Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Crazy busy summer!

I know I have not been posting as much as I usually do but over the next few weeks I will be tied up with packing, moving, settling into our new home!! Scott and I are beyond excited to be moving in. The house is officially ours on July 20 so we don't have much longer to wait fortunately! I have been running around spending money right left and center for the house. Paint, hardware, new bedding, appliances. You name it and I can convince myself that I need it for our new house! It has been a lot of fun though. The thing we are looking forward to the most is our OWN washer and dryer AND dishwasher!! YAY! No more washing dishes every single night! In case your having a bad day and you haven't guessed it, this picture is of our new house!! :)

The weight loss front has been going....ok. I think things were getting a little out of hand up until Monday. I had been working on the philosophy that if I do great all week and eat super healthy, then I can eat whatever I want on the weekends. It was working for a little while and I was basically maintaining my weight but then the weekends started to get just a little crazy. I was using this "free weekend" mentality to basically give me free reign to eat my face off ALL weekend. It was getting out of hand and I would end up eating way too much on the weekend. Not because I was hungry but because I was "allowed to". I also haven't been working out AT ALL. I know, it's horrible. I went from an avid walker to a couch potato! What a difference. I feel sluggish and lazy and all I want to do is lay on the couch! Last night I got back into my walking and I must say, it did feel great! I am definitely on my way back into my old routine! There is just SOO much to do in the summer that, it's hard to stay on track and not falter. But we can do it!!

Have any of you tried the Fiber One Honey Clusters? This is basically what I eat for breakfast almost every morning (besides my cottage cheese mornings!) This cereal is delicious!!!! It is a bit high in calories for those of you who are counting points but it has 14g of fiber per serving so you really can't beat it! AND it tastes great!!!! It may be a little harder to find but it is definitely worth a try, or two!! I miss trying out new products. Anyone have any great food finds lately??? hope everyone is doing great with all of these summer challenges!!


  1. Your house is beautiful! It's a stressful time and I'm sure once you actually move in your routine will be better and you won't have your weekend free-for-alls (not that I know anything about those, haha). Keep up with your walking!

  2. The house looks great! It's so easy to spend a ton of money on things for the house. I've had mine for 3 years now, and I still find myself spending too much money on paint and home improvement projects, I just think it's so much fun!

    As far as the weight loss, sounds like you have a good plan for getting back on track, and realize the weekends were getting out of hand. Kudos!

    I haven't tried the Fiber One Honey Clusters, perhaps when I get off of WW's and can "afford" some of the higher calorie stuff I'll try it, sure does look yummy!

  3. i've been meaning to try the fiber one raisin & honey versions...i will definitely give it a try. i eat the same breakfast every morning. multigrain light english muffin & a tbsp of natural jiffy peanut butter. it's so filling, i love it.

    your house is awesome!! congrats and have fun decorating it :)

  4. So fun that you are getting your house soon! And it sounds like you are having fun personalizing it for you and Scott.

    As for weight loss, yeah, eating your face off ALL weekend is a bad idea. But cut yourself a little slack when you are going so crazy busy with everything!


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