Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday again? Already?

Where do the weekends go? It seems like 5 minutes ago it was Friday afternoon and I was heading home from work all excited for a great weekend! Well at least I did have my great weekend! We had a great anniversary, went out to a beautiful dinner and we actually ended up going to St. Martins, a little town on the water about 30 minutes from our house. It has these massive caves that you can walk through when the tide is out. It's absolutely beautiful!! Luckily we got there when the tide was out and we had a great time walking through the caves and on the beach.

We also got tonnes of work done on the house! I would even say that by the end of the day tomorrow, we'll have all the painting DONE! That is so exciting, we've been living and breathing painting for the past month and I am seriously done with it for at least a few good years!! We are having a big housewarming party this Saturday so I am seriously looking forward to sitting around with all my friends, enjoying my new house and a bottle of wine...or two. ;)

This weekend food wise was not my worst but it certainly was not my best. Cheesecake and ice cream and garlic fingers were all involved. I don't feel awful this morning but I definitely don't feel as great as I did on Friday! But I'm still sticking with my plan of enjoying myself on the weekends and being super strict through the week. Today I am back on track but I'm seriously not delusional enough (yet) to believe that I will stay on track through my housewarming party weekend. I know I'm going to have too many glasses of wine and too many finger foods but like I said, you gotta live a little, especially during the summer. You can't avoid life forever. It gets in the way. Simple as that. Right now, I'm happy with my weight and as long as I stay in my comfort zone than I am happy. I would love to lose another 10 or 15 lbs but I know that will come eventually and I will get down to business in September. Right now I'm enjoying my summer before it's gone!

That being said...Some evil person in my office brought in those huge gingerbread cookies with the red jam in the middle...Do you guys know what I'm talking about??? They are just sitting right outside my office and I can practically taste them from here! It's only 9:00 in the morning but I swear I could eat the whole package right now. But I won't. I need to be strong here!!! They are so darn good though....I need to stay away from those things!!!! I can't give in. Nope. No way.

BB8 last night was great! Very entertaining but I seriously wish Eric and Jess would just go for it! They keep tiptoeing around it...just hook up would ya?!?! I think Danielle made the best choice for her for her nominations. Did anyone else find it weird that there were no pics of her bf in her HOH room this time around....and there was a letter from Nick and not her bf. Maybe he hit the road after he saw Danielle kissing Nick in bed. Hmm. What do you guys think?


  1. I totally understand that Friday seems 5 mins ago thing, it's the same for me. I totally don't want Eric and Jess to hook up, i can't stand him or his gross nipple rings, YUCK. I totally knew Daniele would put those girls up, but did you hear her that Jen is the real target? Let's see if that happens. :) P.S. Don't know if you want to read my blog, but you can e-mail me and I will forsure add you so you can read.

  2. Glad to hear you have pretty much finished the painting... hope the housewarming goes well and you have a blast!


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