Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Monday

Well here we are again. Monday. Monday Monday Monday.

What did we do this weekend? Paint. That's it. Just painted all weekend. I'm so sick of painting, I'm keeping our house the same color for the next 10 years! On the bright side, our kitchen is completely done now and so is our living room and dining room so we should be able to start unpacking some very soon! I will post some before and after pics of the kitchen sometime this week for those of you who are wondering what it looks like after all of our hard work!

We did get to a bonfire on Friday but I was pretty good and didn't completely pig out although I did help myself to 2 Smore's. YUM! They were good too! Our neighbors invited us over and there were a few other people from the neighborhood there so it was a nice welcome and they all seem to be great people. So we are pretty relieved about that!

I attended every dieter's worst nightmare on Saturday night....a bridal shower. The amount of food was incredible. I couldn't even get over it! There was a huge buffet with tonnes of desserts and cakes and breads and I could go on and on. Needless to say, Saturday was my cheat day!
Sunday I did pretty good for staying on track but after supper Scott and I took a drive and ended up at ...where else? DAIRY QUEEN! Although for once I made a good decision. Well it wasn't really "GOOD" per say BUT instead of ordering my usual medium blizzard with chocolate chip cookie dough AND smarties....I had a medium soft serve cone. It's about a 1/3 of the points so even though I did splurge a little, it could have been way worse! Considering I worked on the house for 7 hours on Sunday, I think I deserved a little treat.

That's my weekend report. I've also made some decisions about my meal plan but I'll share more on that later. Long story short, I'm going to ride out my current meal plan until Sept 10 because it seems to keep me in my safe range weight-wise. If I am good all week and splurge a little on the weekend, it usually balances out and I can stay within the same 5 lbs range. On September 10 I will be returning to WW full force which means I'll be journalling my menus everyday again. I can't believe it but I actually miss counting my points and I miss the freedom that WW has. I can't wait to go back!

BB8 last night was GREAT! I'm so glad to see Dick up there on the block!! I would love to see him go home! Even though he makes for good TV, I can't stand the man. The way I figure it, if he wins the POV, he'll give it to Danielle and if Danielle wins it, she'll use it on herself so hopefully the man is going home. What did you guys think?

How was everyones weekend?


  1. I don't think I could go to DQ without succumbing to a Blizzard! NICE WORK!!

    Can't wait to see house pics, that has got to feel quite rewarding!

  2. Bridal Showers are Killer. Not just for the food, but all the women! I swear I'm being watched and judged what I put on that little plate!
    sorry, no more ranting.

    Good job at DQ!

  3. Oh boy! I remember painting my whole house when I bought took me about 2.5 years to want to pick up a paintbrush again! But congrats on almost getting it done, it's an accomplishment, and think of how great everything will look! Looking forward to pics!

  4. bridal showers and things like that are tough. so much yummy food. i'm a sucker for cucumber sandwiches and those cucumber rolls with cream cheese. omg, yum!! i'm looking forward to wedding season being over, so i can remove that from my list of temptations.

    BB: i think daniele will win the POV or maybe jen? we'll have to wait and see. but i think it is his time to leave. he's so negative and he follows people around to talk sh-t to them.

    hope you've found some motivation this week! i found some lately so i'm going to hold on to it as long as i can :)


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