Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Mid week WI

I jumped on the scale this morning not really sure what I was expecting. I haven't felt like I have gained any weight. I have been staying super active around the house, painting, unpacking and I have barely had time to laze around. Even though I haven't been working out, I have been staying active for sure.

As for the food front, I have been doing my best, considering I don't have access to my kitchen at the moment. I did have a slip up Monday night with Wendy's. Scott had a ball game an hour after work so we really didn't have time to go home and eat so instead of me doing the smart thing and packing a supper for myself, we ended up at Wendy's. I got a Jr. Hamburger Deluxe and a baked potato...could have been worse but I'm still kicking my butt on that one. Other than that, this week has been going well. I was pleasantly surprised when the scale showed me 1.5 lbs down from last Friday. I'm finally back in my comfort zone. This is the biggest loss I have had in a long while! I'm still 2 lbs away from the lowest I have been (back in May) but at least I am back down around where I want to be. I will still do my official WI on Friday and hopefully I will be happy with the results! I still would like to lose another 15 lbs but really I am in no rush. Scott and I are talking about heading down South at the end of April next year. Either Dominican (We've been there once on our Honeymoon), Mexico or Cuba. There is a big group of us going down...any suggestions on where we should go? I DEFINITELY want to be in bikini shape by then and in order to be there I would need to lose about another 10-15 lbs or so. I have never owned a bikini in my life and this is my big chance!

I have heard so many success stories about the C25K program so I decided to try it out!! I will be starting next Tuesday. I have done a similar program before but ended up stopping because I had a tightness in my knee that only came up while running so I cooled it off for a while. Now I am going to give it another shot. If the tightness in my knee persists, I may try a brace or get some suggestions from my Doc. Anyone else have this problem? It may just have been the program I was on, may be have been too much too soon. Also I was running on a treadmill, this time I will be braving the great outdoors! I've heard that it is much harder to run outside so I'll be putting that theory to the test!

How is everyone else doing today and this week??


  1. congrats on the loss and for starting the C25K program next week... i was never a runner but managed just fine and yes, i have to agree - running outside is more challenging than on the treadmill but you can do it... :o)

    p.s. and thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog, i guess its hard to think that what i have to say means anything sometimes...

  2. Yay for cooperating scales and YAY YAY for running!

    I used to get problems with my knees when I first started running. i had a problem with slipped knee caps which is notorious with runners. I found lower body strength training really helped, especially focusing on your quad muscle.

    Good luck!!!

  3. That's awesome that you had a loss when you weren't even working out! It just shows that you're forming healthy habits. You've got loads of time to get into bikini shape - I'm so jealous of you! I've also never owned a bikini, and I'm pretty sure I never will. Even when I get down to my goal I think I may be too flabby. Who knows... That will be the BEST feeling for you to buy a two piece and feel HOT in it!

    I've tried the C25K a couple times and really enjoyed it. It's a well designed plan with nice gradual training. I had to stop both times because of arthritis in my foot, but I would have loved to continue. Good luck with the program!

    Take care,

  4. great job on the loss! working around the house, moving big boxes and painting sure is a workout! Best of luck with the C25K program. Be sure to do a lot of good stretching after a good warm up and a good cool down and that will help tons with your knee pain.I had the same thing and went to the dr. and he gave me the stretches to do and they did wonders. Good Luck! Will we get to see pics of the house and kitchen when it is all done??

  5. Good luck with the C25K, I would love to be able to run, but it just isn't me... never have been able to run.

  6. I loved the C25K program. Are you doing the ipod one? If not, you have got to download it. I loved it because a guy came on and said start running, and walk, which was nice to not have to watch the clock.

    At the end of the program I actually ran for 60 mins straight! And then I took a nap! Hahahaha. Seriously though I think it's a great program. Good luck!

  7. way to go with the loss!! i did couch potato to 5k and i started from barely being able to walk for a minute to being able to run for 30-45 mins. definitely try it!

    as far as BB goes: nick is kind of a sleeze and i think daniele is falling right into his trap. the afterhours show basically shows them constantly in the bed, cuddling. nick thinks daniele talks down to him and she says things like "you should listen to my advice" and he says "his students talk to him that way" and basically they act like a couple that's been together for 3 years and is constantly doing the
    nick: "stop talking game with me, i dont want to talk about it! i dont need you telling me how to play the game"
    daniele: "fine, i'm leaving"
    nick: "no, dont go"
    daniele: "don't talk to me that way, i dont appreciate that",
    nick: "okay i'm sorry"
    daniele: "you need to try to stay in the house"
    nick: "i dont want to talk about it, stop"
    daniele: "you're rude, don't talk to me that way!"

    and that goes on for pretty much the entire time they're on film. they dont kiss, they just cuddle and stuff. what else...they play a lot of stupid games...jessica squeals a lot and talks about nothing. ED poured ice-tea on jen's head when she was in a discussion with daniele. zach pretty much just sits there and kail reads in her room. jen works out or lays around kail. it's kind of boring at times, its 3 hours long so its hard to know when to fast forward.

    haha hope you enjoyed the recap! have a good weekend! :)

  8. * i meant to say "barely being able to run for a minute" not walk...i can walk for a long time. lol.


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