3. hey girl! congrats on getting all moved in. i'm sure next weekend when you are all settled it will be easier to have a more "routine weekend". no worries! :)

    i tivo-ed BB from last night, can't wait to see it. i truly am addicted to it. i'm not sure who i like. i like daniele, and i like dick, he has definitely grown on me. i am starting to dislike kail. i feel like she's too cocky. she was so confident she could get the vote to go her way and vote dick irritated me. she has one alliance....she's not the queen of the house. i like that her name? but she needs to be more aggressive if she wants to stay in it. damn, i just went to (to see what her name was) and saw that jen & kail are nominated. i'm not surprised, i figured he would do that and i would do the same thing if two people were going after me. let's see, i like eric and dustin. amber cries too much and jessica is dumb as rocks. i bet kail will end up going home and that jen will win the veto somehow. guess we'll have to wait and see! :)

    i'm back on track this week, hopefully!! these summers are so busy and i want to go to every house party and happy hour but i probably shouldn't. then again, you only live once and i know the rest of the year will be tame so i might as well enjoy it, right?

  4. Congrats on your house! That is so much fun to have a place to fix up. Sounds like you have a good plan for this weekend. You just need to stay home and relax a little.

    And remember that even though you have had some crazy eating weekends are so NOT the girl who started WW a couple of years ago, are you?

    And I don't watch BB...I should though since there's nothing else on in summer it seems!

  5. Weekends are soooo hard for me, and lately I am travelling a ton on business, so weekdays haven't been that great either. Also, I'm training for this marathon, so I think I have the problem of feeling "entitled" to eat whatever I want. The scale is up 5 lbs right now, so I got my butt back in Weight Watchers meetings today... no reason I can't do better for the next two weeks than I have for the past two weeks!

    Congrats on the new pad!

  6. OOOO how exciting about the new house, you must post photos of before and after redecorating! I have as I have been doing our home, it has taken me 5 years so far! But in my defence, it is a huge house! I am on the home straight now though, only 2 bedrooms, rumpus room and laundry to go I think? We don't get BB here, booo hoooo.


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