Saturday, March 22, 2008

So far so good!

Just a quick check in on this wonderful Easter weekend to hold myself accountable.

I must say that I am rocking my new and improved plan. I am measuring every little thing that goes into my mouth. I'm writing everything down, and when we took my little 2 year old niece to Tim's last night, I even said no to chocolate glazed timbits that were fresh out of the oven!

Today and Tomorrow might pose a slight problem, but I am up for the challenge! Today and tomorrow I'm running into Easter dinners left right and center. But I can do this! Thursday night Scott and I went out to a fancy Indian restaurant and our meal was absolutely delicious. I had the butter chicken with rice and Naan bread. It was amazing but unfortunately the meal ate up almost all of my flex points. I had 2 left over at the end of the night (which included cheesecake, just in case your wondering how I blew through 33 flex points on butter chicken!) Yup only 2 flex points left over for the whole Easter weekend, which includes two Easter Dinners and a Birthday celebration fully equipped with ice cream cake!! Uh oh....... How am I going to get through this?

Well.....I could get up early every morning and earn me some activity points! So that is exactly what I am doing. Yesterday I got up early and did 60 mins of Tae Bo. Although I didn't have to use any activity points at all so that was great. Today I may run into some slight trouble as we have an Easter Dinner at 1:00 and a joint Birthday party for Scott, myself, and my BIL's girlfriend. Ice cream cake (major weakness for me) will surely make an appearance. So off I go to meet up with good ol Billy Blanks.

How is everyone making out?


  1. 60 minutes of Tae Bo!!! I would be hospitalized after that. Good for you, Carolyn!

  2. Stick with it it and you will not fail. I am behind you 100% and don't worry because I also have two or three dinners and have to count and stay on track. Great idea to get some workouts in, I'll have to do the same. Just remember that bikini.....

  3. Mmmmmmmmmmm Naan bread is soooo good!!

    WOw, 60 mins of tae bo is pretty intense!

  4. Hi,

    Just came across your blog and wanted to say hi. I've invited you to read my blog if you want to check it out sometime :)

  5. Good luck this weekend Carolyn! You can do it!!!

  6. Today and tomorrow I'm running into Easter dinners left right and center.

    Just remember how awesome you're going to feel after you've said "no." You'll gain momentum. But once you slip up, it's harder to tell yourself no! Good luck this weekend.

    I'm staying AWAY from the kids easter candy!

  7. Hi Catherine, continue to stick to your plan and you will see the results. I am Billy Blanks' personal assistant and as a thank you for choosing Tae Bo as one of your workout regimes Billy would like to send you something, please contact me at
    Look forward to hearing from you Catherine and congratulations!!!


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