Monday, July 30, 2007

Is the weekend really over??

I think so. Mostly because I'm sitting in my office at 8:19 on Monday morning and hating every second of it. I just want to be home, back in bed. Just one of those Mondays I guess where nothing is going my way and everything seems to take forever! Where did the weekend go?? It seems like only 5 mins ago it was Friday afternoon. Guess I should stop complaining and just get on with my work week....

This weekend was a lot of working on the house. Some painting, cleaning, unpacking. It was all thrown in there this weekend. Even though Scott and I decided to "take the weekend" off from painting and such, we didn't sit down all weekend because we were too busy getting things done around the house. On the bright side, we did completely finish out bedroom, the bathroom and a spare room and we also started prepping the kitchen which will be started today. Once the kitchen is done I know I will feel a little more settled and we can start unpacking the massive pile of boxes in our basement.

Food wise....let's see. I didn't do too awful but I certainly wasn't an angel on the food front. Friday night we hit up the Pizza shack that is just around the corner from our place. I got a Caesar salad though and although that certainly isn't a healthy option, not surprisingly, it was the healthiest option on the menu. Washing it down with Peanut Butter cups though may not have been the best idea... Saturday I was busy most of the day so I really didn't have too much time to eat. We aren't able to cook anything in the house so it makes it insanely hard to pre-plan my meals and stick with my plan. We ended up going out for dinner on Saturday night and splitting a few appetizers at East Side Mario's. Bad move but Saturday was basically my "splurge" day and after all the work I had done on Saturday, I deserved it. Sunday was pretty good actually. I ate a healthy breakfast and lunch and had Subway for supper, the only falter I had was those darn Subway cookies...why are they so good??? I seriously cannot resist them whenever I go to Subway. Seriously. Double Chocolate.

We did watch 2 movies this weekend mostly because by 10:00, even though we had a few invites to a bonfire and also to a night out dancing, we were just too tired to do anything but crawl into our PJs, lay on the couch and try to stay awake while the movie played. We watched Number 23 and Premonition.

BB8 last night...I still HATE Dick. Why wont' anyone take him out? I think Dustin played it too safe with his nominations last night. Someone needs to get in there and shake things up. Surprise surprise! Amber cried last night....AGAIN! STOP CRYING!

Well that's it for me. How was everyone's weekend?


  1. as the wise amuldoon says, subway cookies are bitches. i avoid them at all costs :P

  2. AMBER does cry too much. When Dustin got HOH and she bawled that was it for me. She really does need to stop crying. I am started to HATE dick too. He really is EVIL.

  3. glad you had some down time with the hubby this weekend.

    you are under a TON of stress right now, girl! even if it is GOOD stress. give yourself a break. you have lost a lot of weight and you are not going to gain it all back before you get your kitchen unpacked.

    you are just so cute!

  4. 1.5 down? that's awesome! I hope it holds for you for Friday.


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