Thursday, August 23, 2007

Long Weekend here we come!!

It's been a pretty good week I must say. I haven't been perfect, but let's face it, I rarely am.
I have the nagging urge though for the past week or 2 to go back on WW and get back to the structure and the counting points. Basically what I have been doing for the past month or so is to follow SFL (Simply for Life) on the weekdays and then basically eating my face off on the weekends. Last weekend wasn't too bad. I did ok during the days but then Saturday night rolled around.......... and I had cheesecake..........and I had swedish berries (those things are addictive!) Then Sunday rolled around and after spending the whole day working on the house, painting and cleaning, Pizza shack sounded pretty damn good. So Garlic fingers and Caesar salad were on the menu. Although I haven't gained any weight, I still feel like this is certainly an unhealthy way to eat. I end up gaining a couple pounds on the weekend and then I eat super healthy during the week and by Friday I am back down to comfort zone. I just seemed to have slipped into this pattern with all the summer activities. BBQs, weddings, showers, get togethers and parties, camping. It just never ends.....except it has to. I need some sort of structure and I could certainly stand to lose these last 10 or 15 lbs. The worst part is, I have 3 weddings to go to in September, one in October and one in November. Everyone and their dog seems to be taking the plunge this summer and fall! BUT that is no excuse. That is what flex points are for right????

I also want to start the C25k program. I have been contemplating it for so long and I'm ready. I've downloaded the program onto my Mp3 player and I'll going to rock this program. Anyone who has done it and completed it...have any advice? I'm going to be doing it outside instead of on the treadmill as I want to get out and enjoy the great new neighborhood I live in!! (the fact that I don't actually OWN a treadmill MAY have a contributing factor in this decision as well)

I am actually excited to be going back to WW. 'm not in any big rush to lose the weight this time so I think I will be able to relax and try out some great new recipes. I did try Roni's Spaghetti Squash Lasagna and WOW! It is fantastic!! I am anxious to try this one out again...and again!! Mmmm and SO little points!!

BB8 tonight....I definitely love Eric and Jessica together buy the guy needs to get some game!! I would like to see Jameka go home tonight...I kinda like Jenn. What about you guys?


  1. Ha! I'm going to start C25k again tonight! Seriously!! I'm on week 3. I will just pick up where I left off. I will be doing it on the treadmill (which is harder than outside, because you need to fiddle with the speeds) because it is raining here - with no end in sight!

    glad you're going back on WW - I clicked over to that recipe - looks yummy!

    On the BB front - I'm finding it a stressful season - mostly because I hated what they were getting Eric to do!

  2. i started the C25K a week before i started training for a 5K w/another group... its a great program and for someone such as myself, who had never been a runner - it really builds your stamina... i think its great that you're going to do it outside because compared to treadmill work - its much harder... i'm sure you'll do great and w/doing WW as well - the weight will start coming off again... for me, it took about a month to start seeing real progress but everyone is different... :o)

  3. boo Jen is gone. I wanted her to stay too.

  4. i was happy to see jen leave. i heard on a blog that she attacked ED (before i saw it) but who wouldnt? he really pushed her to the edge. she is so vapid though, i really didnt like her. now the game can really begin. i think jess & daniele are two of the strongest players (hello HOH twice!)

    i love roni's spaghetti squash lasagna, its so good, my boyfriend loves it too. i'm going to have to make it again soon...

    i did C25K but I did mine on a treadmill. i'm not good at running outside bc i can't pace myself. its a great program though and definitely had me running for 30 mins at the end of it!

    hope your weekend goes smoothly, mine will be pretty low key but for some reason i am telling myself i can eat a donut tmw morning. why am i already planning on being bad, ahead of time? lol have a good one!!

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  6. Hello hello. I'm back from MIA & wanted to drop by to say hi!! :)

  7. It sounds like we are both in about the same position not gaining any but not losing and not eating the healthiest so maybe we can keep each other motivated to stay on track:) How are you doing and how did you do this weekend?

  8. How funny - I used to get into the same routine (angelic on workdays, hello junk food on weekends) while on WW... but perhaps it was because I chose a Friday meeting.;)

    My summer has been similar - every single weekend there has been something going on (and these 'somethings' always seem to involve copious amounts of awesome food!) and it makes for a tough time at the scale.

    Hang in there!


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