Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter wrap up.....

So I think I made it through Easter relatively well. To be honest, this was probably my best Holiday as far as food goes in the past year. Usually I go into a holiday weekend with that "Oh, it;s the Holidays, It's only Easter/Halloween/Christmas/Thanksgiving once a year, may as well live it up!" attitude. This Easter, my perspective was a little different. Although I must be honest with you ladies, I did go over my 35 flex points. But for the most part, I made good choices and got in tons of exercise. I decided that since I have had such a hard time controlling my food intake on the weekends, I would focus mainly on working out. I had 4 days off from work and I managed to get in over 60 mins on 3 of those 4 days of good ol Billy Blanks and his Tae Bo crew. I got up early every morning (except Sunday) and kicked some serious butt for over an hour each morning. So last week was probably my best week as far as exercise goes. I worked out everyday from Mon-Saturday and took Sunday off. I found that it did impact my food choices throughout the day too. I kept thinking, well if I eat that ice cream and cake....that 65 mins of Billy time this morning will be for nothing!


This weekend is going to be a rough one. I have a Potluck/Fantastia party to go to on Friday night at a friends house. This should be relatively ok since I've decided to stay away from the wine that night and take my own car. BUT there will be tons of yummy food there so I might just eat a super light supper so that I can try a few things there. Or I might bring a veggie tray as my potluck dish so that I can graze on that as the night goes. My main plan though is to find a seat that is no where near the snack table.

Saturday I'm planning a Stagette party for a friend of mine who is getting married next month. Any ideas for this ladies? Basically the Theme is going to be Black & White (since those are the colors of the wedding) everyone is wearing black except of course the bride who is wearing white. I told everyone to bring a black shirt/tank/t-shirt so that we can use iron ons. I think you can get the ones that you basically can print anything on them through your printer and then they iron on the t-shirt. I'm hoping to make those up this week but I'm looking for fun/cute/sexy phrases to put on the shirts...any ideas?? Amy, Angie....I know you ladies are going through (or just went through) the whole wedding thing right now...any awesome ideas for the stagette? What was the funnest/craziest stagette you've been to?

So my plan for Saturday is to get up early and meet up with Billy yet again for another 65 mins of punching, kicking and all over Tae Bo-ing. This will probably help me stay good on Saturday night!

How are you ladies making out this week?


  1. Oh how fun! Some of the phrases I used was "As my last night as a single woman...I'm gonna jam out with my clam out" (that was the bride's request!), "Final fling before the ring", "Buy me a beer my wedding is near", "Buy me a shot, 'cause I'm tying the knot." Add me on Facebook and there's pictures of the shirt on my latest photo album:

  2. *laughs* I had something to say and then I read Angie's list...and then I just laughed for a few minutes!!!

    Your weekend sounded great!!! I think you did awesome, and I love how you make better choices after working out!!!

    and THIS weekend sounds like a blast!!! I was just at a stagette recently (my first since my own) and it was so much fun! We had all these cute little buttons where we picked the best one to suit us (just little ones like "flirt" "tease" - mine was "too hot" nice!) and we all had a scavenger list of things to do to earn "points" for a priza, like ask a guy to marry us, get a stranger to buy you a drink, things like that! (I don't have any good shirt ideas like Angie's though!)

  3. First of all thanks for the awesome comment on my blog. Thanks.

    Sounds like your Easter went well, if you prevented yourself from just eating your face off, and you made good choices, I would call it a success!

    Sounds like your doing what you need to succeed on the weekends...your planning! Good Job!

  4. Great job this weekend with the working out!!! I love Tae Bo! Which one are you doing? I have Amped and Bootcamp. I love Amped.

    Your weekend sounds fun. I think you shouldn't go to the party too hungry because then you might end up eating too much of the bad stuff. Definitly take a veggie tray so that you know there is something you can guilt-free snack on.

  5. Wow Carolyn, you did great this weekend. Not to sound stupid but I am really proud of your control and choices. The exercise you did will counter act against any points over. As for your stagette, I have been a bridesmaid twice and both times we did buck a suck and buck a peck. The bride to be wears a t-shirt with candy that random guys get for one dollar. The buck a peck is a peck n the cheek with the bride for a dollar. They are kind of immature but really great to raise money for the drinks you girls will be drinking that night. Also any party stores in your area that sell helium balloons and party favours such as "party mania" have tons of fun stuff for stagettes like pins and buttons and hats. Hope that helps babes :)

  6. Wow you are rocking Billy to the core girl! ;)


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