Friday, June 8, 2007

Yay! It's FRIDAY!

Hey everyone, I know I say this every week but I am SOOO happy it's Friday! the sun is out, it's warm and I'm actually wearing a skirt to work today! Life is Good!

Thank you so much for all of your support through the roller coaster that is my weight loss journey! You have NO idea how much encouragement and support I get from each comment. You guys always have the best advice. The best thing about weight loss is finding people who are on the same road as you are. It just makes the journey so much easier to know that there are other people on the same path. That is one ting that I always thought I was lacking when I was on WW because I didn't ever attend a meeting so I didn't have that support group, cheering me on every week. Granted, I did have an insanely supportive husband, friends and family, but I didn't have that connection with other women who were going through the same things that I was. It's funny because on here I will talk about something that I am going through, whether it's chocolate cravings, or my hatred for exercising or anything else and there are always 5 other people who are going through the EXACT same thing and can relate to what I am saying. At the same time, while I get support form your comments (a BIG THANK YOU!) I also get LOADS of support from reading your blogs too!! Another BIG THANK YOU for sharing your experiences with me and allowing me to relate to what you're going through at the time.

Well here are my weekend challenges and goals:

Shopping night with Hubby (YAY new clothes!!!)


1. Going out to St. Martins for the day to the sea caves so I will get loads of exercise walking around all day. But they do have a cute little ice cream parlour out there......Plan: I'm going to make a big lunch before we go and bring lots of fruit with us and water

2. Going out to Dinner...most likely at East Side Mario's

Plan: I'm going to try try try to order the Marboli wrap (Chicken and veggie wrap) but for some reason everytime I go there with these intentions, they always come back to the table with pizza...Maybe this it's because every time the waiter comes to take my order and I have decided on the healthy option, my last minute impulse is to order the pepperoni pizza or the Lotsa Cheese Capaletti (doesn't this one just sound fat free???) They are just both so good...maybe I'll get Scott to take me somewhere else for dinner....Any suggestions??

BBQ at a friend house
Plan: I'm bringing my own chicken to put on the BBQ and I know there will be tons of salad so that is my game plan there.

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend and I can't wait to read all about it!


  1. We can have Mariboli wraps with all you can eat salad at East Side's. It's a nice healthy meal that is really good.

    Then we can go for a medium blizzard at Dairy Queen (only 22 points). Yikes, that's a little unrealistic. OK, so how about for desert we could go and have a flavoured coffee from Java Moose.

    Scott (husband)

  2. Sounds like you have a GREAT fun filled and active weekend planned! Have a great one!

  3. ok, your husband is hilarious with the blizzard advice.

    enjoy your weekend!

  4. Have a great weekend! Sounds like fun! Hope you get lots of new clothes that you feel great in! :)

  5. You sound like you have a fun weekend planned. Challenging food wise but you'll do great! I love Scott's suggestion. . .smart man you got there. ;)

    I agree with you about support from others and their blogs. Being able to relate to others is really helpful.

    Hope you found a ton of cute clothes!!

  6. I love reading about everyone else's struggles and NSV's too. And as I comment on other's blogs it puts me in a better state of mind, too.

    Have a good weekend! Love buying new clothes!

  7. Im the same way as you I always enjoy following others journey and since Im another one who does WW at home I dont get the interaction at meetings either so its nice to get the support and I always enjoy reading your blog so keep up the great work!

    I know you probably have done fabulous this weekend, why are weekends always so tough?!

  8. I hope you had a fantastic weekend and ate according to your plans - wish I had had a plan! ~makes face~ Oh well, today is Monday (ugh) another week.. more lbs to loose.

  9. sounds like you have a fun weekend planned, hope it was great!!!!

  10. Hope you had a lovely and fun weekend, and I can't wait to hear about your new outfit. You are SO deserving of it.:-)


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