Sunday, March 23, 2008

A slight slip up...and St. Patty's Pics!

So last night I had a minor slip up. 2 glasses of wine, a piece of cake and about 1/2 cup of twix ice cream. Ok...there was a small plate of taco dip too. But it could have been worse and thrown in with all that was a lot of veggies from the veggie tray. But I feel awful this morning and wish I could take it all back! It wasn't even great cake! Don't you hate that? Spending points you don't have on food that's just so-so?

I'm hoping that my 60 mins Tae Bo sweat fest yesterday morning will help out. Today I think I'm taking a day off from working out. I've worked out the past 6 days in a row and Billy has a way of making your arms kill the next morning. Why do I still feel guilty for not working out though? Maybe I'll get in a walk outside. I should get some form of exercise in since I indulged a little too much last night.

Today is another Easter dinner. Did great at the one yesterday. Filled up on veggies and just had a small sliver of Graham Cracker Pie. I'm going in with a plan today to stay away from the potato scallop and just have salad and ham with 1/2 cup of chocolate frozen yogurt for dessert, only 2 points and sooo yummy!

I can't wait for a normal weekend again!

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful Easter!
Here are a few pics from St. Patty's Day that I've been meaning to post!

Me and 2 friends of mine. I think my antenna got caught in my friend's hair! I couldn't move my head!
I can't figure out why this is so small...isn't blogger odd sometimes? This is my showing off some major pipes!
I'm kind of thinking Scott is going to disown me after posting this picture but I think it's cute...minus my face being all squished up!


  1. I love your pics, my goddness you look so good, green really suits you. No worries about the slip up, you are still doing really great and you did get your 60min workout in so that will help any extra points you might have had. Have a happy easter and enjoy with maybe a little chocolate :)

  2. Awwww those pictures are soooo cute, and you look GREAT!!!!!

    Have a happy Easter!

  3. wow you really look good. I noticed you were the thinnest one. Im impressed with your commitment to working out. Plus you posting on what you ate is helpful to know that you dont have to starve yourself!
    You look great!

  4. I love how you guys got all done up for St. Paddy's Day!!! And I hope you don't mind me saying so, but you look so teeny tiny!!!! I have never seen a pic of you besides your profile pic (where you also look teeny tiny!!!!) but, anyway, you look amazing!!!

    I don't think the slip up sounded too bad either!!! I think it sounds like youdid really great!!!

  5. The pics are so cute! It looks like you had a great time at the party!! :)

  6. He could never possibly disown you.. you're far too cute for that! ;)

  7. OMG Carolyn - you are adorable! And incredibly fit! Thanks for sharing those photos. Considering it was Easter, I think you did amazingly well. That 60-minute workout will have done you VERY good - I'm so proud!

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  9. where you be at girl!!! I miss ya and just checking in on ya, hope your weekend went well. Mine a complete disaster but back on track today :)

  10. I do hate wasting points on food that's not that great. Whenever I go out, I want to say to the server "could you ask the cooks to make it extra special tonight because I know I'm going to go overboard on my points and I want it to be worth it". Don't you wish you could say that?

    And cake is my weakness. I would hate to waste precious points on bad cake!!

    BTW, I LOVE Billy Banks!! I have his cardio circuit tae bo DVD and boy is it tough! When I first started doing it, I could only do 10 minutes of it. Now, I can make it almost all the way through before passing out. :) WW online says the workout is only 4 points. I don't think so!!

    Congrats on restraining yourself at Easter dinner.

  11. cute pics, you look great!! :)

  12. carolyn you are SO ADORABLE - i love your face - it's beautiful!


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