Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend report...blah

Monday Monday. Here we go again.

This weekend I didn't stick with my plan...AT ALL. I splurged. Big time. What is it with those weekends? Why are they so hard? I guess it's probably because it is summer time and there are ALWAYS things going on during the weekends. Always get togethers, BBQs, nights out. Basically for the summer I have decided to just try to maintain my weight....hopefully lose a pound or two here and there but I'm not stressing out over it. Once the fall hits, it will be back on WW and I am hoping to get this last 10-15 lbs off.

I did however have a great NSV this weekend. My hubby and I participated in Rally of Hope fundraiser this year (I'm not sure how far this fundraiser spreads but it is a great fundraiser to help raise money for equipment for the local hospital.) We had a great time! My work also put in a team but this year Scott and I were on his work's team. This year they had a survivor theme and there was 25 stations that our team had to complete. Because there was so many people on our 'tribe' I only had to compete in one event which was great since I could sit back and relax and enjoy the festivities. The event I had to compete in was the "Wall Climb". There was a 12 foot wall that 8 people on our tribe had to climb over. We figured out early in the game that our best strategy would be for the two biggest guys on our team to stand at the bottom of the wall and hoist all of the other teams members up and over the wall. It was a lot of fun and I wasn't nervous at all. After I got over the wall, I was talking to Scott and I said....It's funny, that is something I NEVER would have done 71 lbs ago. I never would have let two men hoist me over a 12 foot wall. I just sat and thought about how I would have felt 71 lbs ago. I would have been nervous all morning, wondering what those two men would think when they tried to hoist me over and they couldn't lift me. I thought about how awful I would have felt. How self conscious I would have been.

This year though, 71 lbs lighter...I didn't even give my weight a second thought. I wasn't looking around my team wondering if I was the heaviest person. I wasn't nervous about the guys hoisting me over the wall. I wasn't worried about what people would think. I was excited and having a great time. It's just so amazing to me how your frame of mind is completely altered after losing 71 lbs.....or 50 lbs or even 15 lbs. The way you look at the world changes. I'm not living my life according to what other people think of my weight....I'm living it for me. I'm enjoying life. It's such a great feeling. I'm not afriad to go out and enjoy myself anymore. I'm not afraid of going to the beach, or camping, or anything else. 71 lbs ago, I was constantly afriad of what people were thinking. I'm just so happy, I feel like I have finally broken an awful spell that kept me from living my life.

Enough of my rant for now. I DID get out to see Knocked Up on Saturday night and Scott and I laughed the whole way through it. I usually don't go see comedy movies in the theatre but this one was totally worth it. I LOVED it. We were laughing all the way home. If you haven't seen it, GO SEE it.

How was everyone's weekend? Any successes? NSVs?


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, even despite the over indulgences. I think you have a good plan to just maintain for the summer. The summer vacations will also be hard for me, and I know that my losses will slow those weeks (if I can ever get to losing again!).

    Thanks for the compliments on my menus, I really work hard on them, to make sure I have different home cooked meals all the time, it keeps me from getting bored!

  2. if you keep your activity up, you should be good over the summer....just always fill you plate up with a tossed salad first, then get the other stuff.....
    Awesome job on having a NSV by the by!!!!

  3. I hear ya, when it comes to weekends. I had some similar issues myself this weekend. But basically about keeping properly hydrated. And we attended 3 family functions in one day... That NEVER bodes well for a diet!!

  4. I split a Papa Johns pizza this weekend. SOOOO not on the diet plan! I think a lot of people struggle with the weekends. Don't give up hope! =D

    I think not being worried about your weight as you got tossed over a wall is a wonderful thing. I hear where you are coming from with that story and I'm so excited for you! =0)

  5. Check out my blog, tag your it, if you want to play :)

  6. Such a great NSV!!! And I love the picture on your blog. That does NOT look like a woman who is worried about her body!

    I think your plan to maintain this summer is a good one. I personally think that maintaining my weight will be almost as hard as losing it as been!

  7. So proud of you for that NSV! You deserve to be proud of this new body your worked so hard for. 71lbs is absolutely incredible.

    Summer is definitely harder in some ways to stay on plan...but I truly think we burn off more calories with (a) the heat and (b) all of the outdoorsy stuff that we do. Plus, there are lots of fruits and veggies in the market around this time of year.;-)

    Oh - you asked about NSV's...we went out for dinner for Father's Day, and everyone ordered dessert. I had 1/2 a bite of ice-cream, and that's it. Wasn't even tempted for more.:-)

  8. Glad you liked the movie! Tag, you're it! :)

  9. Sorry to hear about your last weekend but here's to a great weekend this week!

    Come out of hiding now!


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